Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Needed

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Needed

Cat and dog owners should consider their pets oral health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Because it is important to keep them healthy. Keep them eating food as long as possible. Help them avoid pain, and avoid cardiovascular problems.

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Without an oral care routine, pets will develop tartar buildup. Which is as sticky substance, left behind by the bacteria. That feeds on the left over food on the surface. And in between the pets teeth.

One of the reasons why pet owners often do not consider their pets oral health. Is because they think cavities are caused by a sugary diet. And they are not feeding their pet sugar.

Therefore, they do not need to worry about tooth decay or cavities. However, this is an incorrect assumption according to veterinarian Fox Chapel. And they can develop tooth decay and cavities, even simply by eating.

There proper food, and treats therefore it is very important. To learn how to take care of their pets oral hygiene. If left on brushed, this plaque turns into tartar buildup. Which is significantly more sticky then black.

And can be very difficult to remove, even by using a toothbrush. Or using dental chewing toys, or dental chewing treats. If left on the teeth, it leads to tooth decay and cavities, that not only can cause pain.

But also can require teeth to need to be extracted. Because they have rotted, and are no longer useful. Apache was in pain says veterinarian Fox Chapel may start to refuse to eat or drink. Because of the pain in their mouth.

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And their health can suffer. Another impact of tartar buildup left on the teeth. Is that it is going to start irritating the gums. Particularly the tartar buildup below the gum line. The bacteria irritates the gums.

In the gums get the an swollen. Not only do they hurt, but they will bleed. And to try to get away from the irritation, veterinarian Fox Chapel says. The gums will start to recede.

This will start to expose the roots of the animals teeth, that are not protected by enamel. Not only does this cause the animal to develop sensitivity to hot and cold in their mouth. But it will make the teeth more susceptible to cavities.

And more susceptible to tooth decay, which can be accelerated. If they are still not getting their teeth looked after properly. Finally, if gingivitis which is reversible goes untreated it turns into a worse problem.

Called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is not reversible. And can impact the animals overall health. Especially as it makes the cat or dog more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

While most pet owners do not want this to happen to their animal. They often do not know that not brushing their pets teeth. Can make them more susceptible to more significant health problems.

Therefore, when they first adopt their new puppy or kitten. Or bring their new shelter animal home, they should make an appointment. With their veterinarian, to get a checkup. And find out what else they can do to ensure their pets overall health.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Extremely Necessary For Pets

When pet owners are considering the best ways to keep their cats and dogs healthy says veterinarian Fox Chapel. They should also consider keeping their teeth and gums clean and healthy as well.

This is an important part of pets overall health, and something. That is all too often overlooked for many different reasons. Pet owners may not think that it is important to brush their pets teeth.

Or if they are not giving them sugar, it will not get cavities. And sometimes, they simply do not think about it. Until they bring their pets to their veterinarian to discover. That they have advanced gum disease.

Or, they will need to have teeth extracted. Because they are not caring for their teeth properly. In fact, many pet owners bring their cats or dogs to the veterinarian. And complain about their smelly breath.

Without realizing that foul breath is actually a byproduct. Of a poor or nonexistent oral care routine. The best way to protect their teeth at home, is quite simple says veterinarian Fox Chapel. It is by brushing their teeth daily.

Just like people do, they brush their teeth twice a day. Usually after every time they eat. And the same holds true for cats and dogs. In fact, they do not even need to purchase a special toothbrush.

As long as they can get the toothbrush in their pets mouth. And around to every single one of the teeth. However, they do need to buy special toothpaste. Since human toothpaste is toxic to animals.

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They can go to their veterinarians office. Or their favourite pet food supply store, and find a wide variety. Of pet friendly toothpaste to choose from, in many different flavours that pets are going to enjoy.

There is pain but are banana, beef and liver, tuna and chicken. Just for some flavours to experience. The pet may even feel as though these are flavours that are like treats. And when they get their teeth brushed, it can be a fun experience.

Ideally, veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends that pet owners. Introduce a toothbrush into their pets mouth. During playtime, and they are young. Or, when they are first adopted, so that they associated with a game.

And gradually over a few days. Start to brush at the teeth more and more. And finally, add the pet friendly toothpaste. By brushing their teeth twice a day, that is truly all the pet owner needs to do.

To give their pet the best healthy mouth. And make them less likely to develop periodontal disease, gingivitis. And have painful teeth and gums, that not only can make their life miserable. But because them to stop eating their food.

Pet owners who have any more questions on the topic should visit their veterinarian Fox Chapel today. They can make an appointment, and have a checkup with their furry family member. And then, ask all the questions they have about the subject.