Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Necessary


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Necessary

Many pet owners may not realize why it is important to care for their pets teeth according to veterinarian Fox Chapel. They may think that it does not matter. If their pet has clean or dirty teeth.

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It is because they have not been educated on why clean teeth. Can impact the overall health of their animal. This is part of the job of the veterinarian Fox Chapel crew, they want to help people. Get the information they need.

To make past and informed decisions. About the health and life of their cats and dogs. If pets do not have their teeth brushed on a regular basis. Or, if they are not cleaned regularly what will happen is tartar buildup will accumulate.

Tartar buildup is fairly soft, even though it is sticky. And in the tartar, is a bunch of bacteria. That will start to eat away first at the tooth enamel. And then, at the tooth itself, causing tooth decay, and eventually cavities.

The next thing that will happen, is that the gums will get irritated. With the bacteria, and the gums will become sore, swollen and inflamed. Not only is this painful, but the gums will start to recede at this point.

Which means it will expose more of the tooth roots. Which will make the teeth more susceptible to more cavities and tooth decay. As well as make them more sensitive to hot and cold.

Pets may start refusing to drink water, because of the pain that they feel. As well, after the tartar buildup accumulates on the teeth for a while. It becomes harder, and stickier. It is very hard to remove brushing at this point.

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And instead of tartar buildup, it is for now known as plaque. Again, the gums will continue to get inflamed. Especially as the plaque buildup starts to accumulate below the gum line.

At this point, veterinarian Fox Chapel says it is called gingivitis. However, it is reversible at this point. Pet owners should start taking care of their pets teeth when it gets to this point if they can. They might also notice that their pets breath is taking on a very foul older.

And this is directly related to the amount of bacteria in the plaque on their teeth. If they can brush their pets teeth, they will start to notice a reduction in that foul smell. And they can reverse this gingivitis.

If they do not fix the problem at this point, veterinarian Fox Chapel says the next thing that happens. Is that the plaque becomes even harder, and is called calculus. At this point it is as hard as concrete.

And is as difficult to remove from the teeth as concrete would be. It is at this stage that there both problems turn into something called periodontal disease. Which is permanent, and although it can be stopped in progression. It cannot be reversed.

Animals that have periodontal disease are also at an increased risk of heart disease. Which is one of the reasons why it is so very important that pet owners. Protect their animals teeth against plaque, tooth decay and cavities.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Very Necessary

Pet owners may wonder why it so important says veterinarian Fox Chapel. To take care of their pets teeth. While many people brush and floss their teeth every day. They think it is less important for their pets.

However, veterinarians at Fox Chapel says if people do not take care of their pets teeth. Not only can it cause bad breath, but periodontal disease is not only painful. It can cause the animal to develop greater health problems.

Not only that, but the animal is most likely in pain. Suffering from cavities, and sensitive teeth. They may stop chewing their food. And opt to swallow the kibble instead. And refused to drink unless they are extremely thirsty.

When they bring their animal in for a checkup with veterinarian Fox Chapel, they will often discover. That their teeth need fixing, and in order to do that. The animal needs to be put under anaesthetic.

And depending on their age and level of health, that can be very risky. Animals that are very old, or are in poor health already. Should not be put under. Or should only be put under a few times ever.

And even a cleaning for an animal, requires them to be put under anaesthetic says veterinarians at Fox Chapel. Since they do not have the ability to hold their mouth open on command. And often are very squirmy when veterinarians try.

Therefore, pet owners who want to avoid having to put their animal under anaesthetic. To get them clean, which is absolutely unavoidable. Should look into taking care of their pets teeth from the start.

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The best way to do this is quite simply to brush their teeth. They do not need any special toothbrush, and adults or child’s toothbrush. Will do the job just as effectively. As a specialized toothbrush from the pet store.

However, pet owners should be very careful. To purchase pet friendly toothpaste, as the human variety. Contains an ingredient that is toxic to both cats and dogs. The artificial sweetener called xylitol must never be used on animals.

Therefore, they should go either to their veterinarian Fox Chapel office to pick up some pet friendly toothpaste. Or go to their favourite pet food supply store. They will be able to choose.

From a wide variety of fun flavours, such as tuna, beef or banana peanut butter. By getting the right dental supplies. And starting early, pet owners can protect their pets teeth. Not only from tooth decay and cavities.

But also protect their pet from heart disease, and unnecessary pain. If pet owners would like more information, or tips on how to effectively brush their pets teeth. They can contact veterinarian Fox Chapel any time. For a checkup, or even just a consultation.

They can do this, by picking up the phone and calling the office. Or by visiting their website, and booking conveniently online. Whether they have a cat, a dog or both. Taking care of their pets teeth has never been more important.