Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Essential


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Essential

When pet owners get their new puppy or kitten home, veterinarian Fox Chapel says. It is very important to bring them to the veterinarians clinic. In order to get a thorough checkup, and there vaccinations up-to-date.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

However, it is also a great place for pet owners. To get all the information about how to care for their new furry family member. And teach them all of the things, that they may not realize they need to know.

People might have questions about what types of food and treats are going to be best. For their puppy or kitten, and what they should switch to when they grow up. They might have questions about what types of exercise.

They animal is going to need, how many hours a day they need to be active. Or if they need things to challenge their mind, such as puzzles that they can engage in. And the veterinarian is going to also be able to tell them.

Things that they need to do, that they might not realize. Such as getting their cat or dog in for deworming. Every month in the summertime, especially if they spend time outside. But also, they will talk to each pet owner.

About the importance of oral hygiene for their cat or dog. This is something that many pet owners do not even think about. Even though they do want nothing but the best for their pets. And for them to have a long and healthy life.

Oral health is an important part of living a long and healthy life. Because if their teeth do not get brushed a regular basis. Or, if they do not engage in some kind of oral hygiene routine. Involving dental choose.

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In order to get the tartar buildup off of their teeth. And regular visits with their veterinarian Fox Chapel. In order to look at their teeth. And get them the dental care they may need on a regular basis.

If they do not get the tartar buildup off their teeth. While happen, is that they will develop gingivitis. Gingivitis is the dental disease caused by. Tartar buildup that accumulates below the gum line.

It is very irritating to the gums, which in turn start to recede as they get irritated, red and swollen. People might notice gingivitis, as their pets gums turn very pink. And may start to bleed very regularly, especially as they chew treats.

But also, gingivitis will turn into periodontal disease. If left untreated says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Periodontal disease is irreversible, and not only will it cause pain in the pets mouth.

But it will lead the pets to become at a higher risk of developing cavities and tooth decay. But more seriously, periodontal disease contributes to heart problems in cats and dogs.

In order to protect the pets overall health and well-being. Veterinarian Fox Chapel highly recommends getting into the habit. Of brushing the pets teeth. And if they cannot get this to happen, giving their pets dental choose on a regular basis is paramount.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Essential

Pet owners should be brushing their pets teeth regularly says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Even though many pet owners do not consider this, especially when they first bring. Their new furry family member home for the first time.

However, brushing the teeth can eliminate tartar buildup. That causes tooth decay, cavities. And even stinky breath in their cat or dog. And if left untreated, can cause gingivitis, tooth decay and cavities.

As well as periodontal disease, that can significantly impact. The rest of the animals overall health. River Valley Veterinary Hospital recommends introducing a toothbrush. To the animals playtime, as early as possible.

This will get the animal used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. And the pet owner can very quickly. Transition that into rushing their teeth, first without toothpaste. And then, with toothpaste over a few days.

However, the type of toothpaste that people get to brush their pets teeth with. Is very important says veterinarian Fox Chapel, while they can use any toothbrush. That fits in their animals mouth.

Even if it is meant for humans, toothpaste. Is not interchangeable at all. Human toothpaste contains a sweetening ingredient called xylitol, that is actually quite toxic. To both cats and dogs.

Therefore, it is important that pet owners pick up pet friendly toothpaste. From their veterinarian Fox Chapel, or by going to their. Favourite pet food supply store, what is even better. Is that the toothpaste comes in flavours.

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That are appealing to animals, such as tuna, cheese and beef. Or peanut butter, so that brushing their teeth can be like a treat. However, especially if people do not start brushing their pets teeth when they are young.

The pets may not take it very well to having a toothbrush in their mouth. And in that case, it can be very difficult to brush their teeth at all. Some pet owners feel that it is quite simply not worth the fight.

To try to brush their pets teeth. And are wondering, if they can protect their pets oral health. The good news says veterinarian Fox Chapel is that it is definitely possible. And when they make an appointment with their cat or dog.

They can talk to the veterinarians and technicians about what they can do. In order to keep their pets oral hygiene safe. One of the first things that they will hear about, or dental chew devices that are approved by the American veterinarian Association.

Made of soft silicone, so they will not hurt the animal. Matter how aggressively they chew the device. And, it is small enough. And made of soft silicone, that even if swallowed. It will pass through the animals digestive tract, unharmed.

There are other things that pet owners can do. From additives that they can put in the food or water. And dental chew treats, that can help scrape off the pets teeth as they chew it.

When pet owners consider their cat or dog’s oral hygiene. They are ensuring that all animals can have the healthiest life possible. Call river valley veterinary Hospital for your appointment today.