Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Critical

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Critical

There so many things to think about admits veterinarian Fox Chapel. When bringing home a new puppy or kitten for the first time. People think a lot about the best types of food, bedding. Toys and treats, however most pet owners.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Overlook one important detail. That actually has a significant impact. On their cat and dogs overall health, and that is there oral hygiene. Whether people do not think about it, or do not think it is important.

The fact remains says veterinarian Fox Chapel. That pet owners need to consider. Their pets oral hygiene a lot more than they do. Bacteria can still form on the surface of their teeth. Even if the pet is not eating sugar or human food.

And this bacteria can cause tooth decay as well as cavities. Causing the animal to develop painful teeth. Where they might stop eating their food. They can also develop gingivitis, which is painfully inflamed gums.

The problem will persist, without people doing something about it. Until the problem get so large, it is now called periodontal disease. This is irreversible, and can also weaken pets heart.

This is why it is so important says veterinarian Fox Chapel pet owners to understand. The importance of oral hygiene. If they start when they first bring their pet home for the first time. It can be very easy to get into an oral hygiene routine.

The first thing that pet owners should do, is get a toothbrush. It does not matter if it is a specific pet tooth brush. Or a toothbrush made for people, they are likely going to go through these quickly. And they can save money.

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By getting a toothbrush from the most inexpensive store. However, for very tiny animals. Like small dogs and cats, they may need to buy a special toothbrush. Or utilize toothbrush is designed for children.

They can start says veterinarian Fox Chapel by introducing the toothbrush. Into the pets mouth during playtime. Where they are rambunctious, and often biting at things. As a way of introducing the toothbrush neutrally.

Over time, they can start brushing at the teeth. And leaving the toothbrush in the mouth more and more. Until it is a familiar sensation for the pet. Pet owners can then add toothpaste, and try brushing at their teeth.

The type of toothbrush does not matter. But the type of toothpaste does matter a lot. In fact, most human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener. That gives toothpaste it is flavour called xylitol.

Which is actually toxic to cats and dogs. Therefore, they should pick up toothpaste. That is specifically designed for pets. That also comes in flavours that they are likely going to appreciate more. Such as beef, chicken or tuna.

Then, they should brush their pets teeth. At least once a day, but twice is best. To brush away the tartar buildup. That causes tooth decay and cavities. The sooner a pet owner can do this, the healthier their teeth and they will be in the long run.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Very Critical

The reason why pet owners should consider their pets oral hygiene according to the experts, veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is because oral hygiene influences overall health significantly.

If the pet does not get their teeth brushed after eating. Bacteria that feeds on the left over bits of food. On the surface of their teeth, and between the teeth. Will start to eat away at the food.

Moving on to the tooth surface, starting with the enamel. If it is not brushed away, this process will continue unhindered. Causing tooth decay to settle in to the animals teeth. As well, it will form a sticky film.

On the surface of the pets teeth, called plaque. The plaque contains bacteria, and in addition to causing tooth decay and cavities. Plaque will make the animals breath smell terribly says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

And it will also cause gingivitis. The bacteria is very irritating to the gums, which will in turn become inflamed. As well as sore, and in an effort. To get away from the bacteria that is irritating them.

The gums will start to reseed upwards, exposing more of the root of the tooth. This is a huge problem, because not only will and exposed roots. Make the teeth more sensitive. But it will also make the teeth more susceptible to cavities.

Since there is less protective enamel on the root of the tooth. Then there is on the rest of it. Therefore, animals will be more likely to develop cavities. Once they develop gingivitis, in addition to having pain in their mouth.

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That might cause them to stop eating or playing altogether. However, it can get worse from here says veterinarian Fox Chapel. If the pet owner does not take action. It will progress to what is called periodontal disease.

Which is not reversible. It is a permanent condition, that has the gums destroyed. And not only the teeth having their roots exposed. But often, the teeth become loose. Because there is not enough root left in the gums, and pets.

Will often have to have their teeth pulled at this point, if the teeth have not rotted due to cavities. Then they are likely going to be loose from periodontal disease. A pet is going to have to be put under general anaesthetic.

In order to receive the dental cleaning. And tooth removal that they require. Which not only can put the animal under stress. And be very ill-advised, especially the older an animal is says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

But also, animals with periodontal disease also have an increased strain on their heart. So if pet owners want to ensure that their cat or dog can stay healthy for their entire life. They should learn how to brush their pets teeth.

As well as all of the things that they can do. To ensure their pets overall oral hygiene stays high. Such as brushing, feeding them kibble for at least one meal. Dental wipes, dental treats and dental toys. Just to name a few things.