Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Important


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Important

A common complaint when people bring their cats and dogs and veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is that their pets breath is very smelly. While many people think that this is a breath problem, the real culprit is their teeth.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

This is why people typically like the smell of puppy or kitten breath. When they bring their new furry family member home for the first time. And then, as they age, their breath starts to get worse.

It has nothing to do with bad breath. And everything to do with poor dental hygiene. Many pet owners may not even realize. That it is important to clean their cat and dogs teeth on a regular basis.

In fact, many pet owners think that they do not need to take care of their pets teeth. If they are not feeding their pets table scraps or candy. However, it is not just sugar that causes tooth decay.

Any food can leave behind debris in the teeth. That is then food for the bacteria, that will feast on the food. And then, start to eat away at the tooth. Tooth decay does not get bad overnights. But it does start happening right away.

Which is why it is of the utmost importance. That pet owners are looking after their pets dental needs on a daily basis. The good news is says veterinarian Fox Chapel, that there are many things that pet owners can do.

In order to take care of their pets teeth. So that not only did they not have smelly breath. But that they have clean healthy teeth. And lowered health risks because of that. One of the first things that is recommended.

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By veterinarian Fox Chapel is to brush their pets teeth. It is perhaps the most single most valuable way. That pet owners can guard against tooth decay, cavities and gingivitis. People may wonder how to brush their pets teeth.

And they do not really need any special vices. They can use any toothbrush, even ones designed for people. As long as the toothbrush can get into the pets mouth. And around the entire mouth, to all of the teeth.

Small dogs may need small toothbrushes. However, while they do not need special toothbrushes. Even though it might be fun to go shopping for a toothbrush. For your cat or dog, the toothpaste you purchase is important.

Under no circumstances should people try to brush their pets teeth. With human toothpaste, since it is toxic to animals. Because of the artificial sweetener called xylitol. They can go to their veterinarian Fox Chapel to pick up pet friendly toothpaste.

Or, they can go to their favourite pet food supply store. And find fun flavours, such as peanut butter banana, tuna fish or beef liver. In fact, many pets view this as special bonding time, and a treat.

Because they enjoy the taste of the toothpaste so much. The best thing to do, is introduced to the toothbrush to the pets mouth while they are still quite young. And introduce it at playtime, so that it can be fun. And gradually work your way up to brushing their teeth.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Very Important

There are many ways that pet owners can keep their pets mouth healthy according to veterinarian Fox Chapel. One of the first things that they should do, is learn how to brush their pets teeth.

However, many pets are not always interested. In getting their teeth brushed. And it can end up being a fight, no matter how much the pet owner. Turns it into a game, or special bonding time.

These pet owners may feel as though they have failed their pet. And that they will be doomed to have poor teeth and bad breath for the rest of their life. However, there are many other things that they can do.

The next thing that veterinarians at Fox Chapel recommends, is watching the pets diet. Many pet owners want to know the best food for their cats or dogs, and while they may be advised. To feed their pet wet or raw food.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel says they should ensure one of those meals in a day. Includes dry kibble, and ideally, dry kibble. As the end of their meal. Instead of the beginning, because the modality of the chewing motion.

With the hard and dry kibble, will scrape the teeth clean. And keep tartar from building up on the teeth. Therefore, even if pet owners should be feeding their pet wet food. There is a case to feed them some dry kibble as well.

The next thing that pet owners can do, is by additives. That they can add to the food, or water that can make it more difficult. For tartar to accumulate on the teeth. This is a great way to supplement the other oral health habits that you establish with your pets.

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Something else that veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends, is dental chewing devices. There are dental treats, as well as dental toys. That can help the animal keep their teeth clean. Through the chewing motion.

If people get their cat or dog one of these treats, or toys it is very important. That chewing time is supervised time. Because small bits of treat or toy can break off. And then be inhaled, or swallowed by the cat or dog.

Which can cause a lot of problems in their gastrointestinal tract. Veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends a certain type of dental chew device. That has been approved by the American veterinarians Association.

It is made of soft silicone. And it is sold per weight of the animal. Larger animals will get the larger devices to chew. And they are sized in such a way. That if they swallow them, it will not hurt their gastrointestinal tract at all.

The devices are also soft enough, that even the most aggressive chewing. Will not damage the pets teeth or gums. If pet owners have any more questions. They should feel free to contact river valley veterinary hospital today.

They can discuss all the ways that pet owners. Can help their cat and dogs teeth, gums and mouth stay healthy. To protect them against periodontal disease and future pain and problems.