Veterinarians Near By Me | Cleaning Pets Teeth Without Brushing


Veterinarians Near By Me | Cleaning Pets Teeth Without Brushing

Just like people, both cats and dogs require regular dental care in order to have a clean mouth according to veterinarians near by me. However, it is not always possible for pet owners to be able to brush their pets teeth.

While brushing is the only treatment that can help prevent periodontal disease. And the other treatments will only slow it down. By taking as good care of their pets teeth as possible. And regular dental visits with veterinarians. Can help pets have healthy mouth for as long as possible.

The first thing that is recommended for pet owners to do. Is to consider the type of food that they feed their pets. The main difference in pet food is wet versus dry pet food. And while they both have very similar nutritional values. Pet owners might want to consider feeding their pets dry food.

The reason why, is because as cats and dogs eat dry food, they will scrape their teeth with the food. Which will help eliminate and cleanup tartar buildup off their teeth.

If pet owners would like to feed their pets wet food. They should take into consideration that since wet food does not need to be chewed. There will be no dental benefit to eating it.

Also, because pets will swallow this food. It will end up coating teeth in a film. Which will promote tartar buildup. And get wet food underneath the gum line. Which will promote bacterial growth, and cavities.

When cavities are formed underneath the gum line. This can cause their pets teeth to loosen. And be painful to eat as well as chew. And will require extraction in order to fix.


If pet owners want to feed their cats or dogs wet food. They might want to consider doing it dry food for one of their meals. Or feeding some dry food at the end of their meal. So that they can get that important tooth cleaning action from the dry kibble.

Many pet owners believe that purchasing dental wipes are going to be effective at cleaning their pets teeth. And while these are better than not cleaning their teeth at all. It will only slow the progression of dental disease but not necessarily prevented.

The sooner pet owner can establish an oral care routine with their cat or dog. The sooner their pets is going to accept this as a part of their daily life. And be less inclined to reject dental treatments.

However, if pet owners are not able to establish a dental care routine. The dental wipes may be their best way at minimizing tartar buildup says veterinarians near by me.

By understanding what can minimize tartar buildup. Pet owners can ensure that they are doing the best for their cats and dogs. To minimize dental problems in their pets.

However, they need to ensure that there taking their pet for regular checkups with veterinarians near by me. Not just to give them a clean bill of health. But so that the veterinarian can look inside their animals mouth. To see if there is any issues that will require a dental cleaning.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Cleaning Pets Teeth Without Brushing

While most veterinarians near by me recommend daily brushing of pets teeth. This is something that needs to be introduced to the animal when they are young. Otherwise they might not tolerate having a toothbrush in their mouth.

But this does not mean that pet owners cannot establish an effective oral care routine with their pets. There are many things that they can do on a daily basis. That can help keep their pets teeth as clean as possible.

Essentially, pet owners need to minimize tartar buildup on their pets teeth. Because if tartar buildup is not minimize. Not only does it cause problems like bad breath. And can promote the growth of cavities.

If tartar buildup goes uncleaned, it develops into an extremely hard substance that dentists call calculus. At this stage, veterinarians near by me will need to clean off the buildup with dental tools. After putting their pet under general anaesthetic.

If the calculus is not removed at this point, it can push up the gums, causing them to become sore, red and swollen. And at this step it is called gingivitis. This is painful for pets. Who often stop eating if they have a sore mouth.

Not only can gingivitis be sore, but if the gingivitis goes untreated. It can develop into what is called periodontal disease. Which can be even more problematic for both cats and dogs.

This can all be prevented by taking care of the tartar buildup on their pets teeth. From an early age, and before it gets built up.


For pets that will not tolerate tooth brushing. Veterinarians near by me recommend giving their pets dental treats. Or any treats that are crunchy, that can scrape off the tartar buildup on their teeth.

Other than dental treats. People can purchase toys that are designed for pets to chew on them. That can scrape off tartar buildup as they chew.

One of the best dental chew toys on the market is called an oravet. Which is a very soft type of chew toy. That has been approved by board certified veterinarians.

Because it is so soft, if accidentally swallowed, it will not obstruct the animals bowels. And also, even the most aggressive chewing modality will not end up damaging the pets teeth or gums.

It is recommended for pet owners to give this to pets once a day. And then supervise their animals to ensure that they are chewing it. And that they are not breaking off pieces that they could swallow, or swallow the toy itself.

Whatever a pet owner does to help keep their pets mouth clean and healthy. Is better than doing nothing at all. Whether that is feeding them cleaning treats, giving them a dental chew toy. Or best of all, brushing their pets teeth.

By making an effort every day to minimize the buildup of tartar on their pets teeth. There ensuring their pet will have as clean a mouth as possible. So that they can have healthy teeth for their life.