Veterinarians Near By Me | Can Dogs and Cats Get Cavities


Veterinarians Near By Me | Can Dogs and Cats Get Cavities?

It may come as a big surprise to many people, that cats and dogs can get cavities according to veterinarians near by me. They often think that their pets get all of the dental care they need from their food and treats.

In the only time that pet owners find out that this is not true. Is during a routine exam with their veterinarian. When they discover that the animal has advanced periodontal disease. And needs extensive dental work done.

This is completely avoidable, if pet owners understand what kind of dental care their pets need on a daily basis. The best thing that all pet owners can do. That not only slows down dental disease. But can actually prevented is regular brushing of their teeth.

This is the only treatment that not only can slow down but actually prevent dental disease from occurring. Which is why Marion’s near by me recommend brushing to pet owners. On their first visit to the clinic with their brand-new puppy or kitten.

By getting their new pet used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. Can help get them used to getting their teeth brushed. And slowly, pet owners can move from having the toothbrush in their mouth, to brushing their teeth.

Many people may wonder if it is necessary to use toothpaste on their pets mouth. And while toothpaste can help significantly. People should be very mindful to purchase toothpaste designed for pets. And not use human toothpaste to brush their dog or cat’s teeth.


Human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Xylitol is extremely toxic to both cats and dogs. When people go to buy pet toothpaste at their pet food store. They will notice that it comes in a variety of fun flavoured. That can help turn this sure that pets dislike. Into a bit of a treat.

However, brushing their teeth is not the only thing that a pet owner can do that can help ensure their pet has healthy teeth and gums. Even the food that they eat is very important to the overall oral health of a pets mouth.

For example, many pet owners debate feeding their pet wet food or dry food. And while both at the same nutritional content. Veterinarians near by me like to point out that dry food helps clean the pets teeth as they eat it.

As they crunch the dry kibble, the food scrapes at the teeth, taking any tartar buildup with it. Wet food on the other hand coats the teeth in a film. Which actually promotes tartar buildup if left. And causing this film to go below the pets gum line. That can cause even more damage to the pets tooth.

While this does not mean that pet owners should avoid feeding wet food to their cat or dog. It does mean that if they feed wet food. That they need to also have a good oral care routine says veterinarians near by me. So that their pet does not develop tartar buildup, that can cause cavities and leads to periodontal disease.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Can Dogs and Cats Get Cavities?

Many pet owners are surprised to find that during a checkup, there pet is found to have cavities says veterinarians near by me. But just like humans, dogs and cats can have a variety of dental problems.

Dogs and cats can get tartar buildup if they do not get their teeth brushed on a regular basis. And that tartar has bacteria in it. If this bacteria stays close to the pets teeth. That bacteria will start to eat away at the pets enamel, leading to cavities.

Also, if the tartar buildup does not get scraped off either through brushing, or through a dental visit. It can start to harden. This cement -like substance is referred to as calculus. And can no longer be brushed away.

This calculus continues to hold bacteria, and can cause cavities. But it can start to cause problems underneath the pets gum line. As the calculus pushes the gums up, allowing bacteria to eat away at the parts of the tooth underneath the gum line.

Not only can this cause cavities, but if this happens in a pets mouth, they can end up getting loose teeth. That make it difficult to bite and chew, and cause pain in the pet.

If the calculus is left untreated, it can also lead to gingivitis and eventually periodontal disease. Which can get very serious in an animal. Requiring intervention by veterinarians near by me.

Pet owners can do many things to help guard against these problems. And while brushing is the only way to prevent these problems from happening.


There are many things that pet owners can do that can slow the progression of these problems. And together with regular visits to veterinarians near by me. Can help keep an animal’s mouth as healthy as possible.

One of the first things that is recommended, is for pet owners to get a dental chew toy called an or of that. This chew toy is CET certified. Which means board certified veterinarians have approved this for pets to chew.

This type of toy is extremely soft, which does not obstruct the bowels if accidentally swallowed. And because it is very soft, even extremely aggressive chewing will not result in damage to teeth or gums in the animal. As they chew this device, it will rub against their teeth and take the tartar buildup off.

Another thing that pet owners can do to care for their pets teeth. Is by them dental treats that can help clean their teeth. Ultimately, veterinarians near by me say that anything that encourages the chewing modality in cats and dogs. Can help clean off the tartar buildup on their teeth.

And so while dental chews can be effective. So can any treat that can scrape against the pets teeth to clean off the tartar. Especially if pet owners are feeding their pets wet food. Having a crunchy treat can be very effective at guarding against tartar buildup and developing cavities.

By understanding the dental needs of their pets. Pet owners can ensure that they are helping their pet get the tartar buildup off their teeth. So that they will not develop these severe dental problems.