Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Paramount


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Paramount

One thing that veterinarian Fox Chapel wants all pet owners to remember. Is to take care of their pets oral hygiene, while it may not be one of the most exciting things. That pet owners get to do, when they bring their new pet home.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

They would much rather pick out food and toys, and take their new cat or dog. For a walk, try out their harness. Or play with them, however oral hygiene is not just important. To have clean teeth and fresh breath.

Oral hygiene actually impacts the animals entire health. Which is why it is very important that pet owners should dedicate themselves. To learning how to brush their pets teeth every day.

It is the easiest says veterinarian Fox Chapel to introduce a toothbrush. Into the cat or dog’s mouth when they are young, and playful. Because they are still puppies or kittens, and by introducing a toothbrush into their mouth.

Will more likely be successful, and accepted. By the playful animal, gradually the pet owner can work themselves up. To having the toothbrush in their mouth more often and for more time.

Eventually brushing the animals teeth. And then says veterinarian Fox Chapel, adding toothpaste. It does not even require buying a lot of new equipment, while people can use whatever toothbrush they want.

There are special toothbrushes designed to fit into the animals mouth. If they are very large or very small, but a human toothbrush will work just fine. However, the toothpaste that people use is very important.

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Veterinarian Fox Chapel says under no circumstances should people ever use. Human toothpaste in a cat or dog’s mouth, the ingredient xylitol. The gives toothpaste its sweetness is toxic to both cats and dogs.

This is another reason why pet owners should keep toothpaste well away from their pets. In a drawer ideally, and they are not around. If the animal accident got into toothpaste, it would be an emergency veterinarian visit.

As well, the pet friendly toothpaste. Comes in a wide variety of yummy flavours that the pet will love. Such as banana peanut butter, tuna or chicken for example. Many pets come to enjoy this special bonding moment with their owner.

All they have to do, is brush their pets teeth after every time they eat. Or at the very least, once a day. They will be able to get the tartar buildup brushed off their teeth. To reduce the chances of developing cavities.

And eliminating the chance that they will get gingivitis. Or have that turn into periodontal disease, that can impact the pets health. Causing them to develop our problems earlier than they should be.

If pet owners have any questions about brushing their pets teeth. Or any health related question about their new furry family member. They can always contact, or bring their pets into river valley veterinary hospital, located in Springdale.

They will be more than happy to answer all questions. To do a meet and greet with the animal, so that they are familiar with the veterinarian. Before the have to get checked out, and ensure everyone is happy and healthy.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Health Is Paramount To Your Pets

Pet owners often do not consider oral hygiene says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Until it is too late, and the pet has developed a serious case of gingivitis. Or worse, periodontal disease. And potentially needs to get teeth pulled.

Oral hygiene is extremely important, especially because the pet is unable. To take care of themselves, while the ideal solution says veterinarians at Fox Chapel is to brush the pets teeth. Many pets do not enjoy this.

Especially if the pet owner is only trying to brush their teeth. Now that they are older, and they are not used to it. Nor do they like it, however all is not lost. There are many things that a pet owner can do.

To protect their pets oral hygiene. Clean their teeth, and give them fresher breath. Even if they do not brush their pets teeth. One of the most important things that they can do, is feed them a great diet.

While many people might think that this means giving them few treats. And no table scraps, and definitely no sugar. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says healthy diet, when it comes to the teeth is a little bit different.

They should feed their cat or dog at least one meal of kibble every day. There are many reasons why pet owners want to have their cat or dog on wet food, or raw food. Such as animals who have a tendency to develop bladder stones.

Or urinary tract infections, most notably male cats. The more liquid they can get into their diet, the healthier they are. However, wet or raw food is not advantageous or synonymous with oral hygiene.

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The animals do not have to chew the wet or raw food. Therefore it coats their teeth, and sits there. Doing nothing except encouraging tartar buildup. And the bacteria that cause cavities.

However, veterinarian Fox Chapel says that by feeding them one meal. Of kibble every day, the modality of chewing the food. Combined with the crunchy kibble will scrape the tartar buildup off the pets teeth better.

Than if they had only been eating raw or wet food. And better than not doing anything at all. Another thing that pet owners can do, is feed their pets. Crunchy oral hygiene treats. There are many different kinds on the market.

Pet owners should consult their veterinarian Fox Chapel. To find out which ones are best at cleaning the teeth. As well as being healthiest for their pet. And then, they just have to give these treats once a day.

The advantageous aspect of this approach. Is that the pet thinks they are getting a treat. And the pet owner does not have to struggle or fight their animal to accept a toothbrush in their mouth.

If pet owners have other questions about oral hygiene. Or once a checkup for their pets teeth, they can contact river valley veterinary hospital. Located in Springdale, in order to make an appointment to get that done.