Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Vital

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Vital

Ensuring your pet is healthy is incredibly important according to veterinarian Fox Chapel. However, if pet owners do not take their pets oral hygiene into consideration. They are actually missing a large part of their overall health.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel

Many people do not understand how oral hygiene. Translates into overall health for their pet. And often do not even believe. That oral hygiene needs to be dealt with.

That their pet can go happily without ever getting their teeth brushed or looked at by a veterinarian. And they will be happy and healthy for their entire life. However, that is not true, and many pets suffer needlessly.

With problems caused by poor oral hygiene habits. To help pet owners avoid having their pet suffer needlessly. Veterinarian Fox Chapel wants pet owners to understand what health problems can be caused by poor oral health.

And how they can take control of their pets health. By giving them better oral hygiene. Healthier teeth, and better breath. One of the first things that will should take into consideration. Is that on their pets teeth, just like their own teeth.

Bacteria can exist, and will eat away at the enamel. And eventually the tooth, causing tooth decay and cavities. This is a common problem. That is incredibly avoidable. If a pet owner does not brush away the food debris.

After their pet has eaten. Veterinarian Fox Chapel says the bacteria will start to eat away at the food particles. And then, eventually move to the teeth. The bacteria will start to cause tooth decay and cavities.

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That not only will be very painful for the animal. Causing their teeth to be sensitive. And having the pet start to refuse to eat after enough time. As long as the tartar buildup is on the teeth, teeth are at risk.

And while tartar buildup is sticky says veterinarians at Fox Chapel. It can be removed with a toothbrush and toothpaste. However, if they do not brush away this buildup from the pets teeth.

What will happen next, is that the tartar buildup will become even harder to remove. Hardening into a substance called calculus, that has the same approximate hardness as concrete.

Which will be just as difficult to remove. While the bacteria in the calculus can continue to eat away at the teeth. Causing tooth decay and cavities. As well, veterinarian Fox Chapel says that as this is going on.

The gums can start to become inflamed, irritated by the bacteria. In the tartar buildup, especially below the gum line. And the inflamed gums swell, get red and irritated. Hurt, and start to bleed.

This is when pets often stop eating. Because there mouth hurts too much. But, it is reversible if pet owners start brushing their pets teeth. Or following other guidelines on how to ensure oral hygiene.

When pet owners would like to ensure their pets can say as healthy as possible. They should learn how to brush their pets teeth.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Your Pets Oral Health Is Extremely Vital

There are many ways that pet owners can ensure their cats and dogs stay healthy says veterinarian Fox Chapel. One of them, is to give them nutritious food. Choosing food from an approved list of healthy brands.

They also can give their cat or dog enough exercise, as they naturally. Want to move in their environment, knowing how much exercise. And how much rest each animal needs, will help a pet owner ensure.

That they are giving them the right amount of activity. However, veterinarian Fox Chapel says there is one thing that many pet owners forget about. Which is their pets oral hygiene. Oral health is so important.

Not only to protect against cavities and tooth decay. But giving the pet better smelling breath. And guarding against gingivitis and periodontal disease. While these things might sound like things that only people get.

That is not true says veterinarians at Fox Chapel, and pets can suffer greatly. Especially because they do not have the words to say that there mouth hurts. Or that something is bothering them.

Therefore, pet owners need to be the guardian that the pet needs. To protect them, and ensure that they are happy and healthy at all times. The best way to do that, is to brush their pets teeth.

While it may sound silly, veterinarian Fox Chapel says this is the best way. To ensure that the pet can remain healthy. And while pet owners can get their animals teeth cleaned.

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It is fairly invasive process, since the veterinarians at Fox Chapel will need to put the animal under general anaesthetic. In order to have the mouth open for long enough. Which can be very hard on an animal.

And should only be done a few times in the animals life. By caring for their teeth, it reduces the number of cleanings. That the cat or dog eventually needs to get. As well, poor oral hygiene leads to poor oral health.

Especially as tooth decay turns into gingivitis. And eventually periodontal disease, however pet owners need to understand. That learning how to brush their pets teeth needs to start at an early age.

Pets may not accept a toothbrush in their mouth. But when they start when the animal is quite young. And introduce it during play, they can learn to accept it. And even enjoy it.

As well, veterinarian Fox Chapel recommends that pet owners utilize. A pet friendly toothpaste, in fun flavours. Such as banana peanut butter, or beef liver, that pets consider yummy.

And will think of toothbrushing like getting a treat. By brushing their teeth twice a day, and giving the animal. At least one meal of hard kibble each day. They can ensure that the pet has healthy teeth, for their life.

As well, when pet owners adopt their new furry family member. They should make an appointment at river valley veterinary hospital. To give them a checkup, and find out the best habits to instill into their pets life, from an early age.