Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should You Clip Your Pets Nails?


Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should You Clip Your Cats Nails

many pet owners will take their pets to veterinarians near by me on a regular basis to ensure they are healthy. and then take their pets to the groomer on a regular basis. But something else that pet owners that should be doing regularly is ensuring that they have their pets nails clipped.

Not only are clipped nails more comfortable off for a pet. But it can also ensure that they are as healthy as possible as well. Veterinarians near by me say that since cats and dogs have their nails that curve. If these nails are left to grow too long. Not only can they curve around the toe, causing discomfort. But that nail can actually start to grow into the toe, or into the animals paw pad.

Not only is this excruciating to walk on according to veterinarians near by me. But it can also lead to infection, as dirt and bacteria goes into the open wound on the animal’s foot. This is why, it’s extremely important for pet owners to keep their nails clipped.

In addition to having the nails grow into their feet. Veterinarians near by me recommends that animals also have their nails clipped. Because when they are very long. They can get caught into a variety of different soft surfaces. Such as furniture, rugs and bedding, and even the pets beds and toys just to name a few.

As the pet struggles to release their Claw from whatever it’s caught on. They might struggle, which causes the nail to rip. Or, if the animal is caught and they are startled suddenly. They can end up jerking their paws out to run away. Which could end up causing them to rip their nail to get away.


With how important it is to get nails clipped. People can either take them to veterinarians near by me to get Clipped. or people can take them to their pet groomer just for a nail trim. But more and more people are learning how to clip their cats and dogs nails themselves. So that they can forgo an additional trip to the veterinarian or the pet groomer.

One of the first things that they should keep in mind, is that dogs will need their nails clipped about once per month. And cats, having faster-growing but also sharper Nails. Should get their nails clipped once every two weeks. But turn Ariens near by me says that these timelines can be a little off, depending on how much exercise a pet gets.

Or, if the pet is outside a lot, or doing a lot of their exercising on concrete. This can actually wear down their nails. lengthening the time necessary in between nail clippings.

However, before anyone starts to clip their pets nails. They should get the proper tools from any pet supply store. As well as gets a tutorial either from veterinarians near by me. Or a tutorial from their own groomer. So that’s they will know the proper techniques on what to do to have a successful Nail clipping session with their animal. And so that they don’t risk harming their animal in the process.

Veterinarians Near By Me | How Often Should You Clip Your Dogs Nails

There could be very many reasons why pet owners want to Cuts their dog or cat’s nails themselves says veterinarians near by me. Whether they want to save time, because driving back and forth to the veterinarian or the pet groomer several times a month could take a lot of time. Or if their pet is afraid of being in a vehicle. Or perhaps, they don’t have a lot of time in their schedule. And they want to ensure that they can spend as much time as possible with their animal.

Regardless of the reason why, people are learning how to clip their pets Nails more now than ever before. One of the first things that pet owners needs to remember is that they should be getting a tutorial either from their pet groomer or from veterinarians near by me.

They can learn not only how to hold their pets, and how to hold the pet nail clippers. But also it’s very important that they are learning things such as how much to cut off of their pets nails. If they cut too far into the nail. What can end up happening, is the pet owner cuts into the fleshy part of the nail.

This is called the quick. And it provides the blood supply to the nails to keep them healthy. However, if someone does not know how to avoid cutting into the quick. Not only does this cause the animal pain. But it will cause the animals nail to start to bleed.

And while even the most seasoned professional can clip the quick now and again says veterinarians near by me. By learning how to avoid doing this, pet owners can minimize the amount of times that they might end up doing this to their pet.


If there pet has white or clear Nails. It’s going to be very easy to see the quick. And know what to avoid. However, many animals have black nails. And if this is the case. It can be a lot more difficult to know where the quick is. Which is why getting a lesson first is vitally important.

Something else to keep in mind for anyone cutting their pet snails whether they are a cat or a dog. Is that they should have clotting powder on hand. So that if they do accidentally cut into the animals quick. They can stop the bleeding faster with clotting powder.

Veterinarians near by me recommend if people can’t find clotting powder at their local pet supply store. Then they should utilize cornstarch. As this can do a similar job to the clotting powder.

Also, when they get their tutorial from their veterinarian or their pet groomer. They will be able to figure out what Clippers to you and cats and dogs will require two different tools. Because their nails are incredibly different.

My learning the proper techniques. And then learning what tool to use. Can help pet owners everywhere learn what they need to do to successfully clip their cats or dogs nails. When they do this, they will be able to keep their pet more comfortable and happy. But also save a lot of time so that they can spend far more time together.