Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Crucial


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Crucial

Taking care of the pets oral hygiene is important says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Which is one of the things that they will bring up to new pet owners. When they bring their new animal in to the veterinary clinic for the first time.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

While the first visit is important to ensure the animal is in good health. And make sure that their vaccinations are up-to-date. The veterinarian will also want to ensure that the pet owner knows about important things.

Such as flea and tick medication. Or when an how often they should deal or their animal. And let them know about diseases like heartworm, that can significantly impact of their pets life.

This is often a great time for pet owners to ask their veterinarian Fox Chapel. All of the burning questions they have about their new pet. Such as how much exercise they need, but is the best food to feed them.

And what types of enrichment activities. Such as toys, and puzzles will they need. However, one thing that veterinarian Fox Chapel brings up that not a lot of people think about.

Is that pet owners need to take into consideration their pets oral hygiene. It is not just to make them look better. In give them better smelling breath. But oral hygiene can impact their overall health significantly.

For example, if pets start getting tooth decay and cavities. It can cause their teeth to hurt and they may refuse to eat. Or they may stop engaging in activities they love. Such as chewing, or playing tug-of-war for example.

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It can also cause their gums to become inflamed. In a condition called gingivitis. The gums are irritated from the bacteria in the tartar buildup. And so they become inflamed as a response, they are sensitive and will bleed.

This might also cause an animal to stop chewing, eating or playing says veterinarian Fox Chapel. But also, the gums will start to reseed, which exposes the tooth root. Which also makes the teeth hurt and sensitive.

But also, it will make the teeth more susceptible to cavities. Which they are already susceptible to. Due to the tartar buildup on their teeth. And while gingivitis can be painful, it is reversible.

However, if the situation is not rectified and reversed at this point. It will start to get worse. Until it turns into a condition called periodontal disease. Which is much more painful, and permanent.

Those who have periodontal disease can have larger health problems, particularly with heart. And if pet owners do not want their animals to have heart problems, they should learn. How to brush their teeth effectively, and do it every day.

If pet owners would like information on how to brush their pets teeth. Or other methods they can use. Especially if the pet refuses to take a toothbrush in their mouth. They can contact their veterinarian at river valley veterinary hospital, located in Springdale.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Incredibly Crucial

There are many things to take into consideration about pets health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And oral hygiene is one of those things. That often gets overlooked. However, it plays an important role in the pets overall health.

Not only does it help ensure that the animal. Is not susceptible to tooth decay. And cavities, that can hurt. But it will also protect them against gingivitis, that is even more painful.

However, many pet owners do not know that they can, or should brush their pets teeth. Which is why when they visit veterinarian Fox Chapel when the pet is new in their life. They can find out all of the things that they need to know.

And how they can keep their pet healthy, and pain-free, especially in their mouth. Brushing the pets teeth is one of the easiest ways says veterinarian Fox Chapel. To protect against tooth decay and cavities.

And people do not even need to buy a special toothbrush. Unless their animals mouth is extremely small. Then, they might want to go to their favourite pet food supply store. And purchase a small toothbrush.

And then, they will have the most success. If they introduce the toothbrush. Into their cat or dog’s mouth during playtime. And, when they are quite young. Puppies and kittens love to play.

And it will not be a problem. To pop a toothbrush into their mouth during playtime. They will gradually start to accept it, until the pet owner is able. To start brushing their teeth.

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The next step to this process, is adding toothpaste. But the type of toothpaste people use is very important. For example, toothpaste meant for human consumption. Is often toxic to dogs and cats.

Because of an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Is what makes the toothpaste palatable to humans. However, pets should never consume it. Even in small quantities. Because of its toxicity in their system.

Therefore, veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends finding a pet friendly toothpaste. Either from their very office, or by visiting. Their favourite pet food supply store. They can choose toothpaste in many fun flavours.

Such as beef liver, chicken and tuna. And even exotic sounding flavours like peanut butter banana. This way, the pet will not encounter any problems. Due to the toxic ingredients in human toothpaste.

But also, they will often look forward to this. As a special treat. And a special bonding moment with their favourite human. By doing this, twice a day. Or even just once, can brush away the tartar buildup that causes cavities.

In addition to that, pet owners can give their pet. Treats that will brush their teeth, talking to their veterinarian about what kind and brand is best. As well as giving them dental chewing toys.

That they can chew on, and it will gently scrape away at the tartar buildup on their teeth. There are many more things that pet owners can do. But the best thing to do to find out about them. Is to make an appointment at river valley veterinary hospital.