Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Important


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Important

While many people consider the health of their cats and dogs according to veterinarian Fox Chapel. For many people, that includes their diet, as well as their exercise routine. However, many people do not take into consideration.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Oral hygiene of their cats and dogs. There are many things that go into the dental health of pets. And it can quickly go from healthy. To unhealthy, if people do not know what to do.

One of the first things that people need to consider is that brushing is the only thing. That will eliminate tartar buildup on their pets teeth. And if they do not remove the tartar buildup, it will quickly turn into plaque.

And if the plaque is not removed, it turns into a substance. That is called calculus, which is very similar to concrete. And impossible to remove without a veterinarian. Many people visit veterinarian Fox Chapel.

Complaining that there cat or dog’s breath is incredibly bad. And what is causing the terrible breath, is the plaque, tartar buildup. Or calculus on the animals teeth. And while this might seem problematic.

Many people may not consider the worst part about this says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is that while there is tartar buildup, plaque. Or calculus on the pets teeth, the bacteria is eating away at the teeth.

And it can lead to cavities, tooth decay and worse. In particular, small dogs such as Pomeranian’s and Chihuahuas have the worst teeth. And therefore, care must be taken. To ensure that their teeth are cared for more than usual.

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There are many things that pet owners can do. According to veterinarian Fox Chapel in order to guard their pets oral health. One of the best things that pet owners should be doing is brushing their pets teeth.

However, it requires more forethought. Then simply grabbing a toothbrush, and your toothpaste, and brushing their teeth. The first thing to note is that human toothpaste is toxic to cats and dogs. Most of the toothpaste that is commercially produced for humans. Contains xylitol, which is toxic to animals. Therefore, people need to that a pet friendly toothpaste, that often come in fun flavours.

Such as tuna, chicken or beef liver. However, while they do have special toothbrushes. Designed to fit inside your cat or dog’s mouth. People do not really need to purchase. Specialized toothbrush, if they do not want to.

There is nothing special about the toothbrush, except for the size. To allow people to get it into their pets mouth effectively. The next thing that they need to do, is get their pets used to having their teeth brushed.

River Valley Veterinary Hospital recommends introducing the toothbrush into the pets mouth. During play, to get them used to the sensation. And gradually, work their way up to brushing the teeth with toothpaste.

If pet owners would prefer not having to fight their pet so much on this. The best thing to do, is to get the pet used to brushing their teeth. While they are still young, and are still puppies and kittens.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Important

Considering your pets oral health is of the utmost importance says veterinarian Fox Chapel. While many people do not think to brush their pets teeth. Tartar buildup leads to tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

While this may not sound like the worst thing. Pet owners are often fine with putting their pets under general anaesthetic. In order to give them a dental cleaning. However, they should also take into consideration.

That pets that have periodontal disease can also have pain in their mouth. Cats especially are extremely good at hiding their pain. Therefore, they may be suffering longer than pet owners truly realize.

But also, cats and dogs that have prolonged periodontal disease. Are not just add an increased risk of tooth decay and cavities. That might necessitate veterinarian Fox Chapel pulling their teeth.

But in fact, periodontal disease puts the animal at greater risk. Of heart disease, which can cut short the animals life. If they have a stroke or heart attack. Therefore, oral hygiene should be considered.

An extremely important activity to participate in. While the best thing to do is to brush the pets teeth. Many pets do not take to brushing very well. Especially if people have not introduced a toothbrush into their mouth while they are young.

Some pet owners may try for many weeks. Before giving up, because they simply are not interested. In fighting with their pet on a daily basis. Therefore, they might be looking for alternatives to brushing their pets teeth.

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One of the first things that veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends. Our dental chew sticks. This is a hard chew, that they gradually consume. That when chewed, rubs up and down the pets teeth. So that tartar buildup, and plaque.

Our scraped away. As well, veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends feeding pets. At least once a day, hard and crunchy food. Because that will help clean off the teeth. It is not recommended, unless the dog’s health requires.

To eat wet or soft food. Simply because dogs will not chew the food. And it will get stuck on their teeth, and below their gum line. Therefore, one meal a day of crunchy kibble. Can help clean the teeth off.

While many cats need to eat wet food. In order to protect against urinary tract infections and stones. Feeding them one meal of kibble a day as well. Can help keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

By feeding one meal of kibble a day. And getting a dental chew, pets can have healthier teeth. Then doing nothing. However, nothing is a substitute for brushing the pets teeth.

And always, pet owners should get in to see river valley veterinary hospital. So that they can get a checkup. And have any problems that are starting minimized or eliminated.

So that pets do not end up suffering, and having a larger problem down the line. To make an appointment with river valley veterinary hospital, pet owners can pick up the phone and call the clinic. In order to see one of the doctors on staff.