Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Protect Your Pets From Pests

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Protect Your Pets From Pests

Adopting a pet is a very exciting time, says the veterinarian Fox Chapel owner Dr. Richard Linkenheimer of River Valley Veterinary Hospital. It’s often when people say that’s when their family was complete. Pet ownership on the rise across the United States, with 70% of all households reporting to have a pet of some kind, and the majority of pet owners consider them to be family.

Families spend their time picking out collars, harnesses and leashes, beds, toys and their food dishes. They bring these new family members to the veterinarians, to ensure they are in good health, and to discuss what type of diet to feed them. They take their animal out for walks, or play with them in the house, and get all the cuddles they could ever want. However, one thing that many people fail to do, is ensure their pets are protected against pests.

Prevent Pests From Infecting Your Pets

This can be a huge problem, and veterinarian Fox Chapel agrees, because pests are a larger problem for cats and dogs than many people realize. While some pests can be eliminated with treatment, it puts your poor dog or cat through a lot of pain or discomfort. And that is unnecessary, when you find out how easy it is to prevent these pests from ever making contact with your beloved furry family member.

Of course, many people know the most common pet pest in the United States, which is the flea. Dr. Richard Linkenheimer of veterinarian Fox Chapel, River Valley Veterinary Hospital says that flea prevention is easy, inexpensive and can keep your pet safe and happy. Fleas can affect both dogs and cats, and they can do so easily. Jumping from one animal to another, whether at the off-leash park, a kennel or daycare, or on a playdate, or just from exploring their environment.

Veterinarian Fox Chapel | Say Bug Off To Fleas

Once they are on a host, fleas can lay thousands of eggs at a time, which is a particularly horrible thought! The main reason they are such a problem, is because of what they eat – primarily your pet’s blood, which can cause a lot of issues for your cat or dog. This can include scratching, scabbing, skin infections and your pet’s restlessness. While there are several treatments, such as medication, shampoos and topical treatments, it’s far easier to treat the fleas than to get rid of them.

If you would like to protect your cat or dog from ever having to deal with the itch from fleas, contact veterinarian Fox Chapel, River Valley Veterinary Hospital. They will be more than happy to discuss the options for flea prevention. There are many options that are topical and edible for both dogs and cats. The veterinarian will be able to discuss the benefits of each one, so fleas never have to make an appearance on any unwilling family member. Ticks are another huge problem for pets, says Dr. Richard Linkenheimer, a veterinarian Fox Chapel. Ticks can attach to both dogs and cats, and despite what many people believe, there is no such thing as “tick season”.

Pests Can Be Dangerous As Well As Irritating

The problem with ticks, is that not only do they feast on your pets blood, but they also transfer bacteria to your pets blood stream that can potentially make your dog or cat sick. One of those illnesses is Lyme Disease, which can cause joint pain or swelling and lethargy. Progressing to potentially fatal kidney failure, cardiac and neurological symptoms.  If your pet has a tick, wear gloves, pull the tick out, grasping as closely to the tick’s head as possible. Never squish the tick between your fingers, and drop the pest into a container of rubbing alcohol to kill it.

Prevention is a much better way to deal with these sometimes fatal insects. Don’t gamble with your pet’s life, talk to your veterinarian Fox Chapel today to find out what you can do to protect your pet from ticks. Similar to flea medicine, there are topical varieties as well as ingestible medicine. Your veterinarian will help you make the right choice for you and your pet. Contact River Valley Veterinary Hospital today to make an appointment to protect your cats and dogs from these pests, and ensure all your family members stay happy and healthy.