Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Avoidable


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Avoidable

It is extremely important for pet owners to see veterinarians near by me as soon as they adopt a pet. This is true whether they are adopting a puppy or a kitten. Or if they are adopting a shelter animal, or an older pet.

The reason why, is not only so that they will be able to get a complete physical of the animal. To ensure it is in good health. But also, so that they can ensure they know everything they need to keep their pet healthy.

They will likely hear about what heartworm is. And what they can do to protect their pet against this parasite. It is a completely preventable disease.

However, despite all of that. According to the tri-annual heartworm society. The number of cases being diagnosed is on the increase. Which means more pet owners should get educated about this disease.

The first thing that pet owners need to know is that the preventative medicine is extremely inexpensive. And only needs to be administered once a month.

The next thing that pet owners should know. Is that the preventative medicine is 100% effective. And it comes in 2 different formats for their pet to take. That they can get directly from veterinarians near by me.

One is an indigestible, chewable treat formats. That comes in flavoured that pets typically like. Such as beef and pork. For animals that will accept chewable medicine. This is a tasty way to protect them.

In animals that refused to take an indigestible medicine. There is a topical treatment. That can be applied directly to the animals fur.

The topical treatment is extremely beneficial. For animals that have taken the ingested will medicine. But have developed gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting after consuming the medicine.


By starting this treatment early on when a pet owner first gets there cat or dog. Can ensure that their pet will never develop heartworm because they are hundred percent protected.

However, it is also important for pet owners to get the blood test. That can detect heartworm antigens. Or the anti-bodies that a body produces in response to the parasite.

Because this can ensure that the pet did not get infected before they were adopted by the pet owner. Also, this test can detect other diseases that are commonly caused by ticks.

This blood test can be administered by veterinarians near by me. And I using 3 drops of blood, pet owners can find out within the same appointment.

If there pet has heartworm. Or if they have tested positive for Lyme disease, ihrlichosis, or anaplasmosis. The sooner an animal can get diagnosed. The better prognosis they have for treatment.

Since heartworm is also not contagious. Pet owners never have to worry that there animal might catch it from somewhere. Even if there animal is bitten by an infected mosquito.

It can be a very scary thing to have a diagnosis of heartworm in a pet. However, by undergoing the test. And using preventative medicine. This is something that pet owners can avoid. And help ensure that their pet lives a long and healthy life.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Avoidable

It is extremely important for pet owners to understand that even though heartworm is increasing in America says veterinarians near by me. Now it’s also extremely treatable and preventable.

More importantly, pet owners should administer a monthly medicine. That can give their pet 100% protection. Against the parasite called heartworm, or dirofilaria.

And this medicine can be given orally. Or by a topical treatment. Which is especially beneficial for pets such as cats.

That will not take an oral medicine. Or for animals that have exhibited gastrointestinal distress after consuming the medicine such as vomiting and or diarrhea.

However, even if a pet owner is giving this medicine to their pet every month consistently. If they had heartworm prior to taking the medicine. They will continue to have this parasite living in their body.

Because of this, it is very important that pet owners get their pets tested for this disease. So that when they start giving the preventative medicine. They know that their pet does not have it already.

However, if there pet is diagnosed as having heartworm disease. Finding out with a blood test. Means that they are not yet exhibiting signs. That could cause there animal distress.

If they get treatment before there animal starts exhibiting physical signs. They will have an extremely good prognosis says veterinarians near by me.

The treatment is expensive as well as very lengthy. Because it takes over a month to administer. However, the healthier the animal is. And the earlier they catch heartworm. The better prognosis the animal has.


The first thing that veterinarians near by me will do after the pet is diagnosed. Is give an injection of an antibiotic called doxycycline. That is designed to weaken the heartworm.

So that when the medication that is designed to kill the heartworm is administered. It requires less medicine to kill the heartworm.

The reason why this is so important. Is because the medicine that kills the heartworm also has arsenic in it. Which can also be lethal to pets in a high enough dose.

So the smaller dose of arsenic they need to give the animal. The better it will be for that pet. The doxycycline will also sterilize the heartworm’s. So they cannot reproduce while undergoing treatment.

And finally, the doxycycline will also kill a bacteria called wolbachia. The lives inside the heartworm. That can cause an animal an infection. Once the heartworm dies.

A pet owner must wait 30 days after their veterinarian administers the doxycycline. On the 30 first day, they will come back for a dose of the arsenic-based drug. And 24 hours later come back for their second dose.

All of this should effectively kill the heartworm. And if pet owners are administering the preventative medicine after this. They can guarantee that they will never have to deal with heartworm ever again through the lifetime of their animal.