Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Necessary

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Necessary

When pet owners are bringing home their new puppy or kitten, it is exciting says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Most pet owners want nothing but the best for their pets health. And they might think that extends to.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Their diet, and exercise routine, but that is it. However, pet owners need to understand. The importance of their pets oral hygiene. While many people do not think about it, poor oral hygiene can impact their pets health significantly.

Starting with tartar buildup, which happens. If the pets teeth are not cleaned after eating. Bacteria will eat leftover food on the pets teeth. And in between their teeth, as well as below their gums.

But then, they will start to eat into the tooth. And this is called tooth decay. As well, if the tartar buildup is not brushed off the pets teeth. It will simply stay there, unless something scrapes it off. Like a toothbrush, or a milk bone.

Or other crunchy treat, or food. Once the tartar buildup it stays there, it will harden into what is called plaque. And this is very hard to remove says veterinarian Fox Chapel. All the while tartar buildup, or plaque remains on the pets teeth.

The bacteria can be causing tooth decay. Even as it hardens, the bacteria is still active. Causing problems on the pets teeth. If the tartar buildup turns to plaque. And the plaque is not removed, it turns into a substance called calculus.

Calculus is extremely hard. It is the similar consistency to cement. And is impossible to remove, without professional help. When the tartar buildup and plaque hardens to this substance. There is bacteria is still causing tooth decay.

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And if left long enough, will develop into cavities. That cannot only cause pain in your dog or cat’s mouth. But it can also cause the teeth to require removal. In order to protect them from further harm.

As well, if the plaque and tartar buildup are left long enough. It will develop into what is called periodontal disease says veterinarian Fox Chapel. This periodontal disease, affects the pets overall health.

And most significantly, negatively affects the cat and dogs heart health as well. In addition to that, many pet owners may start to notice. That their pets breath is quite bad. They might think that this is a byproduct of old age.

But that is not true at all. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says smelling breath is caused. Quite honestly from tartar buildup, plaque or calculus. That has not been removed from the cat or dog’s teeth.

The best way to protect the pets teeth from this problem. And help their health become improved. Is to brush the pets teeth. It does not need to take long, just a few minutes. After every time they eat.

Using a pet friendly toothpaste, as human toothpaste. Is toxic to pets. Pet owners can go to their veterinarian, or their favourite pet supply store. In order to find a great toothpaste.

That comes in fun flavours, in order to help brush their pets teeth. And protect their overall health.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Necessary

Many pet owners do a lot says veterinarian Fox Chapel. To protect their cat and dogs health. By feeding them the best food. Avoid overfeeding, and give them lots of exercise.

They buy treats that are healthy. And toys to enrich their mind, and give them something to do. However, if pet owners are not also caring for. Their cat and dogs oral health, they are leaving something out.

Oral hygiene is incredibly important. Because as everyone knows, not brushing the teeth. Can lead to tooth decay, and cavities. That not only can be very painful. It can impact your pets ability to eat their food.

However, many people may not know how important oral hygiene is to their pets. Or, what they can do to protect their pets teeth. If they visit veterinarian Fox Chapel, no matter how old their pet is when they adopted.

The veterinarians, and technicians on staff will let pet owners know. How important it is to start brushing their pets teeth. It does not need to take a long time. And if pet owners start early says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

Then their pets teeth not only can remain cleaner. But the pet can get used to getting their teeth brushed. So they will accept it easier. Just like people, pet owners should brush their pets teeth after every meal.

However, many pet owners cannot get their pets. To accept a toothbrush in their mouth. And in that case, hope is not lost. There are many things that they can do. To protect their pets teeth even without brushing.

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While brushing is best, the next best thing is to buy dental choose for their cat and dog. There are many types of dental chew devices that they can buy. From treats that animals can consume. That scrape their teeth as they chew them.

All the way to chew devices. That are not meant to be consumed. That as the pet choose on it. The bristles on the chew device cleans the pets teeth. This is perfect for pets that have a high to drive.

However, not all cats and dogs love to sit there and chew on it. That is why treats, that can be consumed. Are often the best way to protect the pets teeth. Simply because they will consume the treat.

As well, pet owners should endeavour to feed their pets. At least one meal a day in kibble. And while many cats need to consume wet food. To protect against bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.

Having one meal of kibble for both cats and dogs. Ensure that the kibble scrapes against their teeth. And can clean the tartar buildup off their teeth as effectively as anything else. Visit veterinarian Fox Chapel today.

If pet owners take some due care and attention. To their pets teeth, they not only will have happier pets. Since they will not have sore teeth and a sore mouth. Also, they will not have stinky breath. And have fewer chances that they will develop problems. Due to periodontal disease.