Veterinarians Near By Me | Do Your Pets Need a Dentist?

Veterinarians Near By Me | Do Your Pets Need a Dentist?

Pet owners of both cats and dogs may not realize how important a good oral care routine is says veterinarians near by me. And discovered during a routine exam, that there are significant dental problems in their pets mouth.

While some breeds are known for having healthy teeth. Both dogs and cats should have a regular oral health routine. To keep their mouth as healthy as possible.

The best thing that not only can minimize but actually prevent problems is regular brushing of their teeth. While this can be very difficult to introduce to a dog or cat as an adult. If pet owners are adopting a puppy or a kitten. Veterinarians near by me recommend starting to brush their teeth from a very early age.

By getting their pets used to a toothbrush first during play, and then eventually working up to brushing. Can help them get used to having the toothbrush around, so that when they eventually start getting their teeth brushed. This is not a traumatic experience.

What also can significantly help getting their teeth brushed. Is using a pet toothpaste. Because this toothpaste tends to come in flavours such as chicken or beef. That can be very tasty for animals.

The only thing that pet owners need to be very cautious about, is never using human toothpaste. Because it contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is extremely toxic to cats and dogs.

When pet owners are starting to brush their pets teeth. This is recommended once a day. To brush off the tartar buildup that starts coding their teeth from the food they eat.


Just like in humans, this tartar buildup can cause bad breath. But also contains bacteria, which causes cavities. When this tartar buildup is not brushed away on a daily basis. It starts accumulating in the mouth.

And it eventually becomes extremely hard, where it is referred to as calculus. And can be as hard as cement, and just as difficult to remove. This calculus also contains bacteria. Which continues to cause bad breath and cavities.

If it is left untreated from this point, veterinarians near by me says it ends up causing problems to the pets gums, which leads to gingivitis and red to swollen gums. And from there, it can develop into periodontal disease. Which is painful for the animal.

This is why is incredibly important that if pet owners can get their pet used to having a toothbrush in their mouth. That this is the most effective treatment for guarding against dental disease.

However, it is not always possible for pet owners to be able to brush their pets teeth. Or for them to be able to do this on a daily basis. Which is why it is also very important for pet owners to know what other things they can do to help guard against dental disease.

By talking to veterinarians near by me, they can find out about the dental treats, chew toys, and even dental wipes they can use. To keep their pets mouth as healthy as possible.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Do Your Pets Need a Dentist?

Dental care is extremely important in both dogs and cats says veterinarians near by me. And this might the fact that there is no dog dentist, veterinarians see a lot of animals in their clinic, that have a lot of dental problems that could have been avoided.

If tartar buildup is not scraped off the pets teeth through chewing dental toys, dental treats or brushing. It can lead to a lot of problems that cause an animal pain. Or requiring them to have teeth pulled from their mouth.

And while brushing is the best way to prevent this from happening. There are a variety of other things that can help keep dogs and cats mouth as healthy as possible.

The first thing that pet owners can do is take a look at the food that they are feeding their animals. While many pet owners are opting to feed their pets wet food. Because of the health benefits associated with wet or raw food.

Wet food also does not need to be chewed, which means they will not have the scraping of their teeth that can help clean cat and dogs teeth.

Dry food on the other hand has a cleaning component to it. Because it can scrape the animals teeth as they eat. Which will get rid of a lot of tartar buildup. While switching to a dry pet food will not prevent dental disease. It can help slow dental disease down.


This is why many people who still like to feed their pet wet food. Often feeds them a combination. Or feeds them wet food for one meal and dry food for the other. So that they can promote this cleaning that happens with the dry food.

However, this is not the only way that pet owners can get there pets teeth cleaned. Veterinarians near by me recommend a toy called an oral event. Which is an extremely soft chew toy. That is CET approved. This means board certified veterinarians have approved this for use with animals.

The softness of the toy means that even very aggressive chewers will not damage their teeth or gums by chewing this toy. And if it is accidentally swallowed, it will not obstruct the animals bowels, or have any toxic ingredients that will cause them harm.

By chewing on this, the sides of the toy will rub against the pets teeth, scraping off as much tartar buildup as it can.

However, not all pets like to chew on chew toys. Which is why chew treats are another good option. Veterinarians near by me say that whether the treat says it is good for cleaning their teeth or not. Anything that is crunchy will be very good at helping clean the pets teeth.

By understanding what the different things pet owners can do for their dogs and cats. To ensure that they have clean mouth. Can help all animals have as little tartar buildup as possible in their mouth. For fresh breath. And most importantly, a clean and disease-free mouth.