Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Curable

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Curable

Even though heartworm is a curable parasite according to veterinarians near by me. The best treatment is prevention and not to cure.

Not only because the cure can be very harsh and difficult. But because there is no treatment that will effectively kill the parasite. All it does is makes it week, and shortens its lifespan.

However, the medication can be 100% effective. As long as pet owners are diligent in ensuring their pet gets a monthly dose. Because what the medication does.

Is the medication kills off any heartworm larva. That pet may have been infected with. By being bitten by a mosquito infected with dirofilaria. Which is the heartworm larva.

By taking this medication on a regular basis. Can ensure that even if pets are bitten by a mosquito that is infected. It will not progress into full grown heartworm’s. Therefore, this medicine is very important to take.

Because while the cure for heartworm is possible. It is also very harsh. And can be very difficult on the health of their pets. Especially if a pet owner has only had their pet diagnosed with heartworm.

Because they were exhibiting symptoms. A pet can live for years without exhibiting symptoms. Which means once they do start showing signs of problems. They are likely extremely infected with this parasite.

The longer a pet has been infected with heartworm parasites. The stronger the parasites will be. As well as the more they will have inside them. And it is not unusual for pets to have a few hundred infecting them at a time.


Also, the medicine used to kill off the heartworm parasites. Contains arsenic. Which is also very hard on the dog or cat’s body. And if they are already quite sick. And exhibiting symptoms of heartworm disease.

Then their health may not be able to handle the medication containing arsenic. Therefore, while prevention is the best cure. Veterinarians near by me say the next best cure period is to treat dogs or cats at an early age.

But the treatment for heartworm looks like. Will be with veterinarians near by me injecting an antibiotic called doxycycline.

Which weakens the heartworm parasites. As well as sterilize is them so they can no longer reproduce. What the doxycycline also does. Is it kills a bacteria that lives inside of heartworm’s.

This bacteria is called wolbachia. And while that lives inside a heartworm. As the heartworm’s die. The wolbachia if not killed off first. Can go on to cause an infection within the dog or cat. Which can become life-threatening.

After the injection of doxycycline. A pet owner must wait for 30 days for they medicine to take effect. Before bringing their animal back to get the injection.

Of the medicine designed to kill the heartworm. And 24 hours later. He must bring their animal back for a second injection of this medicine.

Because this is a very long and expensive treatment. As well as one that takes a physical toll on the animal. Pet owners will likely prefer preventative treatment over this.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Curable

Pet owners should take comfort in the fact that heartworm is preventable says veterinarians near by me. However, the treatment is quite harsh. As well as expensive. And it is far better to prevent heartworm then to treat it.

In fact, pet owners should understand that there is only one way that their pet can contract heartworm disease. And that is by being bitten by a mosquito that is infected with dirofilaria larva.

The medicine that they can take to prevent developing heartworm disease. Effectively kills any larva that an animal ends up contracting. By being bitten by a mosquito.

And it is important that a pet owner gives their animal this medication on a monthly basis. To ensure that they are protected year-round.

The medication is very inexpensive says veterinarians near by me. And depending on the weight of their animal. Can cost them anywhere between $40 a year, 2 $80 a year per pet.

There are 2 different types of treatments. One is an oral medication. That comes in the form of a treat. In delicious flavoured that pets typically love such as beef or pork.

However, if pet owners are discovering new at their pet may become ill on the medication. Either by vomiting or having diarrhea. They can switch to the topical medication.

The topical medication is very good for animals like cats as well. Who typically will not eat medicine in a treat format. It can be very easy to apply. And protects animals from the larva that will grow into heartworm parasites.


However, if pet owners have not been treating their pets previously for heartworm. They might want to go see veterinarians near by me in order to get a blood test. In order to find out if they have heartworm’s already or not.

It is a simple blood test called a 4 D X test. Which requires only 3 drops of blood for a dog or a cat. That can help a veterinarian detect the heartworm proteins called antigens. That are released by the adult parasites into the animal’s bloodstream.

In cats, they are looking for a slightly different protein. Called an antibody, which is the body’s own response. To something foreign in the body such as heartworm larva.

Pet owners can find out within the same appointment. If they are animal has heartworm. And if they do, they can undergo treatment right away. That can help them kill the heartworm parasites that they have.

It is much easier to treat an animal before they start exhibiting symptoms. Especially since an animal can live for several years with heartworm parasites. Without exhibiting any signs of the disease.

And once they start showing signs that they are infected with heartworm. It can be an extremely serious case. That is difficult to treat. And can cause a lot of physical damage to the pet.

While heartworm is curable. Pet owners should focus on preventative medicine instead of waiting until there pet has developed this disease.