Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Critical


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Critical

Pet owners definitely want nothing but the best for their pets agrees veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, if they are not looking after their pets oral health. They are ignoring a significant part of their pets healthy life.

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For example, many people are aware. That if people do not brush their teeth, they will get tartar buildup. That turns into plaque, and they will get gingivitis. As well as cavities and tooth aches.

However, many people do not take into consideration. That this will happen to their furry family members. And it is not just regular visits to veterinarian Fox Chapel once a year that will help.

They also need to protect their pets oral health. Through regular brushing, and other habits that they can form. To give their pets the healthiest teeth and gums. And protect their overall health.

Many people mistakenly believed says River Valley Veterinary Hospital. That if they do not feed their cats or dogs sugar. That they do not need to brush their teeth. While sugar is a major culprit in tooth decay and cavities.

Bacteria will eat away at any food that left in the pets mouth. And then, start to eat away at the enamel. As well as the tooth itself says River Valley Veterinary Hospital. Many people wonder what the solution is, can they actually brush their cat or dog’s teeth?

And the great answer to that question is yes. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says is very important that cat and dog owners. Introduce a toothbrush into their pets life. As early in their life as possible, so that they get used to it.

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It may not seem like the right solution. However, if they introduce the toothbrush. During play, when the animals are puppies and kittens. They will accept a toothbrush, and over a few days, the pet owner.

Can start brushing the teeth more. Until the animal has adapted to this type of motion the toothbrush. The next step, is using toothpaste, and while pet owners can use any type of toothbrush.

They need to be careful about what type of toothpaste they use. Human toothpaste is actually toxic to its and dogs. Because of a common sweetening ingredient called xylitol. If pets get their teeth brushed with this type of toothpaste, they will need to be rushed.

To the veterinarians office straightaway. They can pick up the pet friendly toothpaste. At any pet food to supply store, or at their veterinarian Fox Chapel appointment. And they often come in flavours that animals will love.

Such as beef, liver and tuna, they can get into the habit. Of brushing their pets teeth twice a day. After each meal, and know that their pet. Will enjoy having fresh or breath, a cleaner mouth. But best of all they will enjoy.

Not having tooth decay and cavities. That can cause their teeth to hurt, and need to be pulled or fall out. So that they do not have pain when they eat food, for more questions about oral health. Contact River Valley Veterinary Hospital today.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Critical

Pet owners should be concerned about their cat and dogs oral health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. There are many reasons why this is important, first being. It will help their pet feel good.

If they do not get their teeth brushed on a regular basis. They can develop plaque, which turns into tartar buildup. And eventually calculus. Which is a very hard substance, and all three of these substances.

Can promote tooth decay and cavities in the pets mouth. As well, as the tartar buildup forms below the gum line. And it is not cleaned off, it will start to irritate the gums. And they will start to recede.

This recession exposes more of the tooth. And more of the tooth root, which can start to hurt right away. And also make the tooth more susceptible to cavities says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

The reason why an exposed tooth is more susceptible to cavities. Is because there is less enamel on the teeth. To protect against the bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities.

Is also going to be significantly more sensitive. Potentially making the pets experience pain. When they drink cold water, or eat their kibble. Pet owners might see that their pets are starting to avoid eating or drinking.

Or are now swallowing their food. Instead of chewing it, because of the pain. Therefore, to avoid this pet owners can use a toothbrush. To brush their pets teeth, being careful to get pet friendly toothpaste.

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However, many pet owners have tried unsuccessfully says veterinarian Fox Chapel. To brush their pets teeth, and want to know. If there is something else that they can do. That will help their pets teeth be as healthy as possible.

There are many supplements and additives. That can be added to the pets food and water. That can help increase the health of the pets teeth. However, getting something that can help scrape off the tartar buildup is important.

There dental chewing devices. That are made out of soft silicone. And will not hurt the dog or cat’s teeth or gums. No matter how aggressively they chew. And they are made with such soft silicone, that if they are accidentally swallowed.

It is not going to cause problems in the pets stomach. And is small enough, that it will pass through their digestive system. However, not all cats or dogs are interested in chewing things that are not food.

And for these pets, dental chew treats. Will be the answer to help keep their teeth healthy. There are many different kinds on the market. What pet owners should be looking for. Is a dental treat that is owing to encourage chewing.

And is crunchy enough, that will scrape the tartar buildup off the pets teeth. If pet owners have any more questions about their cat or dog’s oral hygiene routine. They should make an appointment to visit veterinarian Fox Chapel. At river valley veterinary hospital and get a checkup. As well as ask all of their questions.