Veterinarians Near By Me | Cleaning Pets Teeth Regularly


Veterinarians Near By Me | Cleaning Pets Teeth Regularly

Pet owners should not overlook the importance of regularly cleaning their pets teeth says veterinarians near by me. Especially as cats and dogs can develop the same types of dental problems that people do. From tartar buildup, to cavities, gingivitis and even periodontal disease.

And just like in humans, the most effective treatment to guard against dental problems is regular teeth brushing. Not only can teeth brushing help take the tartar buildup off of pets teeth, but be so effective at cleaning their teeth. That it can prevent all dental problems. If a pet owner brushes their pets teeth daily.

However, with as difficult as it is to get there pets used to getting their teeth brushed. It is recommended that people start doing this very early. When that their dogs and cats are young and still puppies and kittens. They can start introducing the toothbrush during playtime.

As the animal gets used to the toothbrush, both in and around their mouth. Pet owners can start introducing it more as an implement to brush their teeth. Before starting to brush their teeth completely.

When it comes to brushing their teeth. Any people want to know if they should use toothpaste or not. And while yes, using toothpaste can be very beneficial.

Veterinarians near by me caution against using human toothpaste. Which contains a artificial sweetener called xylitol. That is very deadly to both cats and dogs.

Therefore, the toothpaste of that pet owners should buy. It is from the veterinarians office or pet store. And is formulated specifically for dogs and cats.


Not only that, but it comes in fun flavoured that pets will love such as beef or chicken. That can help pets see this as a treat, instead of a chore to be dreaded.

In addition to brushing daily, pet owners should understand that it is important to know what kinds of food, treats and toys their pets are using. To minimize dental problems even further.

Veterinarians near by me recommend that pet owners also feed their pets dry food. Since dry food has a cleaning component to it. In fact, anything that is crunchy and encourages pets to chew. Will be effective at minimizing tartar buildup.

Wet food on the other hand, is not chewed by pets. Because they can simply swallow it without choking. And while dry food can help minimize tartar buildup. Wet food ends up leaving a film on the pets teeth. That actually promotes tartar buildup.

This is it is recommended that pet owners either brush their pets teeth if they feed them wet food. Or feed them a combination of wet food and then dry food. To help minimize that film on the teeth that can cause even more problems.

Ultimately, once pet owners realize that there pets can be just as susceptible to dental problems. They can take the right actions necessary. To minimize dental problems in their pets teeth, and the sooner the better.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Cleaning Pets Teeth Regularly

Dogs as well as cats can develop significant dental problems if not taken care of properly according to veterinarians near by me. Such as tartar buildup, cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Starting off as tartar buildup, this is what happens when pets do not have the buildup brushed or scraped off of their teeth on a regular basis. And initially, it can start to cause cavities, and bad breath due to the bacteria in the tartar buildup.

If this is ignored, the tartar buildup and zip hardening, that it becomes as tough as cement. And at this stage, it is called calculus.

This calculus can get below the pets gum line. And start pushing that gum line up, exposing more and more of the pets tooth. When this happens, not only is more of the tooth exposed to cavities. But it can even start to loosen pets teeth significantly.

When it starts to push up the pets gums, this is called gingivitis. And pet owners can see it occurring in their pets by looking at their gums, to see it red and swollen.

Ultimately, without treating these problems, it can turn into full-blown periodontal disease. That requires an animal going under general anaesthetic. In order to have their teeth cleaned, extractions done if necessary. So that pets can get back to having healthy mouth again.

However, pet owners should understand what they can do to help minimize these problems in their pets. And help ensure that they are as healthy as possible orally.


Veterinarians near by me recommend pet owners purchasing a dental chew toy called an oravet. Which is an extremely soft chew toy. That will not obstruct the bowels if accidentally swallowed. And is so soft, that even aggressive chewers will not damage their teeth or gums while chewing this toy.

This soft dental chew toy has also been CET certified. Which means board certified veterinarians agree that it is beneficial for pets to use.

However, veterinarians near by me say that not all pets love to chew toys. And in this case, having hard and crunchy treat can be beneficial. Many treats are marketed as dental treats. And while these are going to be beneficial. So will any other treat that can scrape at the pets teeth.

Even deer antlers and pig ears can be used for dental purposes. As long as pet owners are supervising their pets as they chew these things. To ensure that they do not chew too hard. Or break pieces off that they can choke on.

Finally, veterinarians near by me say that using dental wipes and rinses are another option in helping keep their pets teeth clean. While it is not as effective as brushing. It can significantly slow the progression of dental disease.

Ultimately, pet owners need to understand that it is up to them to come up with in oral care routine that their pet will tolerate. That will help them keep their pets teeth happy and healthy. So that they can live a long time without needing invasive procedures done.