Veterinarians Near By Me | Do Pets Need Their Nails Clipped?

Veterinarians Near By Me | Do Cats Need Their Nails Clipped

Many pet owners work very hard to ensure that their pet has the best of everything it says veterinarians near by me. And they make sure that’s their pet visits the veterinarian once a year for a clean bill of health and booster shots. And they choose the best food for their animals, and make sure that they get enough exercise.

However, if they are not regularly clipping their pets nails. They may be overlooking one important aspects of their overall health. The reason why, is because short nails can help a pet not only stay healthy. But minimize any health problems that can be associated with long nails.

One reason why people should ensure that their pets have their nails clipped on a regular basis. Is because long nails can actually get caught in fabric whether it is betting, rugs, or their toys for example. Veterinarians near by me says that when the pet gets caught, they might have trouble pulling their nail out. Which might cause them to panic.

If they Panic or are startled while they’re nail is caught in Bedding, a rug or any fabric. They can yank their pot out very quickly in order to run away. Resulting in ripping the nail off. Not only is this very painful. But it can cause a lot of other health problems for the animal as well.

Another problem that can occur for pets who don’t have their nails clipped according to veterinarians near by me. Is that since cats and dogs have curved nails. If they are not trimmed on a regular basis. The nails can grow completely under Neath their toes and curved back up into their pop.


This can result in an animal walking on their nails which is painful. But if the nail continues to grow like this. Veterinarians near by me says that it can actually cut through their skin and cause a significant amount of pain. Is also a infection risk. As dirt and bacteria can get into the open wound very easily.

However, many pet owners don’t know how often they need to be taking their cats or their dogs to a groomer or to a veterinarian in order to clip their nails. A good rule of thumb is that dogs nails grow slow, and so getting their nails clipped once a month is good.

This length of time could be significantly extended. If the dog is getting regular exercise, or is very active. Or if a lot of there activity is on a sidewalk or concrete. There for active dogs might need to get their nails clipped every six or seven weeks instead.

Cats on the other hand have sharper Nails than dogs. But also they grow faster as well. And so people should be taking their cats to get their nails clipped every two weeks on average. If they want to lengthen the time in between Nail clipping sessions. Cat owners can buy a clock app. Which is a silicone cap that covers the ends of the cat’s nails.

Not only is this completely harmless. But it can also minimize the instances of a cat getting their nails caught in anything. This is going to be a great way for pet owners to minimize the number of trimming sessions. However as the claw caps fall off, pet owners should clip the nails before putting new ones on.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Do Dpgs Need Their Nails Clipped

Even if people know how important it is to get there at animals nails clipped on a regular basis says veterinarians near by me. They may be very hesitant about taking their cat or dog to a groomer or a veterinarian’s office as often as they need.

The reason why, is because typically dogs need their nails trimmed once a month. And cats need their nails trimmed twice a month. However, pets may be very phobic when it comes to going for a car ride. Therefore, people who have animals that are afraid of being in vehicles. Maybe very hesitant to go get their nails trimmed as often as necessary.

Or, people might have an extremely busy schedule. And find it very difficult to find time to drive their pet to the groomer or to veterinarians near by me. As often as necessary to get their nails clipped.

However, the good news for these people is that it is very easy to learn how to clip their dogs and cats nails. While they should not attempt this without speaking to a professional first. Either their groomer, or veterinarians near by me. Will be more than happy to help a pet owner learn what they need to know to safely cut their cats and dogs nails.

One of the first things that they need to know, is how deep into the nail they can trim off. Well it might sound tempting that they’re going to trim the nails significantly. To minimize how often they have to do this. Veterinarians near by me says this is a very poor idea.


There is a fleshy bits inside of the nail called a quick. And this is the blood supply for the nail. If a person accidentally cuts too far into the nail. It will cut the quick. Which can be uncomfortable or even painful for the cat or the dog.

But it will also cause a significant amount of bleeding. And while pets that have clear or white nails. Can see the quick very easily in the nail because it will show up pink. Animals with black nails might be a lot harder to figure out where the quick is says veterinarians near by me.

And even the most seasoned professional makes mistakes now and again. Resulting in them cutting the quick by accident. And so anyone who is cutting their pet snails. Should ensure that they either have clotting powder on hand. So that they can stop the bleeding. And while clotting powder can be found at any pet supply store. If a person can’t find any. Regular cornstarch will work just fine.

They will also learn how to hold their animal, how to hold the Clippers. As well as what Clippers they should be utilizing when it comes to clipping their cats and dogs nails.

Learning how to cut their nails can ensure that pet owners are keeping their pet as safe as possible and as comfortable as possible. And can clip their nails as soon as they need. And then spend the rest of their time bonding with their pets.