Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Imperative

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Imperative

Pets also need their teeth brushed regularly says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Despite the fact that many pet owners are unaware of this. Or, are unable to get there animal to accept getting their teeth brushed.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

It is very important for their overall health. It does not just lead to stinky breath, but teeth that go on brushed. Can develop tooth decay and cavities. That not only can be very painful for the animal.

But it can cause the teeth to rot, and need to be pulled. And that is going to require the animal being put under general anaesthetic. The biggest problem with this, is that by the time it gets to this point. The animal is usually quite elderly.

And they may not take very well to being put under anaesthetic. In order to have their teeth removed. And then, they are going to have to be put on a strict diet. Of food that they can chew, without many of their teeth.

As well, with the tartar buildup, the animal can develop gingivitis. Where the gums get irritated. By the tartar buildup that accumulates below the gum line says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And not only is this a painful condition.

Where the gums start to get sore, bleed a lot. And reseed, exposing more of the tooth. But the tooth, as it is exposing the root. Becomes more sensitive, causing more pain to the animal.

As well, it leaves the tooth more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Because there is less enamel on the exposed part of the tooth. That is supposed to be hidden by the gums. While this is a painful condition, it is reversible.

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And pet owners can check their pets mouth says veterinarian Fox Chapel. To see if they have developed gingivitis, what they can do. Is see if their pets gums are extra pink. And if they bleed easily, they can give their animal.

A crunchy bone to chew on, and if they bleed. It is likely that they have developed gingivitis. It is important that they take action at this point says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Because it is reversible.

But if it goes untreated, it will develop into a worse condition. Called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is much more serious, and it can not only impact the pets teeth and mouth. But it puts them at a higher risk of heart disease as well.

Pet owners who want to have their pets healthy for their entire life. Should learn about brushing their pets teeth. As well as what they can do. To keep their teeth as healthy as possible, specially if the pet does not allow their teeth to be brushed.

Additives to the food and water can be purchased. As well, they can get dental chew toys. And dental chew treats, that pets can utilize. To help scrape their teeth clean from the tartar buildup that causes tooth decay and cavities.

Pet owners can also purchase wipes that they can wipe their pets teeth with. And, they can avoid feeding their pets things like sugar. And stick to the food that is recommended by their vet.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Imperative

Cats and dogs can develop tooth decay and cavities says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And preventing them is important, because not only will cavities and tooth decay cause pain. It will cause the tooth to need to be extracted, which not only is painful.

It can be hard on the animal to go under general anaesthetic to extract the tooth. And then, they will have to change their diet. Which can be stressful, especially if the animal is older. While the best case scenario is to get the animal.

Used to getting their teeth brushing says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Not all animals will allow this. Especially if they did not start getting their teeth brushed. Until they were older, which is why it is important.

To introduce a toothbrush into the animals playtime. While they are still young, so that they will accept it. When they are older. However, if pet owners have not done this. They will need to know what to do to keep their pets teeth as clean as possible.

One thing that pet owners can do says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is feeding them a diet of crunchy kibble food. While some animals are on a rock, or wet food diet for certain dietary reasons.

Such as male cats being on wet food. In order to give them more liquid in their diet. So that they can avoid developing bladder stones, or urinary tract infections. Both are which very common in male cats.

But, even if they are on wet or raw food part of the time. They can also eat some of their meals with crunchy kibble. The modality of chewing with the crunchy food. Will help scrape the tartar buildup off the pets teeth.

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So that they will be less likely to develop tartar buildup that can turn into. Plaque, and eventually calculus, which is a substance so hard. That it can’t be brushed away. And must be removed by a professional, such as a veterinarian Fox Chapel employee.

They can also purchase dental chew treats. Which are essentially, treats that are crunchy. And are designed to have the animal chew it. In order to scrape the tartar buildup off of the teeth.

While there is many different dental chew treats. And dental chew toys that they can give to their animals. And additives they can put in the water, and food. They also need to bring their animal.

Into river valley veterinary hospital on a regular basis. So that the veterinarians can check the pets teeth. And ensure that they are in good condition. If they are not, they can make more recommendations.

Or, clean the pets teeth. And pull any that need to come out. If pet owners have any questions on their pets overall health. Or on their pets oral health, all they have to do is pick up the phone and call river valley veterinary hospital today in order to ask all their questions.