Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Fundamental


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Fundamental

All pet owners want to, is for their furry family member to be healthy says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And while they put a lot of thought into the food they feed them. The treats that they give them, and the amount of exercise they get.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Many pet owners do not consider the importance. Of oral health, until something happens. Or they find out from their veterinarian Fox Chapel that their pets teeth. Need to be cleaned, or worse extracted because they are in poor condition.

Just like people, dogs and cats need to have their teeth brushed on a regular basis. This brushes away all of the food debris from eating. So that bacteria is less likely. To settle on the teeth, and start eating away at the tooth.

This is called tooth decay, and is the reason why cavities are formed. However, it does not have to happen. If pet owners can start brushing their pets teeth. Ideally, when they are young and first-come home with the pet owner.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel says it is quite easy to get the animal. To accept a toothbrush into their mouth, when introduced during playtime. They can bring the toothbrush out, and get them to bite it, and playing with it.

And over the next few days, can start to make brushing motions at the pets teeth. More and more, until the pet feels comfortable. But having the toothbrush in their mouth. The next step, is adding toothpaste.

And it is very important that pet owners choose the correct toothpaste, and avoid. All human toothpaste, as it contains an ingredient called xylitol. That is in fact toxic to both cats and dogs.

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Under no circumstances should pet owners utilize this toothpaste. Their cats and dogs, and instead visit their veterinarians office. Or their favourite pet food supply store, to get pets toothpaste.

That actually come in fun flavoured, such as peanut butter and banana. Beef liver, or tuna, that animals are going to love and feel is a treat. However, even after doing all of this, many pets are not thrilled.

To have their teeth brushed. Or, if pet owners did not start brushing their pets teeth. Until they were older, they might have a harder time. They might be wondering what they can do. To give their pet the best oral care possible.

Veterinarians recommend feeding their pets, one meal a day of kibble. Even if the animals are eating raw or wet food. For certain dietary need, they can supplement that feeding schedule. With dry kibble, because the modality of chewing.

The hard kibble, will scrape tartar buildup off of the pets teeth. Making it less likely that they will develop tartar buildup. However, just giving them dry kibble. Is not enough to protect their teeth alone says veterinarian fox chapel.

They can also by food and water additives. That can promote healthy mouth. And by dental chew treats. And dental chew devices, that can help finish cleaning off the pets. Finally, regular visits to their veterinarian. So that they can get their teeth checked, is the last step that pet owners can take.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Fundamental

Cat and dog owners should consider their pets teeth says veterinarian Fox Chapel. It is important that they clean them on a regular basis, and for many people. That means learning how to brush their pets teeth with a toothbrush.

They do not even need to buy a special toothbrush. Although, depending on the size of their animal. And the size of their cat or dog’s teeth, a specialized toothbrush might be necessary. In order to get it into their mouth, and at all of their teeth.

However, they do need to buy special toothpaste. Human toothpaste is made with an artificial sweetener called xylitol. That happens to be toxic to both cats and dogs says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

In addition to that, the pet friendly toothpaste. Comes in flavours that they are going to enjoy. Such as peanut butter and banana, tuna, chicken or beef. Instead of the flavours that humans like, like mint.

They can get into the habit of brushing their pets teeth. For about a minute, after every time they eat. Just like people do, however if they find that their pet. Does not tolerate this, there are other things that they can do.

Feeding them a diet of crunchy kibble is important. Because wet food will stick to their teeth. And that is when the bacteria will start to eat away at the tooth surface. Where it can cause tartar buildup, and gingivitis.

Gingivitis will eventually turn into periodontal disease. Which can significantly impact the cat and dogs overall health. Such as making them more susceptible to heart disease. Therefore, veterinarian Fox Chapel says a matter what they do.

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They need to guard against their pets health. By ensuring that they are doing something. To protect their pets teeth. In addition to crunchy kibble, pet owners can give their cats and dogs a dental chew toy.

That will scrape all of the tartar buildup off of their teeth. They should ensure that this dental chew toy is not only soft, so that it does not damage their teeth. They should ensure that they will not be able to break off small pieces of it.

That they can accidentally ingest, and choke on. Or blocked part of their digestive system. There is a dental chew device that veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends most. That is also been recommended by the American veterinarian Association.

It is made of very soft silicone, they cannot be chewed into small pieces. It is small enough, that it can be accidentally swallowed. And it will not damage the pets digestive system. And it will pass through their system in time.

The soft bristles will help remove the tartar buildup from the pets teeth. And by putting a bit of pet toothpaste on this device. Can make it like a treat, and make pets. That are reluctant to chew, more interested in it.

When pet owners are ready to take care of their pets oral hygiene. They can talk to their veterinarian. At river valley veterinary hospital for a list of things that they can do.