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Veterinarian Fox Chapel | The Best Veterinary Care

Bringing a new pet home is an exciting time for anyone says veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, nothing could be worse. Than bringing a new pet home. And finding out they have an illness that could have been prevented.
Veterinarian Fox Chapel

This is why it is of the utmost importance. For pet owners to understand. The importance of proactive healthcare for their free family members. Whether they bring home a cat or a dog.

Or adopt a puppy or kitten, they need to bring. That animal into their River Valley Veterinary Hospital within one or two weeks of adoption. In order to ensure the animal has no health problems.

If they got the animal from a breeder, they should have checked the animal. To ensure they had no known illnesses. However, in small animals. Especially so young, it is hard to tell until they grow.

And while the breeder might not have realized there was anything wrong. Once the pet owner has the new animal. For a week or two. A veterinarian may be able to spot what is going on.

But not only that says veterinarian Fox Chapel, pet owners need to get. The booster shots for their new puppies and kittens, in order to complete their immunity. A breeder will ensure that they have their first shots.

But they will need another set in about two weeks. And then another set after that. To ensure they can have complete immunity. Against the parasites and diseases that can affect them and make them sick.

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Therefore, even if they are completely healthy. If a pet owner does not bring them in to veterinarian Fox chapel. Within about two weeks. They could very easily catch a disease, and become very sick.

If people are adopting adult cats and dogs. Whether they are being rehomed. Or they are getting the animal from a shelter. Visiting a veterinarian is also an extremely good idea. Primarily because these people.

Or the shelters, may not have known something about the animal. And veterinarian Fox chapel will do an extremely thorough checkup. To ensure that there is nothing wrong with the animal. Or that there is not an underlying health condition that can easily be treated.

As well, it is a great opportunity. For the pet owner to ask all of their burning questions. Such as what the best food is for an animal. How much food they should get. How many times a day they should eat. And what exercises are important.

As well, many pets need some enrichment. Whether it is puzzles, toys. Or socialization, and so finding out what is most important to each animal individually. Can help ensure that pet owners. Are taking care of their pets physical.

As well as mental well-being for many years to come. When people are ready to bring their new pet. To River Valley Veterinary Hospital, all they have to do is pick up the phone. And call to make an appointment. Or send an email.

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New pets are very exciting says veterinarian Fox chapel. However, having pets get ill is not. While many people think that is very cost-effective. To treat a sick animal. Rather than get ongoing healthcare.

Never had to pay for a surgery. To fix something that was preventable. It is far better, less expensive. And less stressful on the animal. To bring them in for regular checkups and vaccinations.

Then have to go through the nightmare. Of having a sick animal that could have been prevented. As well, it is important that pet owners understand. If there animal might have any underlying health conditions.

For example, some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to ear infections. Or, they may require some specialized care. Due to their particular breed. For example, Pomeranians should never have callers.

Or be walked on a leash that is attached to a collar around their neck. This type of breed is susceptible to having a collapsible trachea. And so they should always be put on harness instead.

Donations frequently have Aaron infections. And Bulldogs frequently have nasal problems. By being aware of all of these issues ahead of time says River Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Can help pet owners be proactive in the health care of their animals. And while fewer cat owners take their cats to the veterinarian proactively. That number is increasing, as cat owners want to take better healthcare.

Of their feline furry family members. Even cats that are not going to spend time outside. Can still get ill. Or catch diseases, especially if there are other animals in the household.

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And knowing the type of diet the cat should have. What to watch for, for things like urinary tract infections. Are very important for cats says veterinarian Fox chapel. And, when cat owners are looking for a veterinarian.

To bring their cat to, they should always look for. A veterinarian clinic that is feline friendly certified. This means they have additional education. That they learned how to help cats especially.

Because not only are they different animals from dogs. They have a different communication style. And are much more easily stressed out. If cat owners want to ensure their cat enjoys going to the vet.

They should always look for this certification, such as the veterinarians at veterinarian Fox chapel. They truly care about the animals. And it is obvious from the first moment you walk in.

All of the staff want to come over and say hello to the animal. Even sitting on the floor, in order to put the mentees. And giving them snuggles, pets. And treats, so that they feel better and associate.

Coming to veterinarian Fox chapel as fun. Rather than the place they go. When they are going to get poked and prodded. As well, they are more than happy to give out their personal home phone number.

So that if new pet owners have questions. Or, if a pet is sick. Giving the pet owner peace of mind that they can call. If they have any questions, or concerns about their pets health condition.