Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Vital


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Vital

If pet owners do not consider their pets oral hygiene says veterinarian Fox Chapel. They are ignoring a significant part of their pets overall health. While many people think that pets do not need to have their teeth brushed.

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Because they do not care about having bad breath. And that their teeth are not designed to need to see a dentist. That is not true, and that type of thinking. Can lead the pet owner into not taking proper care of their pets teeth.

Dental decay, in pets just like humans. Is caused by tartar buildup not being brushed away off of the teeth. As people, and dogs and cats eat food. Bacteria starts to eat away. At the food left behind, and get onto.

The surface of the teeth. If they are not cleaned away, that bacteria starts to eat the teeth themselves. This is called tooth decay, and can lead to cavities. As well as damaging the tooth and causing a lot of pain.

Many people think that they do not need to brush their cat or dog’s teeth. If they do not consume sugar. Or that if they only eat kibble and pet treats. They are not going to need to worry about their oral health.

However, this is also not true. And regular toothbrushing. Is the best way to protect the animals teeth. Against the bacteria that will cause tooth decay. The best way to start brushing the pets teeth according to veterinarian Fox Chapel.

Is quite simply, to start early. Especially when they are young in age. Such as puppies and kittens. This way, they can get used to it organically. So that brushing teeth does not need to be stressful or considered bad.

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Veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends introducing the toothbrush into the pets mouth. During playtime, and gradually get the pet to accept the toothbrush. As it brushes more and more into their teeth.

However, if pet owners have adopted an older animal. Or they have a not considered caring for their pets teeth until they are older. It can be a little bit more tricky. When pet owners are going to start a brushing routine.

While they do not need to purchase a special toothbrush. As long as the one that they purchase is able to fit comfortably. Into the pets mouth and around all of their teeth. A human toothbrush may be great for some larger dogs.

Most pet owners are probably going to need to buy at least a child’s toothbrush. Or, simply pick up a pet sized toothbrush from their favourite pet supply store. However, the type of toothpaste they get is incredibly important.

Under no circumstances should pet owners ever brush their pets teeth. With human toothpaste, as it contains xylitol, which is toxic to both cats and dogs. Instead, they can pick up pet friendly toothpaste.

That often comes in fun flavoured, such as tuna, beef or chicken. And usually will make toothbrushing time for pets. Into a bit of a treat, and special bonding with their human says veterinarian fox chapel.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Oral Hygiene Is Very Vital

Looking after pets teeth is incredibly important says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Because many pet owners may not realize it, but good oral health can impact. A pets overall health as well.

If a pet owner does not brush their pets teeth after eating. The bacteria that feasts on the left over food on their teeth. Will make their way to the actual tooth. And eventually, will start eating into the enamel, and then the surface of the tooth.

This is called tartar buildup. And if the tartar buildup is not brushed away in a few days. It hardens into a substance called plaque. River Valley Veterinary Hospital says plaque is very sticky, and harder to brush away then tartar buildup.

As well, the longer the plaque, or tartar buildup remains on the pets teeth. The more the pet is at risk. For developing tooth decay, and cavities. That not only can cause them pain. But because the animal to stop eating because of the pain.

River Valley Veterinary Hospital says if the plaque or tartar buildup. Is not brushed away after gets to this point. It hardens even further. Into a substance called calculus, which is incredibly hard. And impossible to remove without professional help.

Pet owners will have to bring their cats or dogs into veterinarian Fox Chapel office. In order to get the animals teeth cleaned. Which does require putting them under general anaesthetic.

Pet owners should only wants to have this happen once or twice in their pets life. As going under anaesthetic is very stressful. And since animals are more likely to need their teeth cleaned when they are older.

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It can become very stressful on an older animal. To undergo this process. Which is why it is extremely important says veterinarian Fox Chapel. To simply take care of their teeth on an ongoing and daily basis.

As well, once the plaque hardens into calculus. The bacteria that causes tooth decay is still quite active. Therefore, the only thing that can protect the animals teeth, is brushing away the plaque. Or giving them treats and food that will protect their teeth.

While there are also it is of things that pet owners can do. Such as additives to put in their food or water. That protects their teeth against tooth decay and cavities. Ultimately, brushing is the best defence.

However, many pet owners are unable to get their pet to accept a toothbrush into their mouth easily. And it simply is not worth the daily fights with their furry family member. Therefore, they are looking for other ways.

To protect their teeth. Veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends feeding dry kibble for at least one meal a day. As it will help scrape the tartar buildup off of the pets teeth. And purchase dental chew treats, or dental chew devices.

They can bring their cat or dog into river valley veterinary hospital. For a checkup, and talk to the veterinarians and technicians. About what is the best chew device or treat. They should be giving their cat and dog.