Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Facts


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Facts

Studies have shown that that the average number of dogs diagnosed with heartworm is increasing according to veterinarians near by me. With 22% more diagnoses and dogs in two thousand sixteen then those diagnosed in twenty thirteen.

However, many people are not aware of what heartworm is. And it is a parasite spread by mosquitoes. That infects animals when they are bitten by a mosquito carrying the parasite.

It is a preventable illness and can affect dogs, cats as well as ferrets. This is an extremely common problem, especially in climates that have mosquitoes year round.

Although climates that have mosquitoes only during summer. Also can see instances of heartworm as well. However, there are many preventative treatments for heartworm.

The best treatments according to veterinarians near by me are monthly chewables or topical treatments. They should be given on a monthly basis. And for the chewables, they come in many different slavers that animals enjoy.

However, for animals that have shown gastrointestinal distress with chewable treatment. Or for animals that will not take chewable medicine. There is a topical treatment. That can be very effective for dogs, cats and ferrets.

While most animals will contract heartworm from getting bit by a mosquito carrying the parasite. If there is an infected animal, and a mosquito bites that animal. And then bites another animal.

They will be able to pass the parasite on to the second animal. Which is one of the reasons why it is very important to utilize preventative medicine.


What heartworm is, is a parasite that can crawl into the hearts and other various organs such as lungs of the animal. It grows, and can impede that organs function. Eventually causing organ failure and death.

While most animals are diagnosed during a routine veterinarian exam. When they get a blood test done. There are other physical symptoms that people need to be aware of.

According to veterinarians near by me, the physical symptoms of heartworm in animals can include coughing, being lethargic or tired. Losing weight, as well as refusing to eat. And difficulty breathing.

Some animals may vomit as well. In cats, they can also experience difficulty walking, having fainting episodes and seizures. In all animals, heartworm can cause death.

So it is very important that people utilize the preventative medicine. As well as take there animal to veterinarians every year in order to get diagnosed with medical conditions quickly.

The test for heartworm is extremely easy and fast. And it is done using a blood test called a for the next test. Which the text heartworm proteins called antigens released by adult female heartworm’s into and animals bloodstream.

This past can be done in-house, and takes only a few minutes to get the results. The for the acts test can also test for Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and ehrlichosis. Which are common diseases caused by tics.

Through preventative treatments. As well as regular checkups. People can protect their pets against heartworm for many years to come.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm Facts

Heartworm is on the rise in the United States according to veterinarians near by me. Even though it is a very preventable illness.

By being bitten with an infected mosquito. The larva of the heartworm which is called dirofilaria. Which will result in the larva growing up and infecting the heart and lungs of the animal that it lives in.

While heartworm effects dogs mostly. It can infect cats and ferrets. Although, since their hearts are smaller. There are fewer heartworm’s that can actually fit inside the heart.

Making it much less common for veterinarians to see cats and ferrets in affected with heartworm’s. However, it is something that can infect humans as well.

And while this is much less common, because the dirofilaria larva typically do not survive until adulthood in a human. If people have pets with heartworm. There is a very small chance that they could get infected.

If a mosquito bites there animal and then bites the human. Therefore, not only is it important to protect the other animals in the house from heartworm. Pet owners can protect themselves as well.

And while preventative treatments are the best way to treat any animal. By ensuring that they do not ever get this preventable parasite. If they already have heartworm there are treatments available.

The first thing that people need to understand. Is that in order to treat an animal for heartworm. It could make their pet very sick. Therefore, treatment is typically only reserved for animals that are already quite healthy.


Treatment includes injecting an antibiotic called doxycycline which weakens the heartworm’s. As well as it sterilizes the heartworm’s so they can no longer reproduce larva while inside the animal.

It also kills wolbachia which is a bacteria that also lives in heartworm’s. If the heartworm’s die, the wolbachia can cause an infection in the animal. Which is why it is important to kill this bacteria first.

The veterinarian will inject doxycycline, and then will require the animal to rest for thirty days. After thirty days, the veterinarian will inject arsenic twice, twenty-four hours apart.

Veterinarians near by me says arsenic can harm the animals. But can be a very effective treatment at killing heartworm’s. Because of how harsh arsenic is on the animal. It is a treatment that is only reserved for healthier animals.

By discussing treatment options with veterinarians near by me. People can decide what is the best course of action for their animal that has been infected with heartworm.

Once people understand how difficult the treatment is. They might be more inclined to start a course of preventative treatments. Which can be administered in a chewable or topical form. On a month by month basis.

Nobody wants to hear that there animal has been infected by heartworm. However, by understanding how easy the preventative treatments can be. Can inspire many pet owners to protect their pet against this parasite, that can end up causing organ failure.