Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Needed

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Needed

Pet owners who take care of their pets teeth says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Not only have cats and dogs with fresher breath. But they will also typically live longer. From not developing heart problems due to periodontal disease.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Oral hygiene problems are in fact very serious. And a lot more serious than many people think. While some people believe that as long as they do not feed their pet sugar. They will not develop tooth decay or cavities.

While others think they do not have to take care of their pets teeth at all. As well, pet owners of small dog breeds. Such as Chihuahua’s, Pomeranians or dachshunds typically have dental problems more often.

They also usually get their teeth pulled more frequently. Due to the fact that their teeth typically have more problems. Making it even more important that pet owners. Take care of these tiny dogs teeth from the start.

What happens if they do not brush their pets teeth. Or give them dental cleaning treats. Is that the bacteria that causes cavities accumulates on their teeth. Forming a sticky film called plaque.

This plaque is stinky, and is what causes bad breath. It also promotes tooth decay and cavities, due to the bacteria that will eat into the tooth. And if it is not brushed off, it becomes even harder and stickier.

And is now a substance called tartar buildup, it is imperative says veterinarian Fox Chapel that pet owners. Brush this away, because not only is there pets breath is starting to get very bad.

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But they are also likely going to start developing gingivitis at this point. Where the tartar buildup accumulates below the gum line, and around the pets gums. Which irritates the gums significantly.

The gums become red and inflamed. They often will start to bleed says veterinarian Fox Chapel, and in order to get away from the irritation. The gums will start to reseed, exposing the tooth root.

This is a huge problem says veterinarian Fox Chapel, because the tooth. Not only will become more sensitive to hot and cold. The pet may start to not want to eat their food. Due to the tooth sensitivity, and their sore gums.

But as well, pet owners should understand. That there is no protective enamel. On the tooth root, which means now the tooth is even more susceptible. To developing cavities and tooth decay.

The tooth can start to develop cavities and rot away even faster now. Which is going to cause even more pain for the pet. And if the pet owner still does not get their teeth cleaned or start brushing them.

The gingivitis that they now have will turn into periodontal disease. That has bigger ramifications for the pets overall health. As well, the tartar buildup will become even stickier and hard to remove. In a substance now called calculus.

When it gets to this point, only a veterinarian cleaning the teeth. Will be able to remove this difficult substance from the pets teeth. Avoid getting to this point, and pet owners. Can simply brush their pets teeth regularly.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Very Needed

When pet owners want to take care of their pets overall health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. They must not forget about oral hygiene, not only is it going to help the pet. Feel better, by not having stinky sticky teeth.

It will also help the pet owner feel better about their pets. Because they will not have smelly breath. And they will be healthier for longer in the long run. As well, pet owners will have to pay less in veterinarian costs.

Because their pets will not need to be put under general anaesthetic. In order to have teeth removed. And they will not have to undergo a dental scaling. Several times in their lifetime, that can needlessly stress them out.

However, many pet owners are unaware. Of the importance of taking care of their pets teeth. Which is why veterinarian Fox Chapel wants to meet with pet owners. When they initially adopt their new pet.

They will talk to the pet owner about things like. What types of food to feed them, the best feeding schedule. Enrichment activities they can engage in. To ensure that their pets mind is engaged and active.

As well as the importance of regular vaccinations, and what vaccinations they need to use. As well as the importance of oral hygiene. If pet owners do not take care of their pets teeth, it can significantly impact their health.

The tartar buildup that accumulates on the teeth needs to be brushed away regularly. However, if it does not it will likely develop into. Gingivitis, where the gums are inflamed, sore and start to bleed.

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Not only can this hurt, but the gums will also reseed, exposing more of the tooth root. Which is also very painful, and makes the tooth. That much more likely to develop cavities. Due to not having a protective layer of enamel on that part of the tooth.

As well, if gingivitis is not reversed. And it is reversible at this point says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Then it will progress to periodontal disease. This is very serious, because not only is periodontal disease permanent and irreversible.

But also impacts the pets heart, making it weaker. Due to the number of bacteria floating around in the pets mouth, getting into the bloodstream. If pet owners want to take care of their pets overall health entirely.

They must not overlook the importance of brushing their pets teeth. They should start brushing their pets teeth when they are young. However, if they do not do this. And want to start taking care of their pets oral health later in life.

They might find more success in things like feeding them dental treats. Giving them dental chewing devices that are not edible. But will help the pet clean their teeth as they chew. As well as cloth wipes that pet owners can also use.

For more questions about this, or anything else pet or health-related. Contact veterinarian Fox Chapel at river valley veterinary hospital, located in Springdale today.