Veterinarians Near By Me | Inhibiting Heartworm Disease


Veterinarians Near By Me | Inhibiting Heartworm Disease

Even though heartworm disease is very terrible says veterinarians near by me. It is also very preventable and curable, as long as pet owners know what to do.

The first thing that any pet owner should do. When they first adopt there animal. Whether it is as a puppy or kitten. Or if they have adopted an older animal.

Is to bring them for a checkup to veterinarians near my me. What that will do, is give the animal a clean bill of health. Including a blood test to look for heartworm disease.

If they test positive for heartworm disease. They can start treatment right away. That will effectively save the animal’s life. Before they start exhibiting symptoms.

Which means the disease has progressed significantly. And may put the animal’s health at risk with the treatment itself.

However, if the blood test is negative. They can start a course of preventative medicine. That a pet owner can administer once a month. For the rest of the animal’s life. To protect them against developing heartworm disease.

However, many people are not even aware of what heartworm disease is specifically. Or how there animal gets it in the first place.

According to veterinarians near by me. The only way that pets will ever develop heartworm disease. Is by being bitten by a mosquito. That has been infected with the heartworm larva called dirofilaria.


In fact, this is a cycle that persists. And by utilizing the treatment on a preventative basis. Can actually break this cycle. And avoid creating more mosquitoes who carry the larva.

The cycle starts when a mosquito that is infected bites an animal. And transfers the dirofilaria larva into their bloodstream. The animal will become infected.

And in 4 to 6 months, the dirofilaria larva will grow into a adult heartworm. Once it is full-grown. It will lodge itself in the lungs or heart of the animal. And start reproducing.

Once it is reproducing, if it is bitten by a mosquito that is not already infected. Once they consume the blood which contains dirofilaria larva.

The mosquito will then lay eggs. And the mosquitoes that hatch will hatch while being infected with dirofilaria larva. And they will be free to creates the cycle over and over again.

However, if pet owners get medication from veterinarians near by me that guard against dirofilaria and heartworm disease. If they get bitten by a mosquito.

There will not be any live heartworm larva in their bloodstream. To create more infected mosquitoes. Thus breaking the heartworm cycle. And lowering the instances of pets being bitten by infected mosquitoes.

The reason it is important to be aware of this. Is because according to the triannual heartworm societies survey. The number of dogs being diagnosed with heartworm is on the increase.

Anything that pet owners can do to curb that growth is important to do. Not only to protect their animal. But to protect other animals as well.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Inhibiting Heartworm Disease

Although heartworm disease is preventable says veterinarians near by me. If pet owners are not already treating their pet on a preventative basis.

They might have already developed heartworm disease. And not even know it. The reason why, is because an animal can be living with heartworm for many years before exhibiting symptoms.

And once they start exhibiting symptoms of heartworm disease. Their organs are already close to shutting down. Which will eventually cause the animal’s death.

Therefore, it is very important that pet owners are going to veterinarians near by me regularly. So that they can get tested for this disease once a year or every other year.

But it is also very important for pet owners to understand what the symptoms are of heartworm disease. So they can watch their animals as well. To ensure that they are not infected already.

Cats and dogs will exhibit different symptoms from each other. That also, some or all of the symptoms can be present. Depending on each individual animal.

Dogs will typically present with lethargy, and an unwillingness to do the regular activities that they like doing. They might get very winded, or acts like they are going to pass out after activity.

They also may be coughing, or having difficulty breathing. As the number of heartworm’s in their lungs starts to impede the lungs ability to draw air.


Cats on the other hand will have different symptoms. Such as fainting, seizures and having difficulty walking. Although cats will also cough and have difficulty breathing. They will also vomit, refused food and have weight loss.

If there cats or dogs are exhibiting these symptoms. Pet owners should bring their animal to veterinarians near by me very quickly. Because it could cause them to have or failure.

If they need to undergo treatment. Pet owners should keep in mind that treatment is very harsh. And it is not going to kill the heartworms immediately. But instead, shorten their life span.

The treatment will also make the heartworm’s stare I will. So there are no longer able to reproduce, to continue to cause more larva to infect the animals bloodstream.

The first thing that veterinarians near by me will do in order to treat heartworm disease. Is to give an injection of doxycycline, which is an antibiotic.

This antibiotic will weaken heartworm’s, so that they will be more susceptible to the drug that they will later inject. The antibiotic will also kill bacteria that lives inside of heartworm’s.

If the bacteria is not killed. It can go on to create an infection inside the animal. Which will impact that animals life.

After this treatment. Pet owners must wait 30 days for the doxycycline to take effect. Before getting to injections, 24 hours apart of the drug used to kill the heartworm.

This medicine will contain arsenic. And can be very harsh on the animal. Which is why it is important for people to get this treatment before their animal starts exhibiting symptoms.

Because that will ensure that they are at the healthiest they can be before undergoing this treatment. That is designed to kill the heartworm’s that are killing the animal.