Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Preventable


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Preventable

Even though many pet owners know that heartworm disease is terrible says veterinarians near by me. They do not know what it is, or what causes it. And they do not know how preventable this fatal condition is.

The first thing that pet owners need to understand. Is how their pets could become affected with heartworm disease. The one and only way that any animals can become infected. Is by being bit by an infected mosquito.

How mosquito becomes infected with the larva of heartworm called dirofilaria. Is when they bite an infected animal. And then use that blood and lay their eggs. Those mosquito larva. Then grow up already infected with dirofilaria.

As these infected mosquitoes grow up, and bite other animals. They transfer the dirofilaria into the animals bloodstream. Where the larva will take 6 to 7 months to grow into adult heartworm’s.

Because this is a cycle. Veterinarians near by me says pet owners not only can protect their pet. But ensure that if there animal gets bit by a mosquito. That they are not creating other infected mosquitoes.

Which is why preventative medication is so important. By getting medicine from veterinarians near by me. Pet owners can give this medicine to their animal once a month. And will be 100% protected against this disease.

This medication is very inexpensive. And for a years supply, depending on the animals weight. Can cost a pet owner. Anywhere between $40-$80 a year.

The medication needs to be administered once per month. And comes in 2 different formats. The first format is chewable, which comes in flavoured that pets will like. Such as chicken, pork and beef.


However, some pets like cats will not take chewable medicine. And some animals have taken this medication and developed gastrointestinal distress. Such as vomiting and diarrhea.

For cats and these dogs who get sick while taking the medication orally. There is a topical medication. That allow a pet owner to apply the medicine directly to their dog or cat’s fur.

By doing this medication every single month. Pet owners are protecting their animal from not getting heartworm. Even if they get bitten by a infected mosquito.

It is also very important for pet owners to understand. That heartworm disease is not contagious. Since the larva live in the bloodstream. No animal can give it to another animal.

And even if a mosquito bites an infected animal. And then bites an infected animal. There is an necessary incubation. That the mosquito will need to go into. In order to be infected.

Therefore, pet owners do not need to worry that if there pet does develop heartworm. That they are going to infect other animals in the house. But if they are infected, treatment is extremely important.

Since heartworm is incredibly preventable. Pet owners should start giving their cat or dog this medication as soon as possible. But they should also take their pet to their veterinarian once a year.

So that they can find out if their pet has contracted this disease before they started their course of medication. To ensure that they can start treatment as quickly as possible.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Disease is Preventable

Pet owners who are not knowledgeable about heartworm says veterinarians near by me. May not know how preventable this fatal disease is.

They can get a blood test for heartworm from veterinarians near by me. Either once a year at their annual physical. Or every other year. As the veterinarian sees necessary.

This is extremely important. Especially if a pet owner is not giving their pet preventative medicine. But even if they are, the test for heartworm. Also tests for other diseases. Which is why it is important for pet owners to do often.

The heartworm test in dogs is called A4 D X test. Which is a blood test that requires 3 drops of blood. It can be processed in house. And will give people a diagnosis within their same that appointment.

This test will detect her worm proteins called antigens. That are released by the adult female heartworm. Into the animals bloodstream. And can tell if the animal is infected.

In cats, it is looking for something slightly different. An antibody, which is a chemical response that the body produces. In response to something foreign in the body. In this case, heartworm larva in the bloodstream.

If this anti-body is present, then the cat will test positive for heartworm disease. And treatment can begin with veterinarians near by me.


However, pet owners need to keep in mind that this test will also look for a variety of diseases caused by being bitten by a tick. Such as Lyme disease, ihrlichosis and anaplasmosis.

Therefore, even if pet owners are giving their animal preventative medicine. They should still authorize their veterinarian to administer this very simple and very quick blood test.

If there pet does test positive for heartworm. The treatment can be lengthy, and can also put the animal at risk. Which is why most veterinarians will only do this for animals that are quite healthy.

The medicine used to kill the heartworm is arsenic based. And that arsenic can negatively impact the animals health. Which is why very sick animals may not be good candidates for this treatment.

The treatment will first consist of injecting an antibiotic called doxycycline. In preparation for the treatment. And what doxycycline does, is it weakens the heartworm’s. So that they will need less arsenic to kill them.

At the same time, the doxycycline will sterilize the heartworm, so they are no longer going to be able to reproduce. Which would allow the larva to grow, after receiving the treatment to kill the adult heartworm’s.

Therefore, this antibiotic is extremely important to do prior to the treatment. It is also going to kill a bacteria that is present in the heartworm itself.

If this bacteria is not killed, when the heartworm dies, the bacteria which is called wolbachia. Can cause an infection in the animal, that can sometimes become life-threatening.

After this injection of doxycycline. They must wait 30 days for the medicine to work. And then have 2 injections 24 hours a part of the arsenic based drug.

While this treatment is very successful. Especially in healthy animals. It is unpleasant for the animal, and expensive as well. And a much better scenario. Will be to prevent the animal from ever getting this disease in the first place.