Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Avoidable


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Avoidable

Despite the heartache of a pet parent having their cat or dog test positive for heartworm says veterinarians near by me. It is something that is actually far more preventable than many people think.

In fact, there is only one way for a pet to contract heartworm in the first place. Which is to get bitten by a mosquito who is carrying the dirofilaria larva.

In contrast, pet parents can protect their pet from heartworm. By giving them a once monthly medication. That can effectively protect them from the ravages of this disease.

The medication is available from veterinarians near by me. And can cost approximately $40-$80 a year. Depending on the size and weight of their animal.

When a most significant things about this. Is that it is 100% guaranteed. And just by dosing their dog or cat once a month. Through either a topical or an oral medication. Can give them peace of mind.

In order for pet parents to understand how important it is to protect their cat and dogs from this disease. And how protecting their pets can minimize the instances of heartworm throughout the country.

Pet owners should understand how the cycle of heartworm is perpetuated by animals and mosquitoes. Since the only way an animal can contract heartworm disease.

Is by being bitten by a mosquito carrying the dirofilaria larva. Once an animal is bitten, the larva enters their bloodstream where they are able to grow into an adult heartworm.


Once the heartworm reaches full-size, it will make a home in the animals organs. Most notably their heart as is indicated by the name of the parasite.

Or their lungs. Because there able to find their way into the organ. Through the many holes that those organs contain.

Once they are fully grown, the heartworm will start procreating, and creating more larva to enter the animals bloodstream. It is at this point, that the animal is at risk for infecting mosquitoes that bite it.

As a mosquito bites an infected animal. The blood they consume contains the dirofilaria larva. Which are then passed along to the mosquitoes larva as they lay eggs.

When the mosquitoes hatch, and mature into adults. They will contain the dirofilaria larva. And will go on to infect other animals when they bite them.

This is the vicious cycle that causes animals to become infected. And then infected animals can create more mosquitoes carrying heartworm larva.

Therefore, by feeding animals this oral medication. Or the topical variety. That will allow pet owners to put the medication directly on their animals fur.

Pet owners can not only protect their animals. So that they never have to worry about how to treat their pet for heartworm.

But also, they will protect other animals. By minimizing the number of mosquitoes in the world that are carrying heartworm larva.

If pet owners want more information about heartworm, preventative medication. Or what they should do if they suspect their pet has heartworm. They should make an appointment with veterinarians near by me right away.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Avoidable

no pet owner wants to hear that their pet has heartworm says veterinarians near by me. Especially because this can be an extremely fatal illness if not treated.

And the reason why this is such a risk. Is because animals can live with heartworm for several years. Infecting their organs more and more. Before they even show signs of being ill.

Once they exhibit signs, a pet owner will take them to veterinarians near by me in order to get diagnosed. And by then, they are so infected. That treatment becomes very difficult.

If completely left untreated. The animal will continue growing heartworm’s, and increasing the number of heartworm’s in their lungs and heart. To the point where their organs will eventually stop functioning.

Therefore, it is very important that pet owners visit veterinarians near by me annually. In order to get their pet examined. As well as tested for a wide variety of illnesses.

That could infect them, and cause them pain, discomfort. And and their life early. When pet owners make an appointment with veterinarians near by me.

They can authorize the veterinarian to draw blood for a blood test. That will be able to detect the presence of heartworm’s. In dogs, this is called a 4 D X test.

Which looks for antigens in the dogs blood. Which are released by adult heartworm’s into the dogs bloodstream. If this antigen is present. The dog is positive for heartworm.


For cats, the test is slightly different in that it looks for antibodies that the body produces. When there is a foreign presence in the blood, such as heartworm larva. When this antibody is present. The cat tests positive.

The most beneficial thing about this test. It is not only does it detect heartworm’s in the pets blood. But it also tests for other things such as lying disease, anaplasmosis, or are ihrlichosis. Which are all diseases that can be caused by being bitten by a tick.

Therefore, going to a veterinarian every year. Not only can ensure that the pet does not have diseases. But also, pet owners can ask their veterinarian about medication to prevent developing heartworm.

Since the only way a pets can develop heartworm. Is by being bitten by a infected mosquito. The medication that they can take. Will protect them 100% against this parasite.

Pet owners also need to know that even though it is more commonly found in dogs. Cats can get it. But the reason why fewer cats get afflicted with heartworm.

Is because cats have smaller hearts and lungs. Which make it difficult for an adult heartworm to live if they cannot attach to the body. Therefore, if a cat gets bitten by a mosquito that is infected.

Even though they might have the larva in their blood, which grows an adult heartworm. It is not always going to develop into heartworm disease in cats.