Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should Pets Get Trimmed Nails?

Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should Cats Get Trimmed Nails

There are many things that pet owners need to do in order to ensure that they are taking care of their pet according to veterinarians near by me. And while many pet owners think of taking them to the veterinarian for clean bill of health. And to get their shots regularly. Or taking them for regular walks. And even feeding their pets the very best food that they can.

There’s something else that many pet owners overlook which is clipping their nails. But veterinarians near by me says even if they are not to taking their pet to the groomer on a regular basis. They should be ensuring that their pets are getting their nails trimmed as often as necessary.

Not only is it uncomfortable for the animal to have to walk on nails that are very long. But if they continue to grow says veterinarians near by me. Since the nails are curved in both cats and dogs. They can curve from right around and starts digging into their toes as well as their paw pads.

Not only is this very painful for the animal to walk and run on. But this is also very dangerous. Because bacteria can enter the open wound causing infections and illnesses. This is one of the reasons why pet owners should ensure that their animals are getting regular nail trims. Another reason why it’s important to for pets to get regular nail trimmed according to veterinarians near by me.


Is because long nails can get caught in blankets, rugs and even toys. As the animal struggles to get unconscious. They might Panic, which could cause them to rip their nail as they try to get free.

Or, if the animal has their nail cut and is startled suddenly. Veterinarians near by me says that that can cause the animal to run away very quickly, ripping off their nail in the process. This is very dangerous and very painful. Which is why it’s very important that pet owners are keeping their pets Nails as short as possible.

Whether they do the nail trimming themselves, or if they take them to a pet groomer. And even technicians at veterinarians near by me. Can all cut a cat’s and a dog’s nails in just a few minutes. And if a pet owner wants to learn how to do this themselves. They can learn how, and then ensure that they are cutting their pet snails as often as necessary. To keep them happy and healthy.

Knowing how often to cut their nails is also important. And while cat’s nails are extremely sharp. They also grow faster than dogs nails. And should be cut every two weeks.

Dogs on the other hand have dollar and thicker nails. And they grow slower. And should be cut every month on average. However, both of these times can be lengthened if the animal is either extremely active. Or does a lot of exercise on concrete such as going for walks on a sidewalk.

Because This kind of activity in both dogs and cats can wear down their nails significantly. And will require in fewer trims. This is why I pet owner should always be keeping a very close eye on the length of their pets nails.

Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should Dogs Get Trimmed Nails

Even though it’s very important that pet owners are getting their pets Nails trimmed often according to veterinarians near by me. They may not know how often that is, or how to tell their pets Nails need trimming. This is why it is extremely important that pet owners consult with their veterinarian and pet groomer first. To know what signs to look for in their pets nails.

One of the first things that pet owners should do, when they are learning how to trim their pets Nails. Is go to veterinarians near by me. Or to their pet groomer, in order to get a demonstration that is Hands-On. And can help them learn what they need to know.

If people try to trim their pets nails without getting properly educated. They may find that they don’t know the best way to do it. Or could end up injuring their pet in the process.

One of the first things that people should consider Is how much nail to cut off when they start trimming them. Veterinarians near by me say that there is a fleshy bit inside the animals nail called a quick. And if a pet owner accidentally cut into the quick. What will end up happening is the quick will start to bleed. This can be a little painful for the animal.


But the bleeding can be very shocking to see. This is why anyone who is cutting any animals nails should be utilizing clotting powder. And if they can’t find clotting powder at their pet supply store. They can use regular cornstarch. To stop the bleeding.

All they have to do is dip the nail that is bleeding into the clotting powder. Or into the cornstarch to stop the bleeding. However, if people cannot get the blood to stop. They should call or take their animal to veterinarians near by me so that they can get to the appropriate care as quickly as possible.

When they get this demonstration from veterinarians near by me or their pet groomer. They’re going to learn what position there animal should be in, how to hold the tool. And even what’s the best tools to use are. If they have both a cat and a dog. They most likely will need a different stool for each. Since their nails are extremely different shapes and sizes.

But when a person has learned how to cut their pets nails. They’re going to save a significant amount of time. And not having to drive across the city a couple of times a month in order to ensure that their pets nails are short enough.

Saving them a significant amount of time. That they can then spend enjoying their pet. Whether they want to save time because they are too busy and can’t get an appointment. Or perhaps there animal is phobic of car rides. And has a lot of anxiety. Regardless of the reason, pet owners who cuts their pets Nails themselves. Can assure that their pets always has nicely trimmed nails. And they don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it.