Veterinarians Near By Me | Cats and Dogs Can Get Cavities


Veterinarians Near By Me | Cats and Dogs Can Get Cavities?

Pet owners of cats and dogs might not realize that there pets can develop cavities until it is too late says veterinarians near by me. And once their animals develop cavities, one of the only solutions is to extract their teeth.

However, this does not need to happen. And not only periodontal disease. But a wide variety of other dental problems can be prevented by brushing their pets teeth every day.

In order to ensure that they are minimizing tartar buildup, they need to start brushing their pets teeth from an early age. While many pets, especially cats do not tolerate having their teeth brushed very well. Pet owners should introduce the toothbrush to their dog or cat while they are puppies and kittens.

This will help ensure that they learn how to accept a toothbrush in their mouth. That it is easier for pet owner to brush their teeth on a regular basis.

The brushing will minimize tartar buildup on their pets teeth. So that they can prevent cavities from forming. Eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath. And that can help pets avoid Velp a wide range of other dental problems such as gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Veterinarians near by me recommend that pet owners start using the toothbrush with their pets when they are young during playtime. And slowly introduce the toothbrush more often, and use it to brush their teeth. So that they can tolerate having their teeth brushed.

Since the goal is to eliminate tartar buildup on their pets teeth. They also may find it very beneficial to use toothpaste on their pets teeth.


Toothpaste is designed to be slightly abrasive, so that it helps get rid of the tartar buildup. However, pet owners need to understand that they should never use human toothpaste on their pets teeth.

Because human toothpaste contains an ingredient called xylitol. Which is an artificial sweetener that is exceptionally deadly to both cats and dogs.

However, pet owners can purchase the veterinarian approved toothpaste from the veterinarians office or pet food store. And this toothpaste comes in many delicious flavoured. Such as liver and beef. That pets can find very delicious. And consider getting their teeth brushed a little bit of a treat.

Since brushing is the only treatment that pet owners can do that will prevent dental disease. It is are important that they know about how important it is. And work to ensure that there pets can tolerate getting their teeth brushed.

However, any pet owners are unsuccessful at getting their pet to accept having a toothbrush in their mouth. But this does not mean that they will not be able to help keep their pets mouth clean. They can use dental wipes, rinses and pads to clean their pets teeth.

And while these are not as effective as brushing. They can slow the progression of dental disease down. But pet owners should keep in mind. That if they are not regularly brushing their pets teeth.

Their pet will need to see veterinarians near by me once a year. To monitor the state of their mouth, and recommend when a pet owner should get their pets teeth cleaned.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Cats and Dogs Can Get Cavities

There are many things that pet owners can do that will help keep their pets mouth clean according to veterinarians near by me. And while brushing their pets teeth is one of the most effective ways to minimize tartar buildup, and other dental problems. Not all pets will tolerate getting their teeth brushed.

Therefore, the next best thing that pet owners can do. Is be very mindful of the food that they are feeding their dogs and cats. Often, pet owners make the decision to feed their pets wet food or dry food. Without taking into consideration the effect that decision makes on their animals oral health.

Dry food has a cleaning component to it. And when cats and dogs eat the dry kibble. The dry food will scrape against their teeth, minimizing tartar buildup.

Wet food on the other hand does not require a pet to chew it. And so instead of cleaning their teeth as they chew. Wet food ends up forming a film over the pets teeth. Which actually promotes tartar buildup.

The wet food can also get under the pets gum line. And because they are not chewing, and actually promotes cavities underneath the gum line. Which can cause pets teeth to become loose much quicker.

While this does not mean that pet owners should avoid feeding their pets wet food. But if they are feeding them wet food. They need to also ensure that they are giving their pet other things that will help them clean their teeth.


For example, veterinarians near by me recommend pet owners giving their pets dental treats on a daily basis. Especially if there pets are not getting their teeth brushed.

There are a wide variety of dental treats on the market. But even if they are not specified as being dental treats. As long as they are crunchy, they can help scrape the tartar buildup off their pets teeth.

For example, even pig ears and deer antlers can help keep pets teeth clean. But the problem with these treats, is that they are often too hard. And can damage the pets teeth and gums especially if they aggressively chew them.

For these pets, a soft dental chew toy is best. That can help clean the tartar buildup off the pets teeth. Without damaging teeth and gums. Especially if they are chewing the toy aggressively.

Regardless of what they give their pets. Whether it is a crunchy treat, or a chew toy. All chewing time should be supervised. So that pet owners can ensure that their pet is not damaging their teeth. Or break enough pieces that they can swallow.

By understanding how important oral care is in both dogs and cats. Pet owners can take care of this. So that when they take there animal to veterinarians near by me each year, they will find that their teeth have minimal tartar buildup. And will require less cleaning over time.