Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Fundamental

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Fundamental

Caring for our furry family members is important says veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, pet owners often underestimate the importance. Of oral hygiene in their cats and dogs. However, it is very important for many reasons.

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Not only can poor hygiene impact the animal. By causing them to be in pain, if they develop tooth decay and cavities. As well as gingivitis, and periodontal disease. That can make their gums sore and tender.

As well as causing animals to have pain in their teeth caused by tooth sensitivity. And they may even stop eating and drinking, because of the pain. Finally, animals who developed periodontal disease can be more susceptible to heart disease.

And to fix it once it gets to this point, pets are going to have to be put under general anaesthetic. Which can be very stressful if the animal is older, or if they have heart problems. Which may mean they will have to forgo the treatment that can help them feel better.

It is very important then, that pet owners understand. That when their veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends brushing their pets teeth. They understand how important it is to do that on a regular basis.

Ultimately, brushing their pets teeth is the single most effective way. Of protecting their teeth against the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. However, it can be very difficult to allow a pet to have their teeth brushed.

It may feel weird, or they may not want anyone in their mouth. Because it is a sensitive place, therefore it is easiest. To get an animal to accept this, while they are young and impressionable.

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Veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends getting the animal used to a toothbrush in their mouth. When they are puppies or kittens, and to do so. During playtime, when they are happy, and excitable.

Putting the toothbrush in their mouth, can get them used to it. And then slowly, each day pet owners. Can start using a brushing motion, until they are completely comfortable with it. The next step after this.

As adding toothpaste to the equation, and they can buy a wide variety. Of pet friendly toothpaste, that come in many different fun for animal flavours. However, pet owners will not want to try these flavours themselves.

They should avoid using human toothpaste. Because the ingredients can be toxic to cats and dogs. Which is another good reason to the toothpaste out of sight, when it is not in use. They can purchase safe toothpaste.

Either from their veterinarian Fox Chapel, or their favourite pet food supply store. By getting their cats and dogs used to getting their teeth brushed. They can avoid most dental problems, and have their pets.

Be very happy, and comfortable for a long time. Without having smelly breath, or problems. That are caused by gingivitis, periodontal disease or cavities. If pet owners have any questions about how to do this.

The veterinarians at river valley veterinary hospital are waiting for your call. They would love to answer any questions, and even see your furry family member for a checkup.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Very Fundamental

Oral hygiene can directly impact and animals health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Which is why it is very important that pet owners. Learn how to take care of their pets teeth. While this does not mean they have to learn how to loss, but brushing cat or dog’s teeth is important.

Unfortunately, many pet owners find out. That they need to be doing this, after their pet has had poor teeth for a few years. And getting them to accept a toothbrush in their mouth is sometimes very hard.

Pet owners do not want to fight with their animal every day. In order to take care of their oral hygiene. Therefore, they often ask a veterinarian at Fox Chapel if there is anything else. That they can do, to help keep their pets mouth clean.

There are many different things says veterinarian Fox Chapel, which should put. Many pet owners minds at ease. The next best thing to brushing, is to purchase dental chew treats. As well as a dental chewing device.

No matter what they purchase, they should ensure that it is not too hard. That might damage the pets teeth. Or hurt their gums as they chew. And that it is hard enough to scrape the tartar buildup off the surface of their teeth.

That not be too hard that pieces will chip off of it. That could get inhaled, or swallowed by the more. However, veterinarian Fox Chapel cautions pet owners. And let them know that as long as they supervise.

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There pet during dental chew time, they do not have to be as picky. About what dental chew devices or treats they get. The best chewing device, is one that is made out of very soft silicone.

They can get it from their veterinarians office, and it is sold by the size. The larger the dog, the larger the chew is. But, is designed to not only be chewed by the animal, without breaking into small pieces. With a soft, silicone brush is cleaning tartar off of their teeth.

But also, it is so soft. And small enough, that not only can it fit down the animals esophagus. If it ends up in their stomach, it will not cause damage. And will easily be passed in a few days.

If pet owners would prefer to have a dental chew treats, they should ensure that they are getting the hard crunchy ones. Not the ones that are only designed to make their breath fresh or.

A third thing that veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends. Is ensuring that at least one meal a day. Is hard, crunchy kibble. The chewing modality combined with the crunchiness of the kibble will scrape tartar buildup off of the animals mouth. Without having to worry about any additional treatments.

There are many other things, such as additives to food and water. That can make it harder for the bacteria to stick to the teeth. If pet owners would like to ask any questions. Or hear more information about their pets oral hygiene, they should contact river valley veterinary hospital today.