Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Paramount


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Paramount

When pet owners bring their new puppy or kitten home says veterinarian Fox Chapel. They often are overwhelmed with the amount of things that they have to do. They are purchasing food for the animal.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Making sure it is the healthiest for their animal. They want to purchase toys, bedding, a leash and harness. And while it is very exciting and often overwhelming. Many pet owners often overlook one small detail.

They overlook the need to take care of their pets oral hygiene. This is often something that they do not even think of. Until they bring their pets to veterinarian Fox Chapel for their pets one year checkup.

And discover, that the pet has started to develop. Tartar buildup, gingivitis or other dental problems. In addition to not making the pet feel very good. Dental problems can impact the pets overall health significantly.

For example, when plaque is not brush away from their teeth. It turns into tartar buildup. Tartar buildup is a very sticky substance that is hard to remove through brushing. Which is why it is best to brush away plaque before it turns into tartar.

Over time, it accumulates not only on the surface of the animals teeth. But below the gum line, which will irritate the gums. And then it turns into gingivitis. As the gums get irritated from the bacteria in the tartar buildup.

The gums get inflamed, turn red. And start to bleed. But the worst thing says veterinarian Fox Chapel is that the gums. Will start to recede, exposing more of the animals tooth, which is not protected by enamel.

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This not only causes the animal to be more susceptible to tooth sensitivity. Especially when they are drinking cold water. Also, it makes the tooth more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Due to the lack of protective enamel coating.

Cavities can form much more easily and quickly. Therefore, before long the pet can require being put under general anaesthetic. In order to have teeth removed. However, before a gets to this point the pet is likely experiencing a lot of pain.

And may have stopped drinking as much as they should. As well as they often avoid eating, or simply swallow their food without chewing. Because of the pain that they experience because of the dental problems.

Then, if they are older, putting them under anaesthetic. In order to clean, and remove teeth. Can be a problem, as it may be risky. Depending on how healthy the animal is. And how long they have to be put under for.

Therefore, it is far better to prevent these problems. Then to treat them says veterinarian Fox Chapel. They can talk to their veterinarian or technician. At their first veterinarian appointment when they bring their new puppy or kitten home.

Even if they are adopting an older animal, they can talk about what types of things. Can help keep their animals teeth, gums healthy. So that they have their furry family member around for a long time.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Paramount

Pet owners need to consider their cat and dogs oral health more says veterinarian Fox Chapel. It is usually something that pet owners. It simply do not think about, but it is very important. Because their oral hygiene can impact.

The rest of their overall health. For example, if a pet does not get their teeth brushed on a regular basis. They can develop tartar buildup, that causes gingivitis. And without treating that, the gingivitis turns into periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is serious, and irreversible says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And not only does it impact the pets mouth. But it can put them at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. That pet owners should not want to risk.

The answer is prevention, as not only is it more effective way to treat dental problems. It is also easier on the animal, and less expensive in the long run. The best things that pet owners can do.

Is simply pick up a toothbrush, and some pet friendly toothpaste. And brush their pets teeth every time they eat. They can start this, by introducing a toothbrush into the pets mouth during playtime. So that they get used to it.

And as they get used to it, start a brushing motion more often. And then eventually, adding the pet friendly toothpaste. In fact, if done the right way veterinarian Fox Chapel says animals can consider this a special treat.

Especially since pet friendly toothpaste comes in fun flavours. Such as tuna, butter banana and chicken for example. However, many pets simply will not abide by having a toothbrush in their mouth, matter how fun a pet owner makes it.

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Or how much they might like toothpaste. For these animals, all is not lost. There are many things that a pet owner can do says River Valley Veterinary Hospital. That will help keep their teeth clean for the long run.

There are dental wipes that pet owners can buy. They look like wet wipes, and they have all of the ingredients. That can make their pets teeth happy and clean. All they have to do, is take a wipe and clean off their pets teeth.

After every meal. While this is better than doing nothing, it is not the most effective solution. But, veterinarian Fox Chapel says anything that pet owners can do. Will be better than not doing anything at all.

The next thing that pet owners can consider doing. Is purchasing a dental chewing toy. They need to make sure that it is approved by the American veterinarian Association. Because there are a lot of dental chew toys, that are not very good.

The best ones are made out of very soft silicone. And will not break apart, no matter how aggressively the cat or dog choose it. It is also small enough, and sold by the weight of the animal. So that if they do accidentally swallow it.

It will pass through their digestive system easily, and without causing problems. For more things that pet owners can do to help their teeth be healthy. Pet owners can bring their animals to river valley veterinary hospital, and ask questions.