Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Required


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Required

Out of the many things to consider when pet parents adopt their new furry family member, veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends. Taking into consider their new pets oral hygiene, because it can significantly impact their overall health.

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For example, many people do not realize. That cats and dogs should have their teeth brushed regularly. Not just once a week, or a few times a month. But rather, they should brush just like we do. Twice a day, or after every time they eat.

The reason why, is because cats and dogs are just like humans. If they do not brush their teeth, the bacteria that feasts on the leftover bits of food. Can start to eat away at our enamel, and teeth.

Leaving behind a sticky substance called tartar buildup. If left on the teeth for more than a few days, the tartar buildup becomes harder and stickier. And is now called plaque, itches even more difficult to remove by brushing.

If people, and pet owners can get rid of the tartar buildup. On the teeth when it is still easy to remove says veterinarian Fox Chapel. They will significantly reduce the instances of tooth decay and cavities.

However, if pet owners do not consider their pets teeth. For many months, or until their next check up with veterinarian Fox Chapel. Not only will that plaque accumulate. But the bacteria can continue to cause tooth decay and start to form cavities.

As well as get even harder than it already is. With enough time, it can turn into a hard substance called calculus. Which is as hard as cement. And almost impossible to remove without professional help.

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All the while, the pets teeth are being bombarded by bacteria. That not only can cause tooth decay and cavities. But it is also causing dental problems, such as gingivitis.

Gingivitis is when the gums get irritated. By the bacteria in the tartar, plaque or calculus. Therefore, the gums will become a red and inflamed, they will usually start to bleed. And they will hurt, especially when pets go to eat their hard kibble, or chew their bones.

If left untreated at this point, veterinarian Fox Chapel says it will turn into periodontal disease. Which is not reversible the way gingivitis is. And periodontal disease can put the cats and dogs at risk for heart disease as well.

Another problem with gingivitis and periodontal disease is that the gums will start to recede. At which point, it will uncover enough of the tooth root. Which is not protected by enamel, leaving the tooth exposed.

Allowing it to be more sensitive to hot and cold. Pets may refuse to start drinking cold water. But also, it makes their teeth even more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. If pet owners want to avoid expensive vet bills.

To put their pets under general anaesthetic, in order to clean their teeth. And perhaps pull the rotten teeth out, as well as avoid. Putting their teeth through that ordeal.

In addition, owners can learn how to brush their pets teeth every day. As well as bringing them to River Valley Veterinary Hospital, located in Fox Chapel for regular checkups.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Always Required

Keeping teeth shiny and healthy is as important for pets as it is for humans says veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, many pet owners may not realize that it is important. Even if they are not feeding their pet scraps, or candy.

Even the pet food, such as wet food and kibble can cause tooth decay over time. If they do not get their teeth brushed, and while it is best to get cats and dogs. Used to the brush in their mouth when they are still puppies or kittens, that does not mean it is too late.

For older animals, to help them get clean mouths. So that they can avoid falling victim to gingivitis and periodontist disease. Have fresh breath, and clean teeth for the rest of their life.

One of the first things that veterinarians at Fox Chapel recommends pet owners do. If their pets will not cooperate and have their teeth brushed. Is that they should the feeding their cats and dogs at least one kibble meal a day.

Many pet owners have various reasons why their pets are on wet food. For example, their cat may be required to eat wet food. To protect them against bladder stones. As well as urinary tract infections, which are extremely common in male cats.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel often has pet owners. Feed them wet food, to increase their water intake. And decrease their chances of developing bladder stones and UTIs. However, they also recommend that cats. As well as dogs.

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Eat at least one meal of kibble a day. Because the modality of chewing the hard kibble. Will actually clean the teeth off as they eat. Leaving them less susceptible to tartar buildup on their teeth.

However, pets should also get a dental chew at least once a day. And there are many to choose from, starting with the dental devices that are not edible. While there are many on the market, a lot of them are very hard to chew says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

And if they are not supervised extremely well. Pets can hurt themselves. By chewing too hard, damaging their teeth and gums. Therefore, not only should chew time the supervised time.

But also, pet owners can pick up soft, silicone chew toys. Ideally, they should pick up ones that will not harm them if swallowed. And they can talk to their veterinarian Fox Chapel about which ones those are.

They can also get dental chew treats, which are very popular with the animals. That love treats, and are less interested in chewing things. That are not edible. These chew treats should be crunchy, and encourage the animal.

To chew it them, in order to clean all of their teeth. There are also additives that people can purchase. To put into their water and food. That will not only help their teeth be less susceptible to tartar buildup. But it will help them fresh and their breath as well.