Veterinarians Near By Me | Helping Pets Have Healthy Teeth


Veterinarians Near By Me | Helping Pets Have Healthy Teeth

It is very important for pet owners to understand how important dental health is in their pets according to veterinarians near by me. And in fact, dogs and cats both can become susceptible to the same types of dental problems that humans can.

Many people may not even realize that it is as beneficial to brush their dogs and cats teeth daily. As it is to brush their own teeth daily. And the sooner pet owners realize this is important. The sooner they can start doing what is necessary. To keep their pets teeth healthy.

Just like in humans, the issues that can come up in pets teeth are tartar buildup, cavities, gingivitis and even periodontal disease. In pets, the cavities can get so painful, that pets either refuse to eat. Or will require teeth to be extracted. Which can also be painful or traumatic.

This is why a good oral care routine is extremely important to follow. So that people can either prevent this from happening. Or slow the progression of periodontal disease down. So that their animals can have a healthy mouth for as long as possible.

Veterinarians near by me recommend that when pet owners get their pets as puppies or kittens. That they start introducing the toothbrush to their mouth during playtime very early.

As the animal gets used to having the toothbrush in their mouth. The pet owner can start using it to brush at their teeth. Until this is very routine for them.

At this stage, veterinarians near by me say that pet owners can start to brush their pets teeth, because they have gotten them used to what it is like.


A question that many people often have, is should they use toothpaste. And while veterinarians near by me say that this is a good idea. They should never use human toothpaste on their cat or dog’s teeth.

Because human toothpaste contains an artificial sweetener called xylitol. Which is extremely toxic to cats and dogs.

Instead, they can go to the pet food store or the veterinarians office to pick up some animal toothpaste. That can come in fun flavoured that can make brushing and animals teeth more like a treat instead of a chore.

How often people should get used to brushing their dogs or cats teeth is once a day. So that they can brush away all of the tartar buildup. That has built up on their pets teeth through the course of the day, and the food that they have.

However, pet owners should know that while brushing their pets teeth is the most effective way they can keep their pets mouth healthy. It is not a substitute for a regular checkups with their veterinarian. Where they will get a full physical to ensure the animal is healthy.

And while they will not do a full oral examination. They will open the pets mouth, and see if things look healthy. Or if there is something in the pets mouth that looks like they are going to need to do a cleaning soon. Or if they need to do another type of procedure.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Helping Pets Have Healthy Teeth

There are many things that pet owners can do on a daily basis to help their pets have healthy teeth according to veterinarians near by me. And while many pets will not tolerate having their teeth brushed. There are many other things that pet owners can do.

One of the first things that is recommended, is that pet owners feed their pets derive pet food instead of wet or raw food. While they are both nutritionally very similar. Dry pet food is crunchy, and as the pet choose it, can cause tartar buildup to be scraped off.

Wet food on the other hand does not need to be chewed by the animal. So whether it is a cat or dog, they will typically swallow the food instead of chewing it. Which instead of cleaning their teeth, adds a film to their teeth. Which actually promotes tartar buildup and cavities.

While this does not mean that pet owners should avoid feeding their pets wet or raw food. All that means, is that if pet owners are going to feed their pets wet or raw food. They need to either add a crunchy component. Or do something else to help keep their teeth healthy.

A great way they can do that is by giving them dental treats to eat. And whether the treat is labelled dental or not. As long as it is crunchy, veterinarians near by me say that it will help take the tartar buildup off of their pets teeth and keep them healthier.


However, pet owners do needs to be careful not to give them treats that are going to be too hard to chew. Such as deer antlers or pig ears. Because if left chewing unattended. Pets can chew too hard, and damage their teeth or gums.

If pets like chewing toys, veterinarians near by me say that they would love chewing a dental chew toy. Such as an or of that. Which is veterinarian approved. This type of chew toy is very soft, which means if it is accidentally swallowed, it will not obstruct the bowels.

And because it is very soft, and matter how hard the cat or dog choose on it. They are not going to damage their teeth or their gums. Therefore, any animal that likes chewing on toys will enjoy this dental toy. That will clean their teeth in the process.

Finally, another form of dental care that people can engage in with their pets. Is using dental wipes and rinses. To clean off their pets teeth. While this is the least effective way to clean tartar buildup off of the pets teeth. It is actually better than doing nothing, and can slow the progression of dental disease in an animal.

By understanding how important it is for pet owners to take care of their pets teeth. Pet owners can do what is necessary to take care of their pets needs, so that they can have healthy mouth for many years to come.