Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Are Family Here


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Are Family Here

Pet owners only want to those who truly care about animals to take care of them says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Which is why people should choose river valley veterinarian clinic. In order to care for their pets.
Veterinarian Fox Chapel

They truly care about every animal. And that is why they opened up their own independently operated clinic. Even though there are more animals in the United States of America. Every year, for the past thirty-five years.

That does not mean every single veterinarian. Is the same, and can offer the same services. In fact, even though many people may feel. As though they have more peace of mind with a veterinarian clinic.

That is a chain, which has many locations everywhere. Because of brand recognition. That is not necessarily the case. That namebrand is best. These chain veterinary clinics.

Have to be profitable for a Board of Directors. That oversees them from afar. And does not care for the individual patients. The bottom line for these clinics. Is that they need to be profitable.

And that means increasing the number of patients they can see. Every day, and avoiding treating animals. That require a lot of help. That they cannot monetize on.

To accomplish that, these veterinarian clinics have very little. In the way of equipment. Including laboratories, so that they must send out. Every single test to an external facility to get the results.

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Which delays treatment by at least a day or two. Or more, depending on the circumstances. As well, they treat each animal like a number. And not like a family member. Which is why people should choose.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel over a name that they think is familiar. The veterinarians that started the clinic. Wanted to help animals in the best way they could. And have stocked their clinic, over the years.

With the most technologically advanced equipment. And are able to perform many services. Including surgeries on site. This means veterinarian Fox Chapel does not have to move the animal. To a different facility if they need a specialized service.

And they can help the animal, in the clinic. That they are used to coming, so they will not be so stressed. If they are coming in or injured. When people are wondering if they should be visiting River Valley Veterinary Hospital on a regular basis.

The overwhelming answer is yes, absolutely. Because preventative medicine. Is much more effective, and more inexpensive. Then reactive veterinarian medicine.

But coming in to veterinarian Fox Chapel every year. For an annual checkup. They can ensure that the animal not only is still in good health. But they can also ensure that they are up-to-date on all vaccinations.

So that the cat or dog is less likely to have medical problems in the future. Such as developing diseases, or parasites. When people are ready to visit River Valley Veterinary Hospital.

All they have to do is call proactively, in order to schedule a meet and greet. Where they are going to be able to see the clinic for themselves. And meet the carrying veterinarians.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Are Treated Like Family Here

All pet owners want the people looking after their pets, like and veterinarian Fox Chapel. To truly care about their animals. They do not want someone looking after them. That does not truly love pets.

Whether people have adopted a cat, or they have adopted a dog. River valley veterinary hospital. Is the best place that they can go in the area. With pet owners bringing their pets in. From several states away.

Just so that they can visit this kind and caring facility. Way they care for pets is apparent. In everything they do. From the meet and greets they do with the pets. Before they start doing any examination.

To make sure that the cat or dog is completely at ease. And so they will associate coming to veterinarian Fox Chapel with a good experience. Rather than a place they go to get poked and prodded.

As well, because they care first and foremost. About the welfare of animals, have a wide variety of equipment. That they use to ensure the animals can be treated. In the top notch fashion they deserve.

This means the most up-to-date x-ray equipment. Ultrasound technology. And a surgical theatre on site. So that if an animal has an emergency. They can get into surgery on site.

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Without having to go from one clinic to the other. In hopes that they can be helped. The problem with many other surgical facilities. Is that they are typically already booked fully up. With animals who need to get spayed or neutered.

And accommodating emergency pets. Is not as important for some facilities. Simply because they do not need emergency surgeries. To pay their bills, because they have enough. Routine surgeries to perform.

But veterinarian Fox Chapel, pet owners will be reassured. That if they need an emergency surgery. Or a routine one. It will be done safely, under the competent care of the carrying veterinarians.

Without having to be moved from the facility that they are familiar with. Another service that is available at the clinic. That is not typical for most veterinarian clinics.

Is that they have an on-site laboratory. This means if they do any tests, from bloodwork or fluid samples. There able to get the results right away. Without having to send the blood or tissue samples to an external facility.

This means pet owners can get the results. Within the same appointment. And then, the correct treatment can start immediately. When pet owners truly want to their pets cared for.

By veterinarians who love animals. They should consider veterinarian Fox Chapel. They are not only experts in what they do. And have the most up-to-date technology on site.

But first and foremost, they love animals. And their entire goal in their life and business. Is to ensure they can provide the best care for animals. Whether it is regular ongoing care. Or emergency services for animals who truly need it.