Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Imperative

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Imperative

Looking after pets can be a lot of fun says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Pet owners thoroughly enjoy picking out their pets food. Making sure it has all of the ingredients. That can help their pet healthy and strong.

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And ensuring that it does not have any ingredients that are just additives. They also love playing out harnesses, beds. And treats for their new furry family member. And take a lot of care in choosing which vet to visit.

However, if they are not considering their pets oral health, they are overlooking. A significant part of their overall well-being. One thing that many people do not realize. Or simply do not think about, is that no matter what food pet eats.

Their teeth can be susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. As they eat their food, the bits of food left on the surface of their teeth. And in between the teeth. Can be eaten by bacteria, that leave behind a smelly and sticky substance called plaque.

The plaque can cause tooth decay, as well as bad breath. And this is exactly what veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends people brush away. Every day from their pets teeth. As well, they will brush away food particles left behind.

And help their teeth stay healthy and strong. People will also notice, that their pets breath improves. After starting to brush their pets teeth. And that is ultimately, the best case scenario for cats and dogs alike.

Unfortunately, if pet owners do not do this. What happens is that the bacteria these behind that sticky plaque. And the animal is now susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Not only are tooth decay and cavities painful.

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But, they are going to eventually cause the animal to have to have. Those teeth pulled, and in order to do that. The animal will need to be put under general anaesthetic. Which can be very stressful. And very hard on the animal’s body.

As well, the plaque will start to irritate their gums. In a process called gingivitis. The bacteria irritates the gums, which become swollen, and sore. They also start to reseed away from the bacteria. In order to get away from the source of irritation.

What this does, is exposes the animals tooth root. Which will make it more susceptible to tooth decay. Since there is no protective coating of enamel on the tooth root. The more the gums reseed, the more root is exposed.

And the more loose the teeth get. It is at this point that the animal is at risk. Of losing their teeth, because of the gingivitis that has developed. As well, this is likely to be very painful says veterinarian Fox Chapel.

And the animal is likely going to avoid eating and drinking. It can get worse from here, turning into periodontal disease. However, as long as pet owners. Simply take care of your pets oral health.

By learning how to brush their teeth effectively, veterinarian Fox Chapel says not only will they have better teeth and breath. The overall health will be more positive in addition to that.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Very Imperative

There are many things to consider about a pets overall health says veterinarian Fox Chapel. And pet owners can bring their furry family members to river valley veterinary hospital. To give them a checkup, and ensure they are healthy.

But then, help pet owners understand. What they can do to ensure that their pet. Is as healthy as possible. Talk about vaccinations, and different types of medication. That will protect their animal.

As well as the best types of food, toys. What kinds and amounts of exercise their pets need. And finally, the importance of taking care of their oral hygiene. Many pet owners do not even think about this until it is too late.

Which is why veterinarian Fox Chapel works very hard. To educate every pet owner. On the best way to care for their furry family member. Ultimately, brushing their teeth. Is one of the best ways to take care of their teeth.

However, it can be very difficult for pet owners to get there animal. To accept a toothbrush into their mouth. Which is why starting early is important. The first thing to do, is for pet owners to introduce a toothbrush.

Into a pets mouth during playtime. This is ideal when they are puppies or kittens. And are very playfully rambunctious. They typically will happily take a toothbrush in their mouth during playtime.

And the more pet owner does this, the more acclimated they become to it. Increasing time of the toothbrush in the mouth. Before starting to brush at the teeth says veterinarian Fox Chapel. Is how the animal starts to get used to it.

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Finally, the pet owner can add toothpaste. Being careful not to use human toothpaste. Due to a toxic ingredient called xylitol. That is toxic to both cats and dogs. But use a pet friendly toothpaste.

That they can get from their favourite pet food supply store. Or directly from veterinarian Fox Chapel at their next a checkup. They also come in fun pet friendly flavours, such as banana bacon.

Tuna, liver or beef. Just to name a few different types of toothpaste. This also can become like a treat to the animal. Who looks forward to the fun bonding time with their favourite human. As well as the tasty treat.

Pet owners can also give their pet crunchy kibble. For at least one of their meals. If not both, some pets. Need to wet food, especially if they are prone to developing kidney stones, bladder stones.

Or the animal is likely to develop urinary tract infections. Male cats are the most susceptible to this problem. By feeding them crunchy kibble, chewing the crunchy food can scrape tartar buildup off their teeth.

And coupled with brushing their teeth regularly. Means that the cat and dog will not develop dental problems. Such as tooth decay or cavities. And teeth that need to be cleaned or pulled. Pet owners should contact river valley veterinary hospital today. For more information, and helpful tips.