Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Preventable


Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Preventable

Even though heartworm is typically fatal in untreated animals according to veterinarians near by me. It is also completely preventable with the right medication.

Therefore, when a pet owner brings there animal to the veterinarian for the first time. They should discuss heartworm preventative medication with veterinarians near by me.

The medication that they can use comes in 2 different formats. The first is a chewable medication. That they feed their pet once a month. And comes in delicious flavoured that their pet will enjoy such as pork and beef.

However, not all pets will take medication this way. And other pets have experienced gastrointestinal distress with this type of medication. Such as throwing up, or having diarrhea.

And for these pets that refuse chewable medicine. Such as cats who are notorious for refusing to take chewable medication. As well as pets that show signs of gastrointestinal distress.

There is a topical formula of this medication. That they can simply apply to their pets for once a month. In order to protect them 100% from the parasite heartworm.

Pet owners should understand exactly what this parasite does and how they contracted. The one and only way that a dog or cat can become infected with heartworm.

Is by being bitten by an infected mosquito. It is actually a vicious cycle. Which is 1 of the reasons why it is so important for pet owners to take preventative measures.


As an infected mosquito bites its victim, it releases heartworm larva called dirofilaria into their bloodstream. As the larva grows into a mature, adult heartworm. In a process that takes approximately 6 to 7 months.

If the animal is then bitten by another mosquito. The dirofilaria larva will now be infected in that mosquito. And as they lay their eggs. The mosquitoes larva grow with the dirofilaria inside them.

As those mosquitoes go on to suck blood from other animals. They will also pass more dirofilaria onto them area which is what creates the vicious heartworm circle.

Therefore, when pet owners use preventative medication says veterinarians near by me. Not only are they protecting their pets from ever developing heartworm disease.

But they are also ensuring that their pet will never transfer the disease to mosquitoes. Where they can go on to produce hundreds if not thousands of more mosquitos that are infected with heartworm larva.

However, if a pet owner has not been treating their dog or cat from a very early age. They should take a blood test. That can tell conclusively. If there pets has heartworm disease or not.

This blood test can be done in any veterinarians office. And looks for antigens that are released by female heartworm’s into the bloodstream. Or anti-bodies, that is the body’s response to having parasite inside it.

And this blood test can be done on the spot, giving pet owners and answer within the same day. If there pet has heartworm disease or not.

Because heartworm disease is so devastating but so preventable. And because the cycle can create more infected mosquitoes. People should protect their animal. And protect future animals from getting infected by using preventative medicine.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Heartworm is Preventable

It is extremely important for pet owners to understand that there is preventative medicine available from veterinarians near by me. To help avoid their pets from ever developing this fatal condition.

However, despite the fact that it is preventable. According to the tri-annual heartworm society survey area the number of dogs being diagnosed with heartworm is on the rise.

Within the United States of America. With 22% more cases being diagnosed in 2016 then were diagnosed in 2013.

The reason why it is more prevail into in dogs then cats. Is simply due to the size of the animal. Cats are susceptible to this disease as well.

However, because they are smaller in size. Their organs are also smaller. And adult heartworm will have a more difficult time crawling in side the animals organ.

In fact, many people might make the assumption that heartworm’s are microscopic in nature. But this is simply not true according to veterinarians near by me.

In fact, adult heartworm’s can grow very large in size. And as they grow inside the organs. They can cause more and more problems for the animal. Especially as they reproduce. And other heartworm’s joined them.

A single heartworm can live inside an animal for many years. In cats, one heartworm can live to be about 2 or 3 years old. And in dogs, a single heartworm can be 5 or 7 years old.


During their life cycle, they will reproduce hundreds of times. So that as the years that an animal has heartworm. Means that the heartworm’s that are infecting their organs will grow larger in size. And be joined by more worms that are growing in size.

Until the animals organs are compromised, and begin to fail. Therefore, pet owners need to keep in mind that their pet can live quite happily for many years without a sign of heartworm disease.

And once they start exhibiting signs such as coughing, having difficulty breathing and refusing to do their regular activities. As well as losing weight and refusing to eat.

This means that they have been living with heartworm for many years. And their health is very compromised at this point.

And while there are treatment options available that can be successful in treating animals with heartworm disease. It can also be very difficult on the animal.

And it is far easier to prevent an animal from getting heartworm disease. Then to treat an animal with an advanced case of heartworm disease.

This is why pet owners should talk to veterinarians near by me about what preventative medication they recommend. So that pet owners protect their animal from this devastating disease.

The sooner they are able to start treatment. The increased likelihood that they will never develop heartworm is high. And not only will they protect their own animal.

But they will protect other animals from becoming infected. Because any mosquitoes that bite their pet. Will not be able to go on and create infected larva who will infect other animals.