Veterinarians Near By Me | Facts About Heartworm Disease


Veterinarians Near By Me | Facts About Heartworm Disease

Even though most pet owners know they do not want their dog or cat to contract heartworm according to veterinarians near by me. They also do not know exactly what heartworm is. How there animal would get it, or how to prevent it.

There are many different things that pet owners need to understand about heartworm. In order to ensure they know what they can do to protect their cat and dog.

The first thing that they need to know is heartworm’s typically affect mammals. And is most common in dogs. But veterinarians near by me have seen ferrets that have been infected with heartworm as well.

The reason why it is most typically found in dogs. Is because the size of the animal. Dogs are larger, and therefore their organs are larger. And since heartworm’s will in fact the organs of the animal.

The larger it is, the more likely the adult heartworm will be able to fit inside the openings in the organs such as the heart and lungs. Since these are the organs that are most typically affected by heartworm.

Larger animals are typically found with more heartworm parasites. Then their smaller counterparts. However this does not mean that smaller animals cannot become affected with heartworm’s.

The next thing that pet owners should keep in mind according to veterinarians near by me. Is that heartworm is a disease caused by a parasite, called dirofilaria.

The only one way that their pet can get heartworm disease. Is from a bite of an infected mosquito. Therefore, pet owners do not need to worry that their pets will contracted from each other.

How the cycle of heartworm disease happens. Is an infected mosquito will bite an animal. Within 6 to 7 months, the dirofilaria larva will grow into an adult.


At which point, the full-grown heartworm will start producing more larva itch will enter the animal’s bloodstream. As a mosquito bites an infected animal, the blood that they consume.

Will contain dirofilaria larva. And when the mosquito lays her eggs, or own larva will become infected with dirofilaria. As those larva grow into adults mosquitoes.

When they bite an animal, they will transfer the dirofilaria larva into the unsuspecting animal. Who will then become infected with heartworm disease. And the cycle will continue.

Because this is such a cyclical disease. Pet owners can stop the cycle by getting their pet treated. With preventative medicine from their veterinarians.

There are 2 different types of medicine that they can administer to their dog or cat. One is a chewable medicine. Which is perfect for dogs who will take oral medication.

But for animals that have shown signs of gastrointestinal distress from consuming the medicine. Such as diarrhea and vomiting. And for animals who will not take oral medication.

There is an topical medication that they can get from veterinarians near by me. That will allow them to administer the treatment directly to their for. And thereby, giving them protection from heartworm.

The most important thing to note about this medication. Is that it needs to be administered once monthly. For every month that there are mosquitoes in the area. And it will give 100% protection.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Facts About Heartworm Disease

While many pet owners do not want to hear that their pet is being diagnosed with heartworm by veterinarians near by me. Heartworm disease is on the rise in the United States of America.

However, this does not need to be the case. Because heartworm is incredibly preventable. With a medication that pet owners only need to give their pets once a month.

If pet owners have not been administering this medication to their pet before. They may want to give them a blood test for heartworm. Because they can live with this parasite for many years.

Before they start exhibiting symptoms. But once they start exhibiting symptoms. The disease is quite advanced. And the animal will be quite sick.

This test that they can get to look for evidence of heartworm. Is a simple blood test, that can be done in-house at veterinarians near by me.

By taking 3 drops of blood from a dog or a cat. The veterinarian will be able to look for antigens released by heartworm adults into the bloodstream.

In a dog, the antigens that they are looking for will be released by an adult female heartworm into the bloodstream. While in cats, what they look for is an antibody.

Which is a chemical their body will produce in response to the heartworm larva in their bloodstream. Both of these tests for dogs and cats. Can be done on the spot, and give an immediate diagnosis.

But at the same time, these blood tests can also look for various diseases that are caused by being bitten by a tick. Such as ehrlichosis, lyme disease and anaplasmosis.


Once they have verified that there dog or cat does not already have heartworm. They can start giving their pet this medication immediately. And then be reassured that they never have to deal this disease.

However, if the blood test shows that their pet does have heartworm. By finding out before the pet starts showing symptoms. Means that the pet owner can very effectively treat this parasite.

The treatment for heartworm can be harsh on an animal’s body. Which is why having them in as good physical condition as possible. Is so beneficial to their prognosis.

If a pet owner starts treatment after their pet starts exhibiting symptoms. There animal is already very sick. And can be made quite a bit sicker from the treatment.

This is why it is very important for pet owners not only to engage in preventative medicine. But also that they take their pet regularly to veterinarians near by me for their annual checkup.

To ensure that they do not have any diseases that they can treat. Even if they are giving there animal preventative medication.

Their veterinarian will likely want to test for heart worm every other year. Just to be sure that their pet does not develop this fatal, but preventable disease.