Veterinarians Near By Me | Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Veterinarians Near By Me | Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Many pet owners may not realize that their dogs can end up with serious dental issues says veterinarians near by me. That can be avoided if they were brushing their dogs teeth on a regular basis.

In fact, both dogs and cats can develop serious dental problems if they do not have their teeth properly care for on a daily basis.

Just like humans, dogs and cats can develop tartar buildup on their teeth if they are not cleaned properly. And that tartar buildup can end up causing a lot of problems in their mouth.

Since tartar contains a lot of bacteria. That bacteria can cause cavities on their teeth. Not only that, but the bacteria in the tartar actually causes their pet to have bad breath. And the worse their pets breath is, often means the worse their teeth are.

If the tartar buildup is not dealt with, and continues to build up. Veterinarians near by me say that this will lead to the tartar hardening into a substance that is about as hard as cement. This is called calculus, and can start causing problems in the gums of the mouth.

Dog and cat owners can start to see problems in their pets mouth, by noticing the redness that is happening in their gums. If they are not taking care of their pets teeth.

This can lead to gingivitis, and eventually periodontal disease. And since tartar and calculus contain bacteria. They can develop cavities in their teeth, underneath the gum line, that can cause pain as well as teeth to start to loosen in their mouth.


Not only is this very painful for their pet. But it can also cause them to stop playing with their toys, or even eating their food because of the pain.

At this stage, the only treatment is taking the animal to veterinarians near by me for cleaning. They will put the animal under general anaesthetic. And scrape the tartar and calculus off their teeth. And extract any teeth that are needing to come out.

While pet owners will typically need to have their pets teeth cleaned, it will not need to happen nearly as quickly. If they are taking care of their pets teeth regularly.

The best treatment against oral disease is brushing. Which is why veterinarians near by me recommend that pet owners start introducing a toothbrush to their pets mouth as early as possible. So that they become used to how it feels.

Through daily brushing, people can prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis. Which is why it is so recommended that pet owners use a toothbrush on their pets mouth.

They will be able to purchase toothpaste that is formulated for animals. And can come in flavoured that both cats and dogs love. So that brushing their teeth can feel a bit more like a treat instead of a chore.

By knowing how important a good oral care routine is for their animals. Can help pet owners do what they need to ensure that their pet is getting their teeth looked after on a regular basis.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Many pet owners believe that the food that they feed their pet is crunchy enough to clean their teeth as they eat says veterinarians near by me. And while crunchy dog food can have a certain cleaning component to it. It is not effective on its own enough to guard against dental disease.

Ultimately, the best prevention of dental disease is tooth brushing. However, some pets will not tolerate this. Especially cats, who may not be able to have a toothbrush in their mouth for any period of time.

However, the good news is even for pet owners who are not able to brush their pets teeth. There are different options available to help guard against dental problems such as periodontal disease and cavities.

One of the most recommended dental chew toys is called an or of that. Which is a very soft dental chew toy. That no matter how aggressively a dog or cat choose it, will not damage their teeth or gums.

In origin is also CET certified. Which means veterinarians that are board-certified all agree that it is beneficial for pets to chew. It will scrape against the animals teeth as they chew it, and cleans the tartar buildup off their teeth.

Because of how soft it is, if swallowed it will not obstruct the animals bowels. It is also made of non-toxic materials. So that it will cause them harm either if it is swallowed.

However, not all pets love chewing things. And for these animals. Veterinarians near by me recommend using dental chew treats. While there are many different brands and varieties on the market. Pet owners do not even necessarily need to choose one that says it is designed for dental use.


Any treats that is crunchy, and can scrape against the dog or cat’s teeth. Can clean the tartar buildup off of it. And while this is not going to prevent dental disease. It can be very effective in slowing it down.

Pet owners who are using dental chew treats, or dental chew toys. Still need to ensure that their animals go to veterinarians near by me every year. For a full physical.

So that the veterinarian can also look inside their mouth. And let pet owner know if there is the start of some disease. That needs to get addressed sooner rather than later.

They will be able to take the animal in, and put them under general anaesthetic. And clean their teeth, scraping off tartar and calculus that can cause problems and cavities.

At the same time, the veterinarian will also do any dental extractions on teeth that are full of cavities. Or have loosened over time. So that when the animal wakes up, not only will they have clean teeth. But any teeth that are causing them pain or discomfort will be gone as well.

When people understand how vital dental care is for their dogs and cats. They can do all of the things that will be necessary to help keep their pets mouth as healthy as possible for many years.