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Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Top Notch Veterinary Care

If there is one thing that pet owners should do for their new family members says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is have regular visits to a veterinarian clinic. To ensure that their pet is well cared for.
Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Many pet owners think that it is cheaper. Or less invasive to care for their animals. Once they get sick or injured. However, what they do not take into consideration. Is that being proactive can help prevent them get sick or injured in the first place.

In addition to that, they need booster shots. To protect them after they are born. And then, they will need to answer many questions. Pet owners may have to ensure that they can live a healthy life.

Not to mention says veterinarian Fox Chapel. That pet owners should always get their pets spayed or neutered. Even if they are going to be strictly indoor animals. If a pet escapes.

A pet owner will feel very bad. If they are not spayed or neutered. And they will feel even worse. If the pet is sick when they come back. With something that could have been prevented.

Another thing that veterinarian Fox Chapel wants pet owners to know about. Is that not all illnesses. Our something that can be easily cured or treated.

For example, rabies is a vaccination that is required by law. Not just because it is very transmittable. But it can be passed from animal to human. There is no cure, and it is often fatal.

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This is why many animal shelters, daycare facilities. Or pet grooming companies require all animals. To have their rabies vaccination shots done. Because pets that carry this disease. Can infect human very easily.

Another illness that can be protected against. With a vaccination, that can be fatal. If a pet catches it is a disease called parvo. This illness is not only incredibly contagious. But it is also incredibly fatal.

It can take out an entire neighbourhood of pets. Even if they are only capped in the backyard. It is very serious, which is why all pet owners. Not only should protect their own animals. But protect other animals from getting it.

If they cannot be carriers of this disease anymore. Also, veterinarian Fox Chapel will be able to provide the pets. With deworming medication. So they cannot to get parasites if they accidentally eat something bad. And flea and tick medicine.

So that they will not pick up additional hitchhikers. While playing in the yard, or going to the off leash park. Not only can they be annoying. They can actually do significant damage to the pets health. If pet owners are looking for.

A great veterinarian clinic that they can trust their furry family member two. They should look no further than river valley veterinary hospital, the best veterinarian in the area.

Not only can they make an appointment for a checkup. They also are available for emergency services. And, meet and greets so that your pet can feel comfortable. In their specialized care.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Top Notch Veterinary Care For Your Pets

Pet owners everywhere and trust their pets to veterinarian Fox Chapel. Despite the fact that they are in Pittsburgh. They attract pet owners from several states away. Because of how good they are.

River valley veterinary hospital has been independently owned and operated. For its entire span. Being opened by the same family that now runs it. Who are veterinarians, that wanted to provide.

Excellent care to the animals in their community. And did not feel as though the options that were available. Allowed them to do that. Many veterinary clinics are owned and operated by a Board of Directors.

That are only interested in turning a profit. And veterinarians must have a very high rate of appointments. In order to ensure that company profits from the animals they see.

That means there is very little time for bedside manner. Or answering questions that new pet owners might have. Also, even taking additional time with the pet who is extra nervous. Or who has an illness, and needs extra attention.

Not only that, but veterinarian Fox Chapel has the most up-to-date technology. And equipment, to ensure that all animals. Not only can get diagnosed properly. But treated with the absolute best care possible.

This includes a surgical theatre on site. So that whether an animal needs a routine surgery. Like getting spayed or neutered, or if they need. Some emergency services, like they were in accident. And need surgery to fix what is going wrong inside.

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They will be able to do that, without transferring the pets to another facility. And without needing another veterinarian outside of veterinarian Fox Chapel to help. In addition to an on-site surgical theatre.

The clinic also boasts an in-house laboratory. To allow veterinarians not only to take tissue samples. But to test them on site. And even within the same appointment. So that pets can get a diagnosis.

And then a treatment immediately. Rather than waiting several days. And having their condition decline. While they are waiting for an answer about what is going on. In addition to those two services.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel also boasts the most up-to-date x-ray and ultrasound technology. So that no matter what symptoms a cat or dog presents with. They can check to see once the animal is suffering from.

And they can start the best treatment right away. Even if there is nothing wrong with the animal. They will be able to verify that with this up-to-date technology. Coupled with the fact that all of the staff.

Want nothing but the best care for each and every animal they see. This means that river valley veterinary hospital. Is not only one-of-a-kind. But the premier place that pet owners want to bring their furry family members.

In order to have veterinary Fox Chapel as the regular veterinarian that their pet sees. All pet owners need to do is pick up the phone, and call to make an appointment. They will have a meet and greet. And then, there pets can get a checkup. Now, and every year for their long and healthy life.