Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Avoidable?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Avoidable?

Even though heartworm can be fatal in animals says veterinarians near by me. It is treatable as well as preventable. And this is something that all pet owners should know.

The first thing that is very important for pet owners to understand. Is that heartworm is a parasite. That can be contracted by mammals. And although it is most common in dogs. Their cat can contracted as well.

The second thing that pet owners need to understand about this disease. Is that there is only one way that there animal can get infected with heartworm. And that is by being bitten by mosquito infected with dirofilaria larva, also known as heartworm.

It is actually a vicious cycle says veterinarians near by me. That the more infected animals there are, because more mosquitoes to become infected. Which is why inventive treatment is so important.

As a mosquito that is already infected rights and animal. They will transfer the dirofilaria larva that they are carrying into the bloodstream of the animal.

Then 5 to 7 months, the dirofilaria larva will grown into a fully mature adults. Where it will look for a place to attach, so that it can start reproducing more larva.

At this point, if the animal is bitten by a mosquito. The blood that the mosquito ingests, will be infected with dirofilaria. And the mosquito will pass those larva on their young as they lay eggs.

The mosquitoes will hatch, and grow into mature mosquitoes with the dirofilaria inside them. And as they bite another animal, will in fact that animal.

This vicious cycle can be put to an end. When pet owners use preventative medicine that they can get from veterinarians near by me.


Not only is this medicine very inexpensive. Typically costing anywhere between $40-$80 depending on the size of the cat or dog.

Also, the medicine only needs to be administered once a month. And pet owners can choose between a chewable, indigestible medicine. Or a topical medicine that they can apply to their pets for.

That variety ensures that if pets have sensitive tummies. Or if they will simply refused to take an adjustable medicine, such as cats are notorious for refusing.

They can avoid the headache of trying to feed their pet medicine. And simply apply the medicine to their fur. Either medicine is 100% effective at avoiding developing heartworm.

However, if pet owners have not been giving their pet this medicine from the start of owning this animal. They may want to get a blood test administered by veterinarians near by me.

That test for either the antigens released by adult heartworm’s into the animals bloodstream. Or test for the antibodies, which is a chemical that the body produces in response to having a parasite.

This blood test requires a very small amount of blood, only 3 drops. And can give test results in the very same appointment. To give a pet owner peace of mind that their pets either does not have heartworm.

Or that they caught the heartworm early, before the animal started showing signs. So that they can start treatment right away, to ensure that the parasite does not cause any more problems to the animal.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Avoidable?

It is very devastating for pet owners to get the news that their pet has heartworm says veterinarians near by me. But this is unavoidable scenario. If they use preventable medicine.

There are many different brands of heartworm medicine. That protects the animal from developing this parasite.

There are also different kinds of medicine that can be administered. From an oral chewable. To a topical medicine. Depending on what the pet will tolerate.

When a owner administers this medicine every single month. They can ensure that they will never have their pet developing heartworm disease.

However, if they do get heartworm. If they get diagnosed after getting a blood test from a routine annual examination. The prognosis will be very good for their animal.

The reason why says veterinarians near by me. Is because the medicine used to kill the heartworm is very harsh. And in fact, contains arsenic.

Which can negatively impact the health of the animal. Especially if they are already in poor condition. Such as showing signs of heartworm disease.

If pet owners have not been taking their pet to get an annual examination. They should be well aware of what the signs of heartworm disease are.

Some of the symptoms might be present, or all of the might be present. And the symptoms will vary from dogs to cats.


In dogs, they will start coughing and have difficulty breathing as the heartworm’s grow inside their lungs.

They also may refuse to do some of the physical activity that they once did. Or get tired quickly. Dogs will also start losing weight, and not act like themselves.

Cats on the other hand will cough is well, or have trouble breathing. They will act like they are not hungry or refuse food. As well as vomit. Which will lead to losing weight similarly to dogs.

However, cats will also have a tendency to faint, or start having seizures. In addition to having difficulties in walking and jumping.

If treatment is not administered. Eventually, the amount of heartworm’s in their lungs and heart will become so numerous. That their organs will fail and they will die.

However, this does not have to be their fate. If they are diagnosed as positive for heartworm. There is a treatment available that they can undergo.

The first thing that veterinarians near by me will do. Is given injection of an antibiotic called doxycycline. This antibiotic does several things in preparation of the actual treatment.

It will weaken the heartworm’s as well as sterilize them. So not only are they easier to kill by the drug. But they also will not be able to produce larva while waiting for treatment.

The second thing that doxycycline does, is it kills the wolbachia which is a bacteria that lives inside the heartworm. That if left alive, can cause an infection in the animal once the heartworm dies.

After 30 days, the pet owner will bring their cat or dog back to get the medication that will kill the heartworm. This is an effective treatment, as long as treatment is sought early enough.

Pet owners need to understand the heartworm is avoidable. As long as they know what to do, and are seeing their veterinarian regularly.