Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Fundamental


Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Fundamental

Pet owners may not truly understand the importance says veterinarian Fox Chapel. About their cat and dogs oral health. While they want their furry family members to be healthy. They do not know the impact of poor oral hygiene on their overall health.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Not only failing to brush the teeth. Lead to tartar buildup. But tartar buildup translates into the tooth decay and cavities. That can actually be very painful for the pet. Even though they might not show that they are in pain.

The pet may be experiencing a lot of pain. Before the pet owners are aware of it. And with time, they are going to need to get teeth pulled. Especially if the tooth decay or cavities progresses significantly.

As well, pet owners should understand. That if they allow tartar to buildup on their pets teeth. The only way that they can get rid of it. Is through professional cleaning from their veterinarian Fox Chapel office.

While brushing is enough to keep tartar buildup from accumulating. Brushing alone will not remove tartar buildup once it has hardened to a point. Where it is cement like, often referred to as calculus.

No matter what stage the pets tartar buildup is in. Whether it is just starting. Or has already hardened to a cement like substance. The bacteria are continuing to cause tooth decay and cavities.

While tooth decay and cavities are one problem. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says problem is starting to accumulate within the pets gums. At this point, the pet is likely going to develop gingivitis.

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Which is a condition where the gums are irritated. By being so close to the sticky, bacteria filled plaque. And they become sore, inflamed and start to bleed. This can also cause the pet to avoid wanting to eat.

Because of the pain in their mouth, even if they do not show it. The gums will also start to reseed away from the plaque. Which exposes the root of the tooth. This, in turn causes the tooth to be more sensitive.

In addition to the tooth decay and cavities. As well as inflamed and sore gums from gingivitis. In addition to that, veterinarian Fox Chapel says the tooth will also be more likely. To develop cavities, due to the lack of enamel on the route.

Therefore, it will be far more likely that the pet will have a sore and painful mouth at this point. Even if the pet owner is unaware of it. Finally, pet owners need to know that this is reversible. But only for short time.

If the situation is left untreated, it will turn into periodontal disease. For the tartar buildup is hardened to a cement like substance. And can cause heart problems in the pet if left long enough.

Pet owners who want nothing but the best for their cats and dogs. Not only should they be bringing them to veterinarians at Fox Chapel at river valley veterinary hospital. But by doing everything in their power to take care of their entire overall health.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Very Fundamental

Ensuring pet owners know the right information, is one of the things that veterinarian Fox Chapel works towards. While many pet owners want nothing but the best for their new furry family members.

They often do not know what that best is. And that is what river valley veterinary Hospital loves to do. They like to educate pet owners. In a friendly, and non-condescending manner. Helping pet owners get the best information.

So that they can take care of their new furry family members. In the best possible way, it so important that pet owners know all of the information that they need. And have someone that they can turn to the have questions.

Many pet owners bring their cat or dog in to veterinarian Fox Chapel office for the first time. Not knowing what to expect, and they will take the time not only to give the animal a full checkup.

But also give them all of their vaccinations. And make sure they have all of their immunity to all of the illnesses and diseases that can impact them. As well, the veterinarian is likely going to look in the pets of eyes, in their ears.

As well, and their mouth. To check on the health of their teeth and gums. They will also inform pet owners at that time. The best way to help care for their pets teeth and gums. So that they do not develop larger problems.

This is perhaps even most important for owners who have small breed dogs. As small dogs often have the most problems with their teeth. The first thing that they will tell pet owners, is that they should feed their pets.

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Dry crunchy kibble whenever possible. While some pet owners need to have a more liquid diet. Especially male cats, as they are more susceptible to urinary tract infections. In addition to bladder stones.

But even supplementing some of their meals. With dry kibble can be very beneficial to their oral health. As the animal choose their food. The chewing modality combined with the crunchy food scrapes the tartar buildup off of their teeth.

As well, they can talk to the pet owners about how to brush their pets teeth. And that they should be doing it minimum of once a day. But best case scenario is to brush their teeth twice a day says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

That they can use a toothbrush designed for people. But can never use human toothpaste. Due to a toxic ingredient called xylitol. They can help them understand where to get pet friendly toothpaste from.

That will come in fun to animal flavours. Such as liver, chicken or tuna. And they can also inform the pet owner. Of the different dental treats that they can purchase. That will help clean their pets teeth and freshening their breath.

When pet owners want nothing but the best for their cats and dogs. They should always ensure that there taking their oral hygiene into consideration. As it is an important part of their overall health says veterinarian Fox Chapel.