Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Treatable?


Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Treatable?

No pet owner ever wants to hear that there is something wrong with their pet according to veterinarians near by me. However, if people are not preventing their dogs from developing heartworm. There is a likelihood that they could develop this illness.

In fact, according to the tri-annual heartworm society. The survey that they conducted shows that the average number of dogs being diagnosed with heartworm. Increased by 22% within 3 years, from 2013 to 2016.

This is potentially because there are more dogs being tested for heartworm. However, there is a preventative medicine that dogs and cats can take. That can 100% protected them from this disease.

The first thing that pet owners need to keep in mind. Is that this preventative medicine needs to be applied every month.

For pet owners that live in the northern hemisphere. They only need to apply the medicine whenever mosquitoes are present.

This is because how heartworm is spread is through infected mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that are carrying dirofilaria. Which is the larva from heartworm’s.

Will transfer that dirofilaria larva into the victim when they suck blood out of the host. The larva will take 6 to 7 months to grow in the bloodstream of the animal.

I once they are fully grown, they will look for an opening in an organ. Typically the hearts or the lungs. In order to continue to grow and reproduce.


The problem with heartworm is that it becomes a cycle according to veterinarians near by me. Because as a mosquito that is uninfected bites an infected animal.

They will then create their own mosquito larva. That are already infected with dirofilaria. Who will then go on and bite more animals, transferring larva. Infecting more animals with heartworm.

Therefore, getting a preventative medicine can break that cycle. And the more animals that get protected from heartworm.

Will ensure that the number of mosquitoes that can create more dirofilaria carrying mosquitoes is minimal. Therefore treating their pet proactively. Can help break this cycle.

However, if people have not treated their pet preventatively according to veterinarians near by me. They may go to the vet to discover that their pet has tested positive for heartworm.

Their pet will have the most positive prognosis. If they found the heartworm through blood test. And not because the animal was already exhibiting his symptoms.

This is because animals can have heartworm for many years without exhibiting any symptoms at all. And once they have symptoms of heartworm. It can be very difficult to treat the disease at this stage.

However, if people are getting routine vet visits, it will be able to detect heartworm at a very early stage. Ensuring that they can treat the heartworm quickly.

The treatment for heartworm requires animals being in very good shape medically. Just because the treatment is very harsh on the pets body. Because the drug that kills heartworm’s.

Also contains arsenic. Which can be very hard on the animals body. The sooner that of pet can get diagnosed. The better chances they are going to have a successful treatment and go on to live a full life.

Veterinarians Near By Me | Is Heartworm Disease Treatable?

How treatable heartworm inset being depends on how advanced the case is according to veterinarians near by me. Because the longer the animal has been living with the heartworm’s. The more heartworm’s they will have. And the stronger they will be.

Ultimately, pet owners need to keep in mind that there is no medication that will kill the heartworm. Without causing some damage to their pets health.

This is why early detection is so important. Because if a pet is diagnosed with heartworm. Before they start exhibiting symptoms. Such as coughing, having difficulty breathing, vomiting and weight loss.

They will have a much better time getting rid of this parasite. Because they likely will not have very many parasites. And they will not be very strong.

Pet owners need to keep in mind, that a single heartworm can live inside a pets body anywhere between 2 to 7 years depending on the animal.

In dogs, heartworm’s can last anywhere between 5 and 7 years. And in cats, can live to do 3 years. And during that entire time, they can be reproducing. Causing more heartworm’s to develop.

When a cat gets diagnosed. Veterinarians near by me will treats them as long as they are already in very good health. This is because the treatment can be very harsh on the animal.

The first step in treating heartworm’s in an animal. Is injecting them with an antibiotic called doxycycline. Which is designed to weaken the heartworm’s. As well as sterilize them.


So that they cannot continue to procreate, and because or heartworm’s while waiting treatment. This also will kill a bacteria called wolbachia. Which is a bacteria that lives inside the heartworm’s.

When the heartworm’s die, if the wolbachia is not already dead. It will go one to cause an infection in the animal. Which can also be life-threatening. So it is important that this wolbachia is killed.

A pet must wait 30 days after being injected with doxycycline. In order to ensure that the drug can take full effect. After 30 days, veterinarians near by me will inject the last 2 injections.

These 2 injections will be 24 hours apart. And contain a drug that has arsenic in it. That will then be able to kill the weekend heartworm.

As long as the dog or cat is in good physical shape. They will be able to withstand the 2 injections of arsenic. Although they might be affected and get slightly sick. They should make a full recovery.

However, not only is this a lengthy treatment. But it is also an expensive one. And it is going to be easier on the animal. For people to give them preventative medicine. That can ensure that they never develop heartworm’s.

If pet owners want to know more information about preventative medicine for heartworm’s. They should make an appointment with their veterinarian and ask all of the burning questions that they have.