Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Fatal


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Fatal

Many pet owners understand that heartworm is a fatal disease says veterinarians near by me. However, pet owners also need to understand that they do not have to go through a pet passing away because of it.

The reason why, is because despite the fact that heartworm is fatal. It is also extremely preventable as well as treatable. Pet owners should talk to veterinarians near by me about medication.

That is designed to prevent animals from getting heartworm in the first place. The first thing that they should know, is that heartworm is as parasite that infects mammals only.

And while dogs are typically most commonly affected by this parasite. Cats and ferrets are also known to be infected. And so preventative medicine can be administered to all of these pets.

The preventative medicine is something that only needs to be administered once a month. And it comes in 2 different formats. An edible type, that tastes like beef or pork. To encourage the animal to eat it.

However, not all animals like eating edible medicine, such as cats. And some animals have shown signs of gastrointestinal distress upon eating the medication. Such as having diarrhea and vomiting.

And that is why a topical treatment can be very beneficial. Pet owners can apply this directly to the for of their animal. In order to protect them hundred percent against this parasite.

Pet owners should also understand how their pet might get infected with heartworm disease. So that they can understand the causes of this condition.


Ultimately, the one and only way that a pet can become infected with heartworm. Is being bitten by a infected mosquito. As the mosquito bites the unaffected animal.

It will pass along heartworm larva called dirofilaria. Which inserts the larva into the animal’s bloodstream. There, it will take 6 to 7 months to grow into an adult heartworm.

At which point it will attach to an organ in the animal’s body. Most commonly the lungs and the heart. In order to begin reproducing, and causing more larva to infect the animals bloodstream.

This is an extremely cyclical process says veterinarians near by me. Because as the animal becomes infected. An uninfected mosquito can bite the animal. And as that mosquito lays her eggs.

The larva that grow from those eggs. Will already be infected with dirofilaria. And as those mosquitoes mature, and bite other animals. They will pass the dirofilaria along, which causes the cycle to begin again.

Pet owners can stop that cycle in its tracks. By administering this monthly medication. So that they never have to worry if their pet has been bitten by a mosquito. And if that mosquito was carrying heartworm larva.

Since heartworm is completely preventable. Pet owners should discuss this with their veterinarian at their annual appointment. And can get there animal tested for this disease. So that they can be sure that there animal does not have the disease before beginning treatment.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Fatal

Pet owners may understand that heartworm disease is fatal says veterinarians near by me. However, if they are not getting their animal tested. They can live for many years with this parasite. Without showing signs of being infected.

In fact, veterinarians near by me say that heartworm’s can live in a dog for 5 to 7 years. During this time, can reproduce hundreds of larva that can grow to adult hood within the dog’s body.

In cats, heartworm adults can live for 2 to 3 years each. And during this time, can reproduce hundreds of larva that will turn into adults within the cats body.

If heartworm is not caught early and treated. It is not uncommon for pets to have hundreds of heartworm’s in their heart and in their lungs.

As the heartworm’s grow, and reproduce. More and more worms will infect the animals heart and lungs. And only when those organs are starting to become infected at an extremely high degree. Will they start showing symptoms.

Both cats and dogs may start coughing or having difficulty breathing. As more heartworm’s grow inside their lungs. And both animals will lose weight.

However, while dogs will become lethargic, cats will start to have seizures and faint. Cats may also refuse food and vomit as well.

It is very important that pet owners get diagnosed before they start exhibiting these symptoms. Because when they exhibit these symptoms. It is because their organs are so full of heartworm. That their health is at risk.


They can authorize veterinarians near by me to administer a very simple blood tests. That can detect the anti-bodies present in their blood in response to the heartworm’s.

Or look for the antigens released by the adult female heartworm’s into the animals bloodstream. These tests can be done in-house, and give pet owners a diagnosis within their same veterinarian appointment.

The benefit to this test. Is that it also tests for a wide variety of diseases that can also be caused by being bitten by a tick. Such as anaplasmosis, ihrlichosis, and Lyme disease.

Once they have done the test, if there pets has tested positive for heartworm. The treatment that they can undergo. Is typically most effective before the animal starts exhibiting symptoms.

And since the medication can be extremely hard on the animal. Because the medicine used to kill the heartworm. Also contains arsenic, which can impact the health of the animal.

Therefore, if a pet owner gets their pet diagnosed before the exhibit symptoms. They are likely going to be healthy enough to be able to withstand the treatment very well.

However, despite the fact that heartworm disease is very treatable. Especially when a pet owner catches it early.

The best treatment is actually preventative in nature. And by taking a preventative medicine. Can help pet owners avoid this scenario entirely. If pet owners have any questions about heartworm disease.

They should contact veterinarians near by me. And make an appointment to have all of their questions answered about this fatal, but treatable parasite.