Veterinarians Near By Me | Have Your Pets Nails Clipped Often

Veterinarians Near By Me | Having Your Pets Nails Clipped Often

Even though many pet owners of dogs as well as cats know how important it is to clip their nails says veterinarians near by me. They might not know how important it is to clip them as often as is necessary. It can help ensure that they are comfortable, and that they are able to move around freely.

The first thing that pet owners needs to take into consideration, is that if they have a dog, their dog needs to have their nails clipped about once per month. Therefore, if they are only getting their pets nails clipped at the time they go for grooming. This may not be often enough says veterinarians near by me.

If they have a cat, not only are cats claws sharper than a dogs. But they also grow twice as fast. Making it important that they get clipped about every two weeks. However, veterinarians near by me say that too many pet owners Ops to put claw caps on their cat’s nails. Which not only help don’t the claws so they’re not as sharp. To accidentally damage people, other animals or property.

But claw caps are going to help ensure that a pet owner does not have to cut their cats nails nearly as often as two weeks. However it doesn’t replace clipping the nails. As the cat’s nails grow. Caps will fall off. Requiring a pet owner to cut the nails before reapplying the claw caps.


One of the more important two reasons why people should ensure that their dogs and their cats have properly trimmed Nails. Is because the nails grow in a curved fashion says veterinarians near by me. Which means that if they are not cut often. They will start to push down on the ground, which can it cause their toes a lot of discomfort and even pain.

If the nail still does not get cats. It will continue to grow and that curved Manor. Which can eventually grow right back around to touch the animals Toes or paw pad. They may refuse to walk on it at this point says veterinarians near by me. Or they may continue to walk on it, digging the nail into their foot and cutting it.

Also, veterinarians near by me also say that long nails can get caught in soft Fabrics. Such as blankets, bedding and rugs just to name a few things. And while this is not inherently dangerous. If the animal tries to get themselves free and Kent. They might just start to Panic. Or, while they are caught they might get startled.

If this is the case, the animal struggling to get free might rip the nail part way. Or rip the nail all the way off. Which can be painful as well as potentially damaging to their toe.

These are all very good reasons why a pet owner should get their dog and cats Nails trimmed on a very regular basis so they can avoid these problems.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Have Your Pets Nails Clipped Regularly

While it is extremely important for a pet owner to ensure that their dogs and cats nails are clipped regularly says veterinarians near by me. Many pet owners opt for learning how to do this task themselves. So that they can minimize unnecessary car rides and trips to the vet.

However, before a pet parent buys a set of Clippers and starts slipping away at their pets feet. There are many things that they needs to be aware of. Before they can do this task without potentially hurting their animal.

By contacting veterinarians near by me and asking them if they would give a demonstration. Can help ensure that a pet owner is learning the right techniques. As well as learning what to do and what to avoid. To ensure that they don’t accidentally end up hurting their animal.

They also may be able to call their local pet groomer, and ask them to demonstrate what they need to know in order to clip their nails without problems.

The first thing that they will learn about is how to avoid the quick says veterinarians near by me. And what this is, is the blood supply to the nail to keep it healthy. It will look like a pink section of the nail in animals that have clear or white nails. However, if the animal has dark or black nails. It could be a lot more difficult to tell.

If they cut too far up the nail, they will hit the quick. Which not only is very painful for the animal. But it will also cause the quick to bleed quite a bit. Veterinarians near by me say that it is going to be extremely important that the pet owner has clotting powder on hand. To help stop the bleeding.


While clotting powder can be purchased at any pet food store. If they can’t find any, a pet owner can do the trick with cornstarch. However, learning to avoid this scenario is best for the pets. And if they can’t stop the bleeding, they should take their pet into the veterinarian right away.

They will also learn what Clippers they should use whether they are clipping a cat or a dog’s nails says veterinarians near by me. They’re going to need to get a different Clipper whether it’s a cat or a dog. Because their nails are shaped entirely different from each other.

There are going to be dozens of different types of clippers for each animal. As well as things called Grinders. That electronically filed down the pet snail in a gentler fashion. A benefit to the Grinder says veterinarians near by me. Is that they help dull the nail down, because after they get clipped, they can be quite sharp.

When pet owners learn how to clip their pets nails. It will help ensure that they can flip them as often as is needed. To keep them comfortable and happy for a long time to come