Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease Facts


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease Facts

Even though many pet owners are very frightened by the term heartworm according to veterinarians near by me. This is a completely preventable disease. And if more pet owners knew that.

There are be more pet owners taking preventative measures. To ensure that their pet never develops heartworm. And therefore, never needs heartworm treatment.

Heartworm is caused by infected mosquitoes. And is spread by injecting heartworm larva into the bloodstream. Of the animals that they bite.

Over the course of 6 to 7 months. But turn Aryans near by me says the heartworm larva called dirofilaria. Grow into adults, where they look for host to live inside of.

They will find an opening in the animals heart, or lungs. Where they will continue to grow and reproduce. Causing even more heartworm’s.

A single heartworm can live anywhere between 5 and 7 years and dogs. As well as 2 to 3 years in an infected cat.

In that time, more heartworms will be reproduced, and increase the number of parasites in the animals organs. Until they start showing signs of failure.

This becomes a cycle according to veterinarians near by me. Because as a mosquito bites an infected animal. When they lay their eggs, their larva become infected with dirofilaria.


And new mosquitoes are created already infected with this parasite. As the mosquitoes bite more animals. The cycle continues. Which is why preventative medicine is extremely important. When it comes to controlling and preventing heartworm.

Pet owners need to understand that while heartworm can exist in cats and dogs and occasionally ferrets. It is actually extremely preventable. And the medicine that is used by veterinarians near by me.

Is 100% effective at guarding pets against this parasite. The medicine is a once monthly treatment. That comes in either topical or chewable form.

The chewable kind is great for dogs, and comes in flavoured that they would enjoy. Including beef, chicken and pork.

And while not all dogs like to eat medicine. Or have shown gastrointestinal distress such as vomiting and diarrhea after ingesting this medicine. This is where the topical medicine is very good.

It can be administered to pets who refuse to eat chewable medicine. Or who have previously shown signs of becoming ill after ingesting it.

While this medicine is extremely beneficial. If a pet owner has not already started treatment. And they have had their pet for a while. They should go see veterinarians near by me.

In order to get a blood test that can detect if they have heartworm or not. This way, they can get treatment if they do have heartworm. And get it early on.

Or they can ensure that they do not have heartworm. And continue to give their pet medicine every single month. To ensure they never have to endure the pain of having a pet get diagnosed with heartworm.

Since the treatment can be very invasive. Pet owners should ensure that they do everything in their power. To ensure that their pet does not come down with this preventable illness.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease Facts

Heartworm it can be a very damaging illness according to veterinarians near by me. Because it literally has worms growing in the heart.

While it is most common in dogs. This is typically because dogs hearts are larger, for the full-grown heartworm parasite to crawl into.

However, it can occur in cats as well as ferrets. Therefore any pet owners of these animals. Should be aware of the signs, as well as the treatment.

The first thing that people need to keep in mind according to veterinarians near by me. Is that heartworm can live in their pet for many years before they start developing symptoms.

Therefore, it is ideal for pet owners to get tested for heartworm on a yearly basis. So that they can the detected early on to allow for easier treatment.

However, if pet owners are not getting the blood test done yearly or every other year. They need to be aware of what symptoms are heartworm in both cats and dogs.

Some or all of these symptoms may occur, depending on the animal. But also symptoms vary from cat to dog. So it is important that pet owners are aware of this ahead of time.

Dogs will start to get lethargic and tired, and display reading difficulty such as coughing. They will also have a lot of weight loss, even though they might be eating.


Cats may also Have a Cough, and May or May Not Be Hungry and Be Losing Weight. But They Will Also Have Vomiting Accompanying Those Symptoms. As Well As Trouble Walking, and an Increase in Fainting and Seizures.

Ultimately, heartworm it can end in death for both cats and dogs. Making it extremely important that pet owners find out quickly if their pet has heartworm. To make the prognosis for treatment much better.

The treatment can be quite invasive. As well as lengthy and expensive. Pets that are undergoing treatment for heartworm. Need to already be in fairly good health.

The reason why, is because the medicine used to kill the heartworm contains arsenic. And can be very damaging to a pet. And if they are not already in good health.

They can end up being significantly affected by the arsenic. And can potentially die from arsenic exposure. Therefore, treatment is truly a last case scenario.

In order to treat a dog or a cat for heartworm. Veterinarians near by me will inject an antibiotic called doxycycline. Which weakens the heartworm’s as well as ensure that they are sterile.

So they can no longer reproduce. It will also kill wolbachia, which is the bacteria that lives within the heartworm’s. That can end up causing an infection once the heartworm’s die, and the wolbachia infects the animal.

After injecting doxycycline, the pet owner must wait one month for the antibiotic to take effect. After that, veterinarians near by me will inject 2 doses of arsenic, 24 hours apart.

Because the treatment for heartworm is so difficult. People with dogs and cats should think about a preventative maintenance once a month that can prevent this from ever happening.