Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Crucial


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Crucial

Looking after the pets overall health includes their oral hygiene says veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, many pet owners are unaware of the importance. Of oral health until it is too late.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

They may have their pet for many years, and start to discover. That their pets breath is getting terrible. They automatically think that this is a byproduct of getting older. However, it is simply caused by terrible oral hygiene.

The best case scenario according to veterinarian Fox Chapel is to brush their pets teeth. But this can be very difficult to do, especially because the pet may not the comfortable. With having the toothbrush in their mouth at all.

Especially if the pet owner has not introduced the toothbrush into their mouth. When they are young, trying to get an older cat or dog. To except getting their teeth brushed, is quite difficult.

And despite a pet owner’s best intentions, it may not work properly. Therefore, if pet owners can introduce a toothbrush into their pets mouth. When they are still puppies or kittens, that will be best. And help them brush their teeth for their entire life.

However, pet owners who are looking for a solution. To care for their pets teeth, later in their life. Should talk to their veterinarian Fox Chapel. One of the best things to do, is to feed them healthy tooth friendly diets.

Many pet owners want to feed their cats or dogs raw food. Or at least wet food, and in many cases. Cats require the wet food, to protect against urinary tract infections. As well as protect against bladder stones, and they need a wet diet.

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However, veterinarian Fox Chapel says that a wet food diets. Can increase the dental concerns. Because they do not chew the wet food. And it simply remains on their teeth, coding them and underneath the gum line.

With food, leading to more bacteria. And more chances at developing tooth decay, and cavities. While that does not mean that pet owners should avoid a wet food diets. Especially if that is what that animal needs to be healthy.

Feeding them one meal of dry kibble a day. Can be incredibly important. Because it will allow the cat or dog to crunch the food, which will scrape their teeth against the kibble. Removing a lot of the tartar buildup.

Another thing that pet owners can do to protect to their animals teeth. Is to buy treats, designed to clean their teeth. They should not buy the treats that say they only freshen the breath.

The dental treats needs to be crunchy, and inspire the animal. To use at chewing modality. In order to scrape the tartar buildup off of their teeth. There is also dental chew devices that people can buy.

If there animal likes to chew things, this can be very effective. As they chew these especially made devices. The Brussels on them remove tartar buildup on their teeth. It is simply importance that pet owners closely supervise their pets while they are chewing these devices.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Crucial

It is very important for pet owners to brush their pets teeth says veterinarian Fox Chapel. While many people may not think it is important, it can be vital. To the pets overall health.

The best way to start brushing the pets teeth, is to introduce the toothbrush. Into their mouth during playtime. This is easiest when the pet is young, and still a puppy or kitten.

Especially because they will be very playful, and it will be easy to introduce the toothbrush. Into their mouth, they can eventually start brushing the teeth. Until it is a familiar sensation to the animal.

And then, add toothpaste to the routine. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says the type of toothbrush does not matter very much. People can by specialized toothbrushes designed for their dog or cat’s mouth.

As well, they can purchase human toothbrushes. At any store, whether they are for adults or children. As long as the toothbrush fits inside the animals mouth, and can access all of the teeth.

However, while the toothbrush itself does not matter. River Valley Veterinary Hospital says the toothpaste does matter a significant amount. Under no circumstances should pet owners every use human toothpaste to brush their pets teeth.

Most human toothpaste contains xylitol. Which is an artificial sweetener, but toxic to both cats and dogs. Even if the toothpaste that they have does not contain xylitol. It usually will contain some ingredients that can be harmful.

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Pet owners should remove this risk. From the situation, and only brush their pets teeth. With pet friendly toothpaste. That not only can be purchased at veterinarian Fox Chapel. But at any pet supply store.

Pet toothpaste also comes in fun flavours. That they are going to enjoy, and look forward to like a treat. Such as beef liver, chicken or tuna flavoured toothpaste. Much nicer for pets than the standard meant for humans.

Pet owners may be wondering how often they need to brush their pets teeth. And just like humans, veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends brushing their teeth. After each meal, and by making it fun.

It can be a fun bonding experience with the pet owner and their furry family member. It is also very important for pet owners to get a checkup with their veterinarians office. Because they can look for any problems that are starting to form.

It is especially important to note that small breed of dogs. Such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and similar breeds. Typically have problems with their teeth. And by getting a checkup often, the veterinarian can ensure they are not developing more problems.

Pet owners often want to know what else they can do. To ensure their pets have healthy teeth and a clean mouth. They can purchase additives that can be added to their food or water. That will help keep their mouth healthy.

Giving them a dental chew treats. That is designed to freshen their breath. And scrape the tartar off of their teeth is also another good way. To ensure their pets teeth are healthy.

By knowing a little bit about the importance of oral health. Pet owners can ensure that their pets melds are clean, and healthy for an entire life.