Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should You Clip Pets Nails?


Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should You Clip Cats Nails

There are many reasons why pet owners should ensure that their pets nails are clipped says veterinarians near by me. Not only is it for their happiness. But it is also a for their health and safety. Therefore, whether a pet owner has a cat or a dog. They need to ensure that they are clipping their nails regularly.

The first thing that  pet owners should be taking into consideration, is long nails Canby hurtful for cats and dogs to walk on. As their nails grow longer. The nails actually curve says veterinarians near by me. Which starts to put pressure on their toes, if they are walking on their nails instead of the paw pads of their feet. And while that is uncomfortable or painful. It can get worse than that if the nails are left uncut.

As the nails grow more, they will start to curl under the cat and dogs feet. And there’s a potential for the nails to grow up into the animals Toes. Or even curl around into the pads of their feet. Not only is this much more painful says veterinarians near by me. But it can also cut into their skin. And cause them to bleed. And be at higher risk for infection. As the dirt and bacteria can easily enter their open wound.

Another reason why it is extremely important for pet owners to cut their pets nails.  Is because the longer their nails are. The more likely they’re going to be able to get caught on a variety of fabrics and surfaces. Such as blankets and bedding, rugs and even their toys. And for the most part, they should be able to untangle themselves easily. But the longer their nails are, the harder it gets.


Something else that pet owners should take into consideration, is if their pet is entangled in rugs, bedding or something else. And they get panic or startled. They might try to flee, causing them to rip their paw out of where it’s stuck. And potentially hurting themselves or ripping their nail in the process.  this can be painful, but also cause permanent damage to the animal if the nail rips in a certain direction.

This is an extremely good reason, why pet owners should ensure that their pets nails are cut. But also, veterinarians near by me say that the longer the nails are, the sharper they can get as well. And can pose a danger to themselves, other pets in the house. And even the owner even if by accident.

dogs should get their nails trimmed approximately once a month. And cats should get their nails trimmed twice a month. Since their nails grow considerably faster than dogs. Veterinarians near by me say that this time may be lengthened if the animals spend a lot of time outside, or walking on surfaces such as concrete. Because they will wear their nails down through this exercise. Making it’s not as important to gets their nails clipped as often.

Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should You Clip Dogs Nails

No matter if a pet owner has a dog, a cat, or both, veterinarians near by me say that they need to get their nails clipped regularly. And while many pet owners think that it’s enough to Simply have their pets Nails trimmed when they take them to get their grooming. Unless they’re animals are getting groomed once a month. This is likely not going to be enough.

One of the important reasons why pets should get their nails clipped on a regular basis. Is to keep them safe and happy. Dogs nails grow slowly, and are thicker. So they only needs to get clipped approximately once a month.

Cats on the other hand have faster growing nails. And they are also sharper. So cats should go get their nails clipped once every two weeks. If pet owners don’t want to have to clip their cat’s nails as often. Veterinarians near by me suggest using a product called claw caps. Which are silicone caps that can get affixed to the cat’s nails. So that they aren’t as sharp, and  so they won’t get caught in furniture, or hurt themselves or others by accident.

end even though a pet owner can take their cat or dog to any pet groomer. Or to veterinarians near by me in order to get the nails clipped. There may be several reasons why pet owners wants to clip their pets Nails themselves.

one reason might be that to their animal is phobic of car rides. Or they get anxiety when they go into a vehicle. And that can be a lot of unnecessary car trips. If a pet owner can learn how to clip Nails themselves.


Another reason why pet owners may want to clip their pets Nails themselves. Maybe that they wants to save money. While it is fairly inexpensive to take pets to the groomer or to veterinarians near by me. To get their nails clipped. Depending on how many pets they have, this can add up significantly.

And finally, very busy pet owners may find that trying to take that many trips to the veterinarian’s office or pet groomers is very time-consuming. And they would have much rather spend that time instead of driving back and forth to the groomer. Playing and spending time with their animal.

If parents are going to learn how to clip Nails themselves. Veterinarians near by me suggest that they should  contact a groomer or a veterinarian technician. In order to get a Hands-On demonstration. They will learn in portent do’s and don’ts. As well as learn what the proper tools to get.  if they have both a cat and a dog, it is likely they’re going to need two different types of nail clippers. Because their nails are so different from each others.

Once a pet owner learns how to clip their animals Nails themselves. It should only take just one or two minutes per animal. To ensure that they have short nails, for their safety and their happiness.