Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Preventable?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Preventable?

No pet owner ever wants to hear that their pet has been diagnosed with heartworm says veterinarians near by me. Even though if they are not taking preventative medicine. There is a chance that they can develop this disease.

What heartworm disease is. Is when an infected mosquito. That was born carrying dirofilaria larva. When they bite an animal to suck their blood. They will transfer the dirofilaria larva. Into the bloodstream of the animal.

Once in the bloodstream, veterinarians near by me say that the larva will grow into adult heartworm’s within 6 to 7 months. Once they are full-grown, they will infect the lungs and heart of the infected animal.

And a single heartworm it can live anywhere between 2 and 7 years in an animal. During that entire lifespan, they can reproduce hundreds of times, causing more larva to grow into adults.

Increasing the number of heart worms that are infecting their hearts and lungs. Eventually leading to organ failure of the animal.

Because they can live for a significantly long period of time without developing symptoms. If people are not giving their dog or cat preventative medicine.

They should be getting their animal tested once a year with veterinarians near by me. They can do a blood test every year or every other year. And with just 3 drops of blood.

Detect whether the animals have the antigens. That indicate if the larva or adult heartworm is presence in the animal. If they test positive for heartworm at this stage.


Veterinarians near by me say that they are going to be able to have a good prognosis. Because if they get diagnosed before developing physical symptoms. Treatment is a lot less harsh and more successful.

However, even if pet owners are taking their pets to their veterinarian every single year. Even doing the test for heartworm’s is not going to protect their animal.

As effectively as doing preventative medicine can. The preventative medicine is something that needs to be administered only once a month. And can come in a couple different formats.

The first format is a chewable medicine. They come in tasty flavoured. That pets will typically enjoy eating as though it was treat.

Slavers such as beef, chicken and pork. Can help ensure that this medicine is a well accepted and consumed by the pet.

However, if pets have already shown gastrointestinal issue with this form of medicine. Such as vomiting or diarrhea. They can make use of the topical medicine.

This is excellent for cats who typically will not take a chewable medicine. And for animals that either are sensitive to the medicine by taking it orally. Or who simply do not like the taste of the medicine.

The topical medicine only needs to be applied to the animals for once a month. And regardless of what type of medicine they choose. Protects the animals 100% from developing heartworm. Making this an extremely effective way to protect their animal.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Preventable?

It is very important that pet owners do everything that they can to protect their pet according to veterinarians near by me. Especially because the instance of heartworm disease is on the rise.

In fact, according to the triannual heartworm society. They have done a survey that shows that the average number of dogs being diagnosed with heartworm. Is on the rise year-to-year.

In fact, the number of dogs diagnosed per clinic was 21 point 7% higher than dogs diagnosed per clinic in 2013.

And while many people might make the assumption that only dogs can develop heartworm. This simply is not true. And cats as well as ferrets can develop this disease.

The reason why it is less common in cats. And more prevail and in dogs. Is because of the size of the animal itself.

The adults heartworm is quite large. And may find a difficult time entering into the lungs or hearts of a cats or ferrets. Due to its large size.

Dogs are larger. And subsequently have larger organs. Which will ensure an easier time for the heartworm it to infect their hearts and lungs.

Because of that, dogs are more often affected by this completely preventable illness. Something else for pet owners to keep in mind. Is that humans are also not immune to heartworm disease.


While this is exceptionally rare according to veterinarians near by me. If humans are bitten by a mosquito that is carrying the dirofilaria larva.

The larva can grow into adults in their bloodstream. Where they are free to infect the patient’s heart and lungs. However this is typically less common.

Simply because the journey to the hearts and lungs is so long in a human. That the adult heartworm typically dies before it can infect their organs.

And while preventable treatment is what most pet owners should aim for. They also should be aware of what the symptoms are. In case there pet was infected with heartworm before they started treatment.

Some or all of these symptoms might be present in their animal. And dogs will exhibit different symptoms then cats will. Making it a little bit tricky for pet owners to understand.

Dogs will tend to start off by being lethargic, followed by coughing and difficulty breathing. And ultimately weight loss.

Cats on the Other Hand Will Also Have the Coughing and Difficulty Breathing. And Their Weight Loss Will Also Be Accompanied by Lacking in Appetite As Well As Vomiting.

Cats will also exhibit difficulty walking, and have a tendency to faint as well as have seizures when they are infected with heartworm’s.

Pet owners should keep in mind that heartworm’s can result in death in both cats and dogs. Which is why it is extremely important that they engage in preventative medicine ahead of time.

By being aware of what heartworm is. How pets can get it, and how to prevent it. Can help ensure that pet owners are keeping their pets healthy for many years to come according to veterinarians near by me.